Bangkok Nightlife FAQs – (Bangkok Blowjob Bars, Legal Age, Young Freelancers)

In this article, I answer some frequently asked questions in regards to Bangkok Nightlife.

Specifically the following:

What’s the legal age in Thailand (to get into clubs)? Do you need to show ID?

Unless you look extremely young, you will not be asked to show your ID or passport. The only venue where they tend to always request ID is Route66 (RCA).

You can also show a copy of your passport on your smartphone.

Gogo bars (in my experience) only ask for identification if they don’t want to let you in. They might ask for your ID only to say, ‘Sorry, members only today.’

Is it safe to walk around at night in Bangkok?

I have never had any issues walking around at night ANYWHERE in Bangkok.

Obviously, you will have people on the streets in the areas close to Asok, Soi Cowboy and Nana Plaza, but even walking in remote areas, I have never felt unsafe.

The biggest risk in regards to personal safety (at night) tends to be aggressive Thai ladyboys.

You will encounter those only in designated nightlife areas (and on Sukhumvit Road in between Soi Cowboy and Soi Nana).

Also, make sure to watch out for stray dogs at night – especially if there’s a pack of them.

They tend to be very aggressive at night and I’ve seen half a dozen stray dogs attack a random person walking past them.

Where are the blowjob bars in Bangkok?

Most are located in Soi 7/1.

In the video, you see me walk there from the BTS station. To keep it short, take the BTS to Nana station, from there it’s a 5 minute walk to the blowjob ‘alley’.

This is where you find Chrome Bar (previously known as Wood Bar and Dr. BJ Nuru) and a number of other blowjob and ladyboy bars.

Lolitas blowjob bar and Som’s Haven are the only ones which are at another location – opposite of Terminal21 at Soi 8.

What to talk about with freelancers? Why do some guys talk for several minutes?

Usually price/service negotiations plus random small-talk.

The girl asking where do you stay, the guy trying to lower the price or asking which services she offers.

You can check out my hidden camera interactions with freelancers to see what they look like.

Is $2,000 enough for 1 month in Bangkok?

It depends.

For most guys, it will be enough. However, if you want to stay at a really fancy hotel (or apartment) and have a freelancer or Bangkok escort over every night, you’ll run out of money within two weeks.

Let’s assume you stay at a mid-range condo (~$300 per month) and hook up with an inexpensive freelancer (1,000 Thai Baht) a few times per week – then your budget will be more than enough for an entire month of fun in Bangkok!

Some of the Bangkok street walkers (freelancers) look old. Where can I meet younger girls?

The girls standing under the BTS Asok skywalk exit tend to be older – at most other spots (outside of Thermae Bar, NANA hotel parking lot), you find girls in the 18-25 age range.