Review: Happy Ending Massage Minh Tam, Saigon Vietnam

This review is as fresh as it gets. I came home literally 10 minutes ago & started typing this right away.

Having experienced a few not-as-awesome-as-I-thought pay for play services in Thailand, I was willing to give it another go in Vietnam.

This time, something a bit different – a happy ending massage – but I was nonetheless very excited, particularly due to the many raving reviews I’ve read online. “Super attractive“, that’s how one guy described the massage girls there.

Yeah, right. I gotta see for myself …

Unlike the blowjob bar I’ve been to previously, this venue isn’t far off the beaten path & just a short 5 minute cab ride from district one.

Business card lists the exact address, which can easily be found on Google maps.

The Entrance

From this intersection (see map above), its literally a 15 second walk to the hotel where the massage place is located in the floors 3 and above.

Just like the entire mongering scene in Vietnam, this place is low key. You might be thinking you’re at the wrong place. Look for the house number 709.

There’s a sign on the sidewalk that says “massage“, but it’s not very clear where the entrance is. You’re practically standing in front of a hotel, the lobby & reception area completely empty. Not a single person around (at least, when I visited).

I simply walked inside, not knowing what to do & where to go.

Instantly, a guy from a side entrance approaches me, “Massage?“. I nod.

He’s pointing to the elevator, “Third floor“.

Riding the elevator upstairs, I’m starting to feel really excited.

… but that feeling subsides quickly when I see the reception area & 2 guys welcoming me. One points to a sign that shows 4 different services. I point to the body massage for 220,000 VND.

I’m escorted to the next room. Turns out, this is the locker room where I am undressing & getting all naked.

What the fuck? Again, there’s 2 guys inside this room.

So far, I haven’t seen a single girl inside this place. Am I wrong here?

The Pre-Massage Ritual

What I only realize now is that before the actual massage, you get to go to the steaming room & sauna. So that’s where I spent the next ~25 minutes and once I felt I’ve had enough, I walk to the end of the room.

There’s a whirlpool as well. Nice!

Anyway, the other side of that hallway is pretty much showers only … and a metal table … that I am supposed to lie down on?

It kinda looks like an operation table. Guy tells me to lie down and starts washing me. I’m starting to get a bit confused. No girls so far, could this be the actual body massage I am paying for?

Luckily, this was just the shower to wash off all the sweat … as I leave for the next room, the guy asks for a tip. “I wash you!“, alright, here’s 100k.

Spotting A Hottie

Now upstairs … and I am pleasantly surprised. I see this obese white guy with this super-hot tiny girl & I’m happy! There’s at least 1 super-hot girl here.

I’m escorted to the massage room and lie down. 5 minutes later, “my” massage girls arrives.

Yes, she’s super-hot as well! Pale white skin, cute face & tight body.

Speaks basic English.

Some bullshit small talk … and finally the back massage begins. The following – what felt like – 30 minutes are pretty boring, so I won’t go into detail.

Let’s just say it was an actual, professional massage, intense & she worked her ass off.

Getting Dirty

Before turning around, she starts sliding her hand inside my underwear. First just the outside, then closer with every stroke.

First just the balls, then eventually “accidentally” touching my dick as well.

Time to turn on my back and this is where it ended … kinda abruptly.

After playing with my dick for a few seconds, she stops.

How much you tip me?

For what?

How much you tip me for massage?

Clearly, she was talking about a handjob. I wasn’t gonna pay much for that since I’m not eager to get one …

Blowjob & boom boom, I would’ve paid a decent amount, but handjob? Nah …

We negotiate for a bit, she’s initially asking for 700k, I offer 100k ($5). Then, she goes down to 300k and I say okay, I’ll pay that, but for a handjob & blowjob.

She says can’t do that here. Then I say okay 500k for boom boom.

Eventually, I don’t take her handjob offer and this is the end. Despite all this, I tip her 100k – which I “kinda” felt was deserved since she really worked hard.

I’m escorted to the reception – this time there’s an attractive girl there.

Well, actually I walked past reception initially … then the guy ran after me, “Excuse me, Sir! Pay here.” So, I walk back and pay for the deed.

All in all, I spent 420k ($19) and felt it was well worth it. Especially given that I could’ve also used the whirlpool & been a cheap charlie in which case I would have only spent 220k ($9).

Do I Recommend This Place?

Yes, absolutely! It’s so cheap that you can’t go wrong. It’s very upscale & looks super nice inside. Take your time, enjoy all the amenities before the actual massage.

Hell, I’ll just go there again to see another hot girl. Maybe next time, I’ll pay for the handjob (if I am able to perhaps get a deal where I can cum on her tits, etc…)

UPDATE: I’ve have since been to this place another time & had a fantastic experience! It just shows that often time getting the “right” girl is a matter of pure luck.