Can 11 Quick Lays Change Your Life?

Early this year, I’ve set out to accomplish a variety goals. Among the more outrageous ones, sleeping with a certain number of girls in a short period of time.

Specifically, 10 girls in 10 days.

The reasoning behind such a goal wasn’t just the fun, but also to see how beliefs, behaviors around women and in life overall would transform.

While the goal is still in progress, I’ve slept with almost a dozen women over the course of roughly 2 weeks.

Slowly, I am starting to realize the impact of these experiences – all of whom were positive and valuable. Continue reading “Can 11 Quick Lays Change Your Life?”

3 Things I HATE About Bangkok, Thailand

Considering all the places I’ve been to, Thailand resembles paradise the most. Sunshine year round, most things are cheap, oh, and plenty of hotties on the streets, in malls and hundreds of nightclubs and bars.

Pretty much all you can ask for, and it doesn’t surprise that people come back, year after year. Nonetheless, there’s a couple of things REALLY bothering me, something I need to address to maintain objectivity.

1. Dirty Streets

Any normal person would jump back shocked when a rat suddenly runs across the way. Sadly, there’s so many of them that I’ve gotten accustomed, it became the norm. The nasty thing is that you see them near the food stands on the street, right next to a family of cockroaches running around hysterically.

Besides safety, this is the main reason I only get fresh fruits and coconuts off the streets. These are inside plastic containers and refrigerated in fresh ice.

Hygiene-standards are superb in most bathrooms, but they’re beyond words on the streets. Besides, most places look run down. Not more than in London, or most large cities, but certainly not up to what I’m used to from Central Europe.

The malls look extravagant, but many places outside look more like a slum, with water dropping from the ceiling and dirt everywhere. Again, I am comparing to the super-clean standards I am used to – Bangkok is not THAT horrible!

2. Pushy Salespeople

Anyone coming to Bangkok will quickly be annoyed by people approaching you from all sides, everywhere, at any time. I’ve learned to cope with it and rarely walk on the sidewalk if there are massage ladies or – at night – ladyboys in sight.

If there’s no other option, I carry something like a plastic bag (pretending I was shopping), look at my phone or play with my camera in order to look distracted.

Being nice is one thing, but good luck keeping up that facade when you get aggressively approached 20 times in a matter of minutes.

Try walking on the streets instead and now you’re dealing with an endless stream of taxi drivers stopping or honking. Everyone wants to take you for a ride and make a couple of bucks, perhaps even more if they are able to convince you to go to a places where they earn commission.

Ignorance or a quick gesture is often enough to be left alone. Having taxis always nearby is great when you need them, otherwise it’s more annoying.

3. Accommodation

Sure, you get what you pay for and I probably could’ve gotten an extravagant place also. Nevertheless, I’ve switched places 3 times during my stay and they were 16, 24 and 26€ per night. Cheaper than any hotel, but not super cheap either.

Granted, you can still save a lot of money by booking an entire month, but I am still surprised that the quality-price ratio isn’t higher. Also, I have to get used to the Thai living standard, which is essentially people living in one giant room that resembles a hotel room, doesn’t have a kitchen and occasionally lacks air conditioning.

The conclusive rant is reserved for just that, air conditioning. It really sucks, you easily get a cold and the fan is too loud. Once you turn it off, you’re happy for half an hour until you start breaking a sweat.

I know it’s weird saying that when one of the benefits of coming to Thailand is the climate. The heat is fine at night when going out, but during daytime it’s unbearable, especially the humidity.

Thai Women – How They Are Different: Dating, Money, Hygiene

Is the stereotype true? Are Thai women only looking for $$$? Are they all hookers and prostitutes?

This is the aftermath of 3 weeks in Bangkok (my first trip a few years back) – still reflecting on the experiences made and yearning to be in bed with some of these hotties again. Now that I’ve had my fair share of encounters with Thai girls, I’ve gained an understanding of what they’re like and how they differ from their American counterparts.

No doubt, not all Thai women are like that. After all, I’ve mainly met girls from online dating – so-called “good girls”.

Are Thai Women Really Easier?

Without a doubt the question I get asked the most. People want to know if it’s worth going to Thailand if they have trouble getting laid enough at home. Initially, I said yes. Of course it’s easier – everyone knows this!

Reflecting on this question, I had to alter my question to an abundantly clear NO. This is a misconception many people have because it’s easier to get laid overall. Percentage-wise more women are interested in meeting you, but getting that one interested girl into bed is neither easier, nor more difficult than in a Western country.

Most women still have their objections and insecurities á la, “Can’t sleep with someone before feeling comfortable. Won’t have sex with you.” and this doesn’t change just because it’s Thailand.


The super thing about Thai toilets is that every one of them is equipped with a health faucet –  a hand-held triggered nozzle – used to clean your ass and genitals. It’s as if you had just taken a shower and toilet paper is a thing of the past. Since coming back from Thailand a couple of weeks ago, I haven’t even thought about using toilet paper again.

