Black Male Goes Thailand! (Discrimination, or Superstar?)

This Thailand trip report is from a member.

Prior to his trip, he was worried about discrimination, Thai girls not liking Black men …

These worries turned out to be unfounded. – Here’s his story; I have added my comments below.

Black Man Thailand

ThailandĀ Report

‘Oh, chocolate man! Welcome welcome!’

This was my daily experience & it completely annihilated my preconceived notions about Thai girls disliking Black guys or that I would be at a disadvantage.

I had always been interested in Asian hotties but didn’t have much success at home in the US. The few Asian women I had met weren’t the ones I found attractive šŸ™

Maybe that was one of the reasons why I had this idea that Asian women don’t like Black man.

The reality is quite a bit different. (At least based on my Thailand experience.)

Many are interested, some are a bit scared (especially if they’ve never been with a Black fella) but those 3 weeks in Bangkok have been one hell of a ride!

First off, nightlife is off the hook!!

Thai Girls Bangkok

Some nights I went out alone and used your Interactive Maps which I thought was awesome because there was never a time where I felt like I was lost or didn’t know what to do.

I was staying at the guest friendly hotel (near Nana Soi 4) that you recommended, had no idea what I was doing but as soon as I walked outside I opened the map and instantly had a bar or club within walking distance.


The only thing I disliked about that area is the ladyboys on the sidewalks at night. Many are very touchy and will approach you. After the first few days, I always hired a taxi to drop me of directly in front of my hotel.

Bar Girls/Working Girls

A word about bargirls/working girls/freelancers ….

I had thought I knew everything there was to this. After all, women are women … boy was I wrong!

I did study your playbook beforehand (INFO: He’s referring to theĀ Monger Playbook) which for me was basically a step-by-step guide on how to interact with these types of girls.

Man, it’s like a bird-eye view on pay for play.

Like stepping out of the matrix and suddenly when I was talking to a hot freelancer, I would instantly know THIS is THIS, THAT is THAT like every piece of the interaction, her every move & what she says whereas before I would’ve fallen for their tricks, overpaid …

On my first night I went to the Japanese underground bar near Soi Cowboy. (INFO: He is referringĀ to Thermae šŸ˜‰ )

My plan was to take it easy and just have a drink there. As I was watching the crowd I was wondering what I would’ve been doing had I not used your guide.

  1. Very likely that I wouldn’t have found this bar and
  2. I would instantly have done all the wrong things to identify myself as newbie (thus easy target for girls/scams).

Needless to say, I was well-prepared!

Finished my drink then took a girl from that bar upstairs (got a short time room at the hotel above the bar) for 2,000 ST!!! That’s a ridiculous bargain.

Thermae Bangkok
INFO: The bar he is talking about is called Thermae (see pic above). Usually, 40+ girls there every day. – The hotel above the bar is Ruamchitt Plaza Hotel.

As per your recommendation, had bought a new outfit for this Thailand trip to be well-dressed. I guess this made all the different. I did not encounter any discrimination (something I had read about online). I’ve probably been to a dozen gogo bars and nightclubs. – Not once have I been refused entry šŸ˜‰

Already planning my next trip! Let me know if you’re up for a night out – drinks & girls are on me šŸ˜‰


The extend of stereotypes is usually blown out of proportion. Browse any Thailand online dating site and you will see some girls state ‘No Black man!’

This leads many to believe that most Thai girls don’t like men of color.

Some Thai girls really don’t like Black/African American guys. However, what most Thai girls are referringĀ to when they say ‘No Black guy’ is the stereotypical African American.

It’s likely that they have never met one in person and as such assume stereotypes are true:

  • – Black Guys are Drug Dealers/Thugs
  • – Black Guys are Dirty
  • – Black Guys areĀ Womanizers

In Bangkok, there are many Nigerians hanging out on the streets near Sukhumvit. It doesn’t matter if you’re a Black guy from the US, people will assume you’re Nigerian.

Unless … and this really is the easy solution to bypass ALL negative stereotypes …


In the case of stereotypes, your passport/nationality doesn’t matter – first impression does! Dress well and you’re not ‘one of them’ – stereotypes don’t apply to you.

Look at the guy below.

Do you think anyone would think poorly of him? No way! He’s gonna kill it with Thai girls!

African American Thailand

There are even certain clubs that Thai girls go to to meet Black guys, such as Sugar Club Bangkok at Soi 11.

To sum up: Don’t let what you read online discourage you from visiting Thailand if you’re African American.

If you dress well, you will have no disadvantage (and probably do better than any Caucasian guy who is dressed poorly).