Thailand’s Magic Pill: Don’t Be An Idiot + Common Sense!

Tourist drugged by Thai girl! Robbery! Theft!

Maybe you’ve come across some of these headlines¬†about incidents in Bangkok or Pattaya.

If so, then today’s strategies are for you. Here are a few examples …

What do all of these incidents have in common? Most likely, they wouldn’t have happened in the presence of common sense.

Oh yeah, it’s a good idea to take 2 random girls I have just met to my condo and let them stay there overnight.

Sure, I can trust this random stranger sitting next to me. Would you mind watching my bag, which happens to be full of cash, while I go to the restroom?

In the absence of common sense NO STRATEGY will be useful.

For the purpose of this video, I am assuming you have common sense.

Thermae Bar Bangkok

I’ll show you my personal strategies in regards to playing it safe with the ladies, but first let’s cover some of the basics …

Before I talk about what to do, let’s cover what NOT to do.

One of the main reasons guys get in trouble is because they don’t negotiate with the girl up-front or negotiations are very vague, such as

Okay, I will help you. I will give you money.

When the girl leaves – whether that’s after an hour or the next morning – she might expect 1000 Baht (or more), while the guy’s idea of giving money is 200 Baht.

Pattaya Girl Hotel Room

The girl doesn’t want to leave and this is how trouble arises.

She can then say that the standard rate is 1000 Baht and in case of a dispute, hotel personnel/police would probably be on her side.

I have also seen a somewhat similar scenario; it’s guys who don’t think twice about a girl in or near a nightlife area being too easy.

They go up, talk for a few seconds and then ask the girl to come with them.

I really don’t know what such a guy is thinking to rationalize how this could possibly be a regular girl. After they get to the room or after the deed is done, the girl asks for money.

The guy is surprised, the girl is (in my opinion rightfully so) thinking,

Okay, we didn’t talk about money but there is no way a guy could think I’m a regular girl. This is the Red Light District.

I went with him right away after talking for a few seconds only. No way that this isn’t super obvious.

This happens somewhat frequently in freelancer clubs; particularly if the guy doesn’t know the club he is in is a freelancer club.

Pattaya Walking Street

Let Her Know What YOU Want

What does all of this mean for you? Clarity, clarity, clarity.

The good news is that most girls won’t go with you unless they specifically know what they’ll get.

Most girls will want to know how much they get beforehand.

ThaiFriendly Online Dating

So, that’s number one.

Second of all, what happens if the girl doesn’t stick to the agreed price or argues that you made a different agreement altogether?

No, we agreed on 2000 Baht instead of 1000 Baht!

What do you do?

Then it’s a bit more tricky. It depends on where you met the girl and what the specific circumstances were.

If you met her on the street (freelancer), then there’s not much you can do – you either pay or you don’t.

If you met her via LINE app, you can pull up the conversation.

Contacts Search

When I talk to a freelancer on LINE app, I always screenshot the details of our arrangement (price, duration, etc).

That way I can pull up the screenshot if the girl claims something different then what was agreed upon.

I also keep a picture of the girl in case something happens.

ThaiFriendly Date Bangkok Thailand

If you are not completely drunk & stay in a guest-friendly hotel which requires the girl to deposit her ID, I would say you’ve done everything in your power to play it safe.

It’s time to stop worrying about what might happen – relax and focus on having a fucking awesome time with your girl(s)!