3 Drugs For Your Thailand Vacation … All 100% Legal

Let’s start off by what this article is NOT: I’m NOT going to cover how to get Yaba, steroids or any other illicit drug in Thailand. Believe me, some have asked 😉

Instead, I will show you a variety of compounds I have personally used to enhance certain experiences. All of these are legal in Thailand and as such worth checking out.

Please, keep an open mind. You might be tempted to discredit my suggestions just because they’re legal … but so is alcohol & we all know how powerful it is. So, don’t get hung up on definitions of legal/illegal.

Give them a try & see for yourself if they enhance the experience of your choice. Whether that’s partying, fucking a girl or just having a good time.

Let’s break it down – one by one.

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25 Hot Thai Girls on ThaiFriendly (+ Creepy Guys’ Comments)

Whenever I talk about my experiences (dates, lays) related to online dating in Thailand, people ask about what kind of girls can be found online. Some say there’s only girls looking for serious relationships. Others claim it’s full of hookers & you can’t find a regular girl.

The truth is, you can find any kind of girl on ThaiFriendly. It largely depends on what you’re looking for & how you filter girls. Today, I will show you a variety of hot girls that you’re able to hook up with – from simply hot, to petite/cute & even ones with big tits (yes, they exist in Thailand).

These are the girls you find on ThaiFriendly. Don't think they're hot? You're probably gay.
These are the girls you find on ThaiFriendly. Don’t think they’re hot? You’re probably gay.

Now, will you find the absolute cream of the crop online? I highly doubt it, but there are still a ton of really hot girls online that need a good pounding. Continue reading “25 Hot Thai Girls on ThaiFriendly (+ Creepy Guys’ Comments)”

Thailand Online Dating: 25 Funniest ThaiFriendly Profiles

Dating sites in Thailand have made my life so much easier. Specifically, ThaiFriendly. That isn’t to say meeting Thai women (and dating a Thai girl) is always easy.

In fact, the language barrier can sometimes be a real obstacle & you need to switch to basic English. (I’ve made the fatal mistake of making a joke, next thing you know the girl doesn’t get it and gets pissed off.)

With ThaiFriendly being a free dating site, you have thousands of Thai women looking for men, which leads to something interesting: funny & bizarre profile texts!

25 Hilarious & Bizarre Profiles

The is simply the result of desperation to meet a foreigner (farang) & lack of English skills. Hilarious!

That’s the kind of girl everyone’s dreaming of: Hardcore Pokemon Go Player. I like to Pikachu when you’re naked!

Not sure who we’re looking at here. Wants a boyfriend & marriage, yet she is asking for a price? Hmm … perhaps work as a part time freelancer? 😀

Alright, please help me decipher this one. I really can’t figure it out. Does she simply mean she wants someone who cares about her?

Funny profile. If only she were hot 🙁 But it’s rare to find that combination.

This girl knows exactly what she wants. That’s hot … until you continue reading further and realize she’s a bit crazy. And possessive. And probably not worth the time & effort.

Okay, good. No worries if I don’t get a reply. It means she was not interesting anyway, lol.

Too much confusion here. Profile is full of info, yet she says it’s empty. The rest doesn’t make more sense either. Her tactic? Clearly confusion.

Nothing to say, yet writes an entire paragraph. You’re not a ladybar? Great, I was looking for a gogo bar anyway!

So glad I am sending all my messages from Somalia. Puh, close call. Just curious, do you accept messages from India if I am using a Singapore VPN? If you didn’t get it, she means, she doesn’t want messages from Indian men.

Well, hello cutie! I have a nice body! And before you touch it, it is nice & cool.

Romantic. That’s the girl I’d want. “I will be right here WAIT for you.”

So straight to the point. So refreshing. But don’t get too excited, it’s gonna cost you.

Butterfly = player. Why would you create a username butterfly only to explain in the profile that you’re not a butterfly? Avoid the confusion and just pick a different username. Geez. It’s like me creating an account ladyboy181 … and then explain in my profile I’m not a ladyboy.

Who couldn’t resist such a straight-forward offer?

Desperate guys, please apply here!

Weird, but tempting. A bit of craziness is always welcome, but not sure about that case here. Patient seems to be a first stage maniac.

Sorry to say, but Google Translate has failed you. Miserably.

Hilarious. Writes a long ass profile, then this hint at the very end.

Walking ATM machine. Classic.

I’m confused. Is she looking for a lawyer/accountant? lol

Says read profile. Profile empty. You’re sending mixed signals, girl!

Oh, boy. I’m so glad. I had compatibility issues with the accountant generation 2015, but the 2016 generation seems to be fine.

Cringeworthy. You don’t have to be that honest girl, you know?

This might be the first poetic working girl I’ve ever encountered. Props to you!

What do you mean “we”? Is this a community account or simply a massive Google Translate fail?

Yep, welcome to the world of dating Thai girls! That’s only the beginning & you’re going to experience more wonderful things once you actually met a Thai hottie in person 🙂 Not to worry though, it’s all fun (mostly) … so what are you waiting for?

If you wanna get started meeting Thai girls, read my complete ThaiFriendly guide. If you’re horny & simply want to get nude pics, read ThaiFriendly Sexting.