Japanese, Korean & Chinese Girls in Bangkok [How To Meet Them]

The title says Bangkok but the same would work to a lesser extend anywhere else in Thailand. Bangkok just happens to be THE major tourist destination, that’s where your odd are the best.

Recently, I came across the following video on YouTube. Half a dozen Japanese girls were interviewed in Tokyo, Japan.

I didn’t find any of the girls particularly interesting; however, this one girl caught my attention.

Japanese Girls Bangkok

So, I thought what any man thinks when he sees a girl he likes: How can I get her?

I consider myself pretty rational and realistic, so I know getting this girl isn’t the cards – and it’s not necessary either.

I like how this girl looks, but would probably be fine with any Japanese girls that looks similar.

Thus, the real question is, ‘How can I get a girl like her?’

I’m Going To Japan!

I started doing research on different cities in Japan. Where to stay, costs of accommodation, where and how to meet local Japanese girls.

It didn’t take me more than a few hours of research to realize that it’s probably NOT a good idea for me to go there.

Sure, lots of people. Prostitution – except for vaginal intercourse lol – is legal. Love hotels everywhere.

BUT … except for the women and a new cultural experience, what am I really getting for my money?

I’m gonna pay $60+ per night for a room the size of my bathroom. Everything is super crowded and very expensive. Many of the local girls are working tight schedules and/or don’t speak English.

All of this would probably be true in regards to South Korea as well …

Then I thought again … and asked myself what it is that I really want. (Always a good question to ask yourself!)

Well, in this case: Meet Japanese women like her.

That’s literally it. While experiencing a new culture would be nice, I don’t care too much about that and am certainly not willing to spend thousands of dollars.

Then I remembered something about Bangkok:

Bangkok Most Visited City

There are probably thousands of Japanese girls visiting Bangkok every year. They are likely to speak English and they’re on holiday.

Japanese Girls Bangkok

In short, there’s less work I have to do with the filtering of those girls.

Why Foreign Girls in Bangkok?

At first sight, it might seem odd. Why even go to Thailand if you’re after Japanese, Korean or even Russian girls? But for some guys, it can make perfect sense.

Particularly from an economical standpoint.

You could go to the respective country and you have the women you want all around you, but anything except for the local women – your condo, food options, public transportation, nightlife – is either going to be expensive, shit or both.

In Bangkok, since it’s a major tourist destination, you can have the best of both worlds.

I think the same way about this in regards to Filipinas. I’ve been to the Philippines before, but if I wanted to meet Filipinas, I’d probably do so in Bangkok.

Meeting and dating women isn’t something I spend a large portion of my day on. Say, over the course of an average week, I spend 10% of my time dating women, etc.

That means, the other 90% have to do with lifestyle, my condo, food options, safety, etc. Based on that, in most cases, it doesn’t make sense for me to go to a country where the 90% are shit.

I’d rather put in a bit more effort trying to find those kinds of women here in Bangkok (or Thailand).

Meeting Japanese Girls in Bangkok?

First off, you will have a hard time finding Japanese working girls in Bangkok. It wouldn’t make sense for them as they can earn 10x more in their home country (doing less).

Also, they are not on ThaiFriendly, which is mostly being used by local Thai girls. In terms of online dating, Tinder is your best option.

Obviously Tinder is one option (forget ThaiFriendly for foreign girls).

Tinder in Thailand

Low effort, but lots of competition, and consider the time-delay between swiping and meeting. Good quality pictures are EVERYTHING!

Khaosan Road

Quality is usually good, however, you’re also in the midst of the backpacker crowd (so-called backpacker ghetto).

There are other venues such as shopping malls and temples, but I wouldn’t go there solely for the purpose of meeting foreign girls as you typically have to walk around for quite some time.

In that case choose between Tinder and Khaosan Road.

Route66 at RCA is another option, however, only a small percentage of the girls are foreign tourists – and you have to pay the entrance fee.

I’ve met tourist girls at freelancer clubs such as Levels, but it’s more or like a random thing. I wouldn’t recommend you go there specifically for foreign Asian tourists.

Pay For Play + Foreign Girls

This is really how it should be done in my opinion. You do your regular Thailand trip, nightlife, Red Light Districts and any foreign girls you may or may not meet are just a bonus.

In my experience, Pattaya is the worst in regards to meeting foreign women (for obvious reasons). Bangkok is great, mostly groups though.

Phuket is another solid option, the benefit here is that (in my experience) mostly single women come here for vacation.

So, there you have it.

That’s how I do it – every once in a while – when I’m eager to meet girls from other Asian countries. In my opinion, the most-efficient and cost-effective way to do so … for someone who’s 90% interested in the women and doesn’t care too much about the culture.

That’s not to say I am not interested in Japan or other (Asian) countries, but I know going there I’d mostly be interested in the women and so that’s why for me, it doesn’t make sense at this time.

Maybe at some point in the future – combined with a Thailand visa run. I’ll keep you updated …