Tokyo, Japan – RED LIGHT ACTION – Love Hotels, Happy Endings [UPDATED 2019]

Tokyo for single men. Tokyo for adults.

If you’re looking for a traditional, mainstream guide that talks about sightseeing, the best coffee shops – then please leave. RIGHT NOW.

This guide is meant for adult single men ONLY – and serves as an introduction to Tokyo’s pay for play scene. I’ll answer questions such as …

  • Is prostitution legal in Japan?
  • What services do exist in Tokyo and how much do they cost?
  • How does Tokyo compare to Bangkok?

Nothing in life is absolute – it’s all relative.

Sharing my thoughts in regards to pay for play options, nightlife and price and quality of the girls and services – it would all be somewhat meaningless if I have nothing to compare it against.

That’s why for the purpose of this article, I will compare Tokyo against Bangkok, Thailand.

I’ll tell you which I recommend based on your the services you’re looking for, your budget and length of stay.


Let’s start by giving you an overview about prostitution in Japan – in this case, specifically, Tokyo. Prostitution is ILLEGAL and as such prohibited by law.

The same is the case in Thailand – so let’s not talk about the law but rather what it ACTUALLY looks like in practice.

The law specifically prohibits vaginal intercourse with a random personother sexual services are legal. So, that’s one option to legally engage in pay for play.

The prohibition is quite interested in that it defines very specific criteria:

  • Vagina Intercourse
  • with a stranger

If it’s something other than vaginal intercourse, it’s fine. If it’s vagina intercourse, but not with a stranger, it’s fine also.

As you can imagine, given the very specific criteria, there are ways around the prohibition …

… which is via another popular pay for play option in Japan: Soaplands. You go to a massage parlor, pay for the massage only but in the process get to know the girl that does the service.

Oh wow, now you and the massage girls are not strangers anymore! Magically, she falls in love with you and the inevitable happens!

That’s the brief overview. In short, you can get what you want in Japan – full service. How it happens or what it’s called frankly doesn’t matter (to me, anyway).

The biggest difference compared to Bangkok or Thailand in general is the lack of a freelancer scene – both on the streets and in nightclubs.

Besides that, everything is obviously more expensive in Tokyo – while you can get a very attractive girl in Bangkok for 1,500 Baht ($50 USD) for 1 hour, it costs more than $200 for the same experience in Tokyo.

However, if you have the necessary funds, then you have more options in Tokyo; the Red Light District of Kabukichō has more than 1,000 establishments to choose from: bars, nightclubs, massage places, love hotels, hostess clubs.

Imagine Walking Street in Pattaya but on steroids – basically with high-rise buildings and establishments on 7 different floors.


For you as a foreigner, there are basically 2 options which I recommend (most convenient): Soaplands and Delivery Health

If you’re familiar with Thailand, here’s a comparison of both services/venues.

  • Soapland = Soapy Massage Parlor
  • Delivery Health = Outcall Happy Ending Massage

Soapland is basically a massage parlor at which you pay for a massage only. Then, the masseuse falls in love with you and the inevitable happens.

Delivery Health is a shop that you go to in order to book an escort for outcall. I know, this is a bit strange – after all, what’s the point of an ‘outcall escort’ if you have to go to a shop …

Yes, you can also book girls online, but if you’re new to Tokyo, I don’t recommend this option. Simply visit a Delivery Health shop and book your girls there – plus, you can ask about specific services and the-like.

Typically, the booking is confirmed on the spot, you sit down in the waiting area until your girl arrives and then you’re off to a love hotel of your choice.


In Thailand, those are called short time hotels.

Simply put, you have sex here and rooms are rented by the hour. You can also go there alone and simply rest, but most people that go there are couples.

There are hundreds of Love Hotels in the Red Light District of Tokyo – each offering different rooms, pricing and extras.

Extras such as sex toys, a Jacuzzi or bathtub, mini bar, TV and sound system, and others – mostly depending on the room’s theme.

Generally, if you’re not sure which love hotel to go to, you can always ask the girl you’re with for a recommendation.

Love Hotel Pricing

Prices vary greatly depending on the location of the love hotel, the room and extras you book. A ballpark figure would be 3,300 Japanese Yen ($30 USD) for a 2 hour stay.

Any of the extras (sex toys, vibrators, etc.) are being charged extra if used.

Condoms, soap, and the-like are complimentary, just like at a regular hotel. In regards to condoms, I highly recommend that you bring your own (from home)!

As is the case in Thailand, the condom selection in Japan is very limited and as a foreigner, you’ll probably find even the largest condoms to be too tight.


Tokyo, it’s Red Light District and pay for play scene is a one-time experience whereas Bangkok is a lifestyle.

That’s how I compare the two cities – otherwise it just does not make sense to compare the two as Bangkok is superior in almost all aspects that matter to me as a single man.

Girls and Their Attitude

Working girls in Tokyo (Soapland, escorts) tend to be more professional and business-oriented. This doesn’t mean their service is lacking – not at all!

You get good value for your money, but it just isn’t comparable to the girlfriend experience (GFE) you get with most Thai girls.

That’s one difference to keep in mind and has more to do with the culture itself, rather than working girls.

Attractiveness of Girls

It really depends on what you consider attractive, but overall, a hot girls is a hot girl – regardless of her nationality.

Japanese women can be hot, same applies to Korean and Thai women.

Since both are big cities, you can find very attractive women in both Bangkok and Tokyo – so, I would recommend you make your choice based on your preferred personality type.

Thai girls are usually very feminine, playful and open-minded (sexually), whereas Japanese women tend to be more shy and reserved (initially) – both in public and in the bedroom.

In many cases, you won’t even be able to tell the difference between a Japanese and Thai girl. This girl is Japanese – I see many Thai girls like her in Bangkok every day …

I will compare Tokyo-Bangkok nightlife options, girls you can meet during daytime more in depth in a separate article.

Let’s just say that percentage-wise I didn’t notice more attractive women in Tokyo than in Bangkok.

However, there are simply more people around overall – particularly during rush hour – so that equates to more hotties. That’s the case pretty much anywhere in Tokyo.

Costs of Fun

It’s expensive. Very expensive.

That’s fine as a one-time experience – the love hotels, the Red Light Districts. Overall, not comparable to what you get for your money in Thailand. $40 USD for 1 hour in Bangkok, $250 for the same experience in Tokyo.

In both cases, you get a very attractive girls. It’s not like sex in Tokyo is 6.25 times better than in Bangkok.

In that sense, not good value at all – just something I recommend you try once, or a few times.

In Bangkok (and most other places in Thailand), you can actually live the baller lifestyle.

Get a girl multiple times per week, have a fantastic room for less than $30 per night – all of which would be impossible in Tokyo.