Anyway, Thai girls used this to freshen up and some of them even cleaned their feet after entering my condo. I like this sort of hygiene and it’s certainly not what I am used to from women at home.

Money Greedy Whores

The picture I’ve had in my mind – girls just wanting to find another white guy paying for their shit! Thai women just want your money, it’s their only incentive for meeting you. You, their personal, walking ATM.

Fortunately, it didn’t take long for this misconception to clear. In fact, reality was quite different and it turned out that most girls were more than happy to pay for my food and meet a cute foreign guy at all.

These are the girls you find during the day, in malls and even online – the regular girl that would probably even feel bad taking money because she doesn’t want to see herself as a bar girl or hooker. I know, this was surprising to me as well.

Funny Sidenote: The first girl I’ve banged was actually so friendly, positive and open-minded, I thought she was a hooker and wanted money after sex. Turn’s out she wasn’t and didn’t even take money for the taxi.

Where Do Gold Diggers Lurk?

This is pretty obvious – in nightclubs or anywhere in the red light districts. Women that are out for money know that this is where it’s at as most guys hunt for pussy at these locations. When you’re out spending money on drinks, perhaps even making out with the girl, paying her to come home is only a baby step away.

During daylight, I can’t see any of this happening.

Common Insecurities

A typical question was whether I am lonely, have nobody else to hang out with, or really want to hang out with her. This sounds cocky, but some girls thought so highly of me that they probably couldn’t grasp that they were the first choice.

To be fair, this only happened a couple of times – 2-3 girls at best.

Yet another funny pattern I’ve noticed: I take a shower, dress up and meet the girl for the date. Shortly thereafter, we arrive at my place, she suggests I take a shower and then go to sleep.

Needless to say, I ignored this ridiculous request and ended up taking a shower together with the girl.

I’d rather kick the girl out of my condo before thinking about going to sleep alone.

Finally, this is something I am still note sure about. Most girls didn’t text me after sex, but were eager to come again when asked. Based on my experience, I think it’s safe to say they assumed I was busy and didn’t want to interrupt.

Bangkok Review – Inside Facts, Experiences & Thai Girls

While it’s impossible to capture the entire experience in written form, this is attempt to highlight the best moments, memorable occurrences and lay down the facts.

Period: April 14th – May 5th

Toward the end, staying for 21 days seemed a bit too long. 2 weeks might have been the sweet spot. When I went to Pattaya in January, I only stayed for 5 days and it felt too short – this time I overshot the mark.

Costs: ~1466€
  • Flight: 518.02€
  • Travel Insurance: 29.99€
  • Accommodation: 518€
  • Other: ~400€

The amount of money spent seems a lot, but when I consider the amount of experiences made (especially the sex), then I am happy with the investment. Finding a centrally-located condo at a good price was the biggest challenge and while I’ve switched accommodation 2 times during my stay, I never felt that it was actually worth the money.

Videos Published: 6

Shooting videos was a pleasure – especially with the new camera that I’ve invested in just days before going on my trip. The Qumox SJ4000 really is a great alternative to the more expensive and popular GoPro.

What I like about this tiny piece is that I can easily carry it in my pocket and use it in a variety of ways to record hidden camera footage. Bigger cameras and even smartphones aren’t suitable for this purpose.

Oh, yeah, and while I didn’t like the fish-eye lens initially it turned out to be great for filming infield action.

Thai Girls: 11

Great experiences with all of them, especially when it comes to escalating sexually. After my first pull didn’t end in sex, I decided to not waste time anymore and bring every single girl I meet during the day straight to my room. Out of 14 times, it worked 11 times and only 3 girls didn’t have sex with me.

1 of them had already planned to go out and was dressed up, another one had to leave early cause she had to work the next day.

Massive, massive learning experiences right here. First off all, it was amazing to see how much is actually possible. Before Thailand, I would’ve thought about having an actual date, getting to know each other and once we both feel comfortable going in for the kiss and sex thereafter.

Looking back, I am still a bit baffled that it’s possible that quickly. Three of the girls actually said that they can’t have sex before they feel comfortable and know somebody for a longer time, but still ended up having sex with me.

Risking rejection and just going for it was what I was most proud about myself. I read each situation and responded to the girl’s needs. None of the girls were “easy”, fully-aroused or dropped their pants once they entered the condo. They were regular girls and one of them was actually a bit shy and reserved, yet I still made it happen.

The Not-So-Good

I’ve found that once I had proved to myself that I could get girls, it seemed to be a waste of time to continue this path. Sex is fun but the process is something I don’t enjoy and distracts a lot from more important areas such as health, fitness and business.

No question, every girl was lovely and nice – probably better than most women in any western country. However, the moment fucking was over and after a couple of minutes of cuddling, I just wanted to be left alone and continue with my personal stuff.

Ironically, after fucking more girls than ever, I am now more in favor of paying for sex. Having slept with 13 “regular” girls and probably the same amount of hookers, I can’t find major differences. Sex feels the same and is definitely less complicated with prostitutes.

Whether it’s a good girl or hooker, bad experiences are unavoidable and part of life.