Location: Bangkok Nightlife.

Is the so-called Japanese underground bar (Thermae Bar Bangkok) still worth visiting?

So in this video, I’m trying out a different style to better explain a couple of things – let me know if if you enjoyed this or if you would rather see the regular videos with actual video footage.

Anyway, the question has been about the Japanese underground bar (Thermae Bar).

If you don’t know where that is – this is the Sofitel Bangkok and right next to it’s entrance is the Ruamchitt Plaza Hotel entrance. On the right side of that entrance, you can walk downstairs. That’s the so-called underground bar.

Pople have asked me if Thermae Bar is still a good place to meet freelancers and the answer is yes – especially during the week because you know say on the weekends you have here this direction would be Soi 11 and Nana Plaza; in this direction would be Soi Cowboy but during the week Soi 11 can be kind of weak (in terms of the ladies on the streets or clubs).

This spot here and especially the area outside as well so here and all the way here you would see freelancers from around 7 o’clock at night up until two o’clock in the morning.

During the week and on weekends even up until I would say 6 o’clock in the morning because what happens is once that place actually shuts down so once the Thermae bar closes down this is where you would see most of the girls sit.

They have these little stools here and then here is usually a lady selling beer and all the way here you would have different food stalls so all the ladies that didn’t have customers or that already came back from short time you will see them here in this area.

The only thing that has changed in regards to the bar is that you can only enter via the main entrance. A few months ago, you could sneak in from the back and would be able to sit down without having to order a drink.

Nowadays, you have to walk in through the main entrance and you cannot even take a look around like even most gogo bars, you can take a walk around to see if you enjoy the show if you like the girls and then you can decide if you want to sit down or if you want to leave but here right away you have to get a drink.

Meaning, at Thermae Bar in Bangkok, you cannot walk around as you were able to do that before that’s the only thing that has changed really.

So that is a good spot another spot let me show you a good spot where you would also find freelancers which is walking distance from from the Thermae underground bar.

In terms of hotels one quick tip this here is the hotel Sofitel Hotel Bangkok Sukhumvit – so definitely a  great place if you can afford it. Within walking distance you have the Thermae Bar and girls standing outside; just approach any girl of your choice and take her back to your room.

It could not be easier! You can also take a girl to just chill at the Sofitel pool.

Sofitel Hotel Bangkok Sukhumvit is a guest friendly hotel anyway so you can save money by bringing girls there without having to book a room at a Bangkok love hotel.

Let me show you another spot here which is outside so this area; here I would generally avoid specifically this area right here as this cafe is full of Thai ladyboys at night.

This area here is well let me show you, you will see street stalls but mostly girls mostly ladyboys sitting here on the sidewalk as well and here as well so that areas should be avoided if you’re looking for regular girls.

Once we’re at this area so this if you walk here I don’t know if you can see it here but actually if you walk downstairs there’s the supermarket (Tops Market) that I recommended many many times before.

It’s a 24-hour supermarket also has a food court with very cheap food starting at around 40 to 50 baht for a meal rice and chicken.

In terms of the freelancers you would see freelance this year starting at around 6 o’clock here and on the other side food stalls right here and this is where you would usually have bars.

Mostly ladyboys on the weekends and at night but the final place or the final spot that I wanted to show you is right here at the Asok BTS station. Right here basically another good freelancer spot.

Right here this is where the Bangkok freelancers usually sit and then also here actually under the BTS Asok skywalk, you would see freelancers as well and then if you keep walking you turn around this is the final area.

This area in general is where you would find more freelancers so once again the Thermae freelancer bar, the Japanese underground bar, is still worth it if you go to Bangkok?

I definitely definitely recommend you check it out as it’s quite an experience. Any guy who has visited me or that I went out with and I showed him this bar had always been very surprises.

You don’t even notice it walking past and then you walk downstairs and it’s like 50 girls or even more absolutely absolutely great experience. So yeah that’s pretty much it and here if you keep walking roughly five to ten minutes then on the other side of that main street of the main road you would have Soi Cowboy.

Alright so this is a little I would say test video if you enjoyed this type of video where I actually explain it in a little bit more detail/different situations and areas of the street then let me know and I can do more of these videos in the future.