My Worst Nuru Massage in Bangkok

The absolute worst experience – not only bad – but definitely a scam and borderline theft. Wow, you need to be warned.

When I left the massage place yesterday, I was in rage. I wanted revenge & tell everybody about this shitty place!

But then I took a step back, asked myself if my anger was justified. I am in the heat of emotions, is it right to put down this massage place, potentially ruin their reputation online, cause a loss of business?

I really thought about this … and pondered for a few days before I started making this video.

Simply because I did NOT want this to be a review where I am led by emotions, perhaps saying things I would regret later or that are exaggerated. The goal was to calm down & be as objective as possible.

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Bangkok Quick Start Guide

As you probably know, I released my Bangkok Guide a few weeks back. I’m getting great responses … and it’s really meant as the single tool that helps you navigate Bangkok’s nightlife.

But today I thought to myself, “Are there things I get asked repeatedly? Is there something that I can’t put on a map but is still important for anyone coming to Bangkok?”

Turns out, there is.

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Hotels at Soi Cowboy, Bangkok

Alright, so when you’re coming to Bangkok, it’s not unlikely that you’ll spend a night or two at Soi Cowboy. Perhaps even all your nights.

Hell, why not. There’s a ton of bars & you’ll find the hottest working girls here.

So, it makes sense to think about the location of your hotel before booking. If you know that you wanna head to Soi Cowboy, then here’s my suggestions in terms of hotels.

These are all in proximity, so no girl that you barfine will complain that it’s too far away. And don’t worry, these are all guest-friendly.

I am showing you a variety of options.

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