Thailand Coronavirus – Is it Dangerous? [My Thoughts + What I do]

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) is all over the news. People are panicking & I have been asked for my opinion:

  • King Epic, what are your thoughts about the coronavirus?
  • Can, and should I still visit Thailand, or cancel my trip?
  • Is it still safe in Thailand?

Initially, I didn’t want to cover this topic at all because I think it’s not worth discussing.

If you are a rational person, it’s pretty easy to see through the panic and hysteria, take necessary precautions and then proceed as usual.

Here are my thoughts about the coronavirus situation:

First off, if you’re a guy who is rawdogging girls in the Red Light District, then – in my opinion – you have no businesses worrying about the coronavirus.

Second of all, anything you do carries risk, and in my opinion there needs to be some balance in regards to the precautions you take.

Having sex exposes you to the risk of catching an STD.

Walking outside, you might get hit by a car. Those risks are real, those risks exist not just in theory but in your everyday life.

Thailand Nightlife Bangkok

It would an a overreaction if you decided to never have sex or walk outside ever again.

In the same way, canceling your Thailand trip or staying home would be an overreaction (in my opinion).

Instead, you take some precautions and move on with your life. Because because if you don’t do that, you have no life.

The same applies to the coronavirus. I personally don’t change anything because there isn’t anything that warrants change.

However, if you do worry, there are things you can do that I fell are sensible, proportionate steps.

Steps that make practical sense as opposed to say, canceling your trip altogether, and deciding to stay home for the next 2 years.

Coronavirus Thailand
Smart, Sensible Precautions

Like I said, I personally don’t change anything (about what I do, or my lifestyle here in Thailand). If you are really worried, then there are a few things I recommend.

Educate yourself. Media and news outlets tend to magnify issues (that’s how they catch people’s attention and make money). By reading up on the issue/risk, you’ll be able to calm your mind.

Disregarding what media says and reading up on what experts say, also looking at past scares.

Coronavirus Bangkok Thailand

Sensible Precautions? If you are really worried, simply avoid crowds. Pretty much anything you want to do with girls in Thailand, you can do at any location.

Take a girl or multiple to an island if you don’t want to stay in Bangkok. Go with semi pros/freelancers and meet up with them outside of nightlife areas.

Go to smaller bars instead of big clubs.

That’s about it.


If you check hotel prices on Agoda right now, you’ll notice that most hotel rooms are discounted by 20-30%.

Coronavirus Thailand

The same applies to AirBNB – many of the condos are even over 50% off, such as The Base in Pattaya, and many other rooms which are typically very pricey and in high demand.

AirBNB Condo Bangkok

I would not be surprised if prices continue to drop over the course of the next few weeks.

If you factor in the improved exchange rates for USD, GBP and EUR, you are looking at a Thailand trip which will end up being 20-30% cheaper!

That’s the equivalent of going back in time and paying 90s prices! For the last few years, people have been complaining about prices, well, now here’s your chance …

A lot of it reminds me of investing. When everyone else is panicking, you stay calm, analyze the risk and buy at a discount …

Lastly, A YouTube Comment

To conclude this, I wanted to share with you a comment which I replied to on my YouTube channel.

This should offer additional information in regards to my thoughts and more.

Thailand Coronavirus