You Are Over 40 – Do Thai Girls Still Find You Attractive?

How old is too old? Do you stand any chance with Thai girls or will the younger guys get all the hot ones? Do Thai girls like or even want to be seen with older guys?

It’s important to differentiate between a working girl and a normal Thai girl. In both cases, what it takes to look attractive is very, very little.

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You’d be surprised how little it actually takes to meet that attractiveness threshold and how easily you can get there.

I know, this is the complete opposite of what mainstream media and advertisers would want you to believe.

According to them, you’d have to look like a professional bodybuilder to stand any chance with the ladies.

Thai Girls Body

I am not saying that this isn’t attractive, it’s just a complete overkill.

As is the case with everything – with perhaps the exception of money – anything that is too extreme isn’t an advantage in terms of attracting women.

There’s an optimal zone and anything on either side of that spectrum is almost counter-productive. You’re lean and look athletic = good. You are a 300 pound bodybuilder at 6% body-fat = counter-productive.

If you’ve heard about the law of diminishing returns – that’s what it comes down to. It applies to almost anything.

Law of Diminishing Returns

Like I said, this would hold true in regards to

  • Height
  • Muscle Mass
  • Weight
  • Bodyfat Percentage
  • Penis Size
  • etc.

Look More Attractive To Thai Girls

What this means is that you don’t need to do as much as you might have thought in order to meet the attractiveness threshold of most Thai girls.

Just focus on the basics and disregard the rest

  • Grooming / Hygiene (Shave/Beard, Haircut)
  • Dress Well / Style / Outfit
  • Low Bodyfat Percentage

That’s it, really. Those 3 things will get you 90% there – anything else won’t make much of a difference.

That’s good and bad news – depending on where you are at right now.

If you are overweight and don’t dress well, this means you have a lot of room for improvement. Low-hanging fruits, so to speak.

If you dress well already and are lean, then this means, you are probably in that optimal zone already. If you drop bodyfat by another percent or add another 2 pounds of muscle, the perceived difference in terms of attractiveness is gonna be marginal.

Oh, and there’s something else that’s important: Don’t Be Weird

Do LESS = She Wants You MORE

Don’t be weird or in other words: Just be normal.

Forget about anything about attracting women you’ve read online. With Thai girls, almost all of it is going to be detrimental in terms of your success.

  • That witty joke? She won’t understand.
  • That backhanded compliment? She’ll think you REALLY don’t like her.

So, best to forget about all of that.


Let’s talk about working girls.

If you get to know some, you’ll soon realize the things they really care about – besides money – aren’t what you thought.

If you think they care so much about looks or how good YOU look, you’re mistaken (for the most part).

What they care about is that their customer is well-groomed, has good hygiene and isn’t weird. Pretty low standard, huh?

That’s literally it.

Now, sure some will prefer younger guys, others say older guys treat them better. But overall, they all care about hygiene and meeting a dude who isn’t weird.

If you full-fill those 3 criteria, not only will you be attractive to most girls, you’ll also get the best price possible.

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The girls are less likely to ask for more in order to be compensated for you being weird or not having good hygiene.

And this is precisely what you want.

Some guys will say what do you care about any of this, after all we’re talking about working girls. That’s true but you still want to get the best price, not get ripped off and ideally for the girl to also enjoy the experience.

The Lowest-Hanging Fruit?

Dress better. Get a dress shirt that fits you well before heading out to explore nightlife. You can get those at any mall for 5-800 Thai Baht. Then you get a shave or your beard trimmed and a haircut. That’s another 2-400 Baht and boom!

Hansum man! Come inside!