Increase Your Sex Drive [For Thailand/SEA] – ULTIMATE GUIDE 2019

[ None of the information provided here is to be considered medical advice. Go talk to a doctor. ]

If you want my personal recommendations in regards to your situation (whichever issue you are dealing with), you can do that via the unlimited consultations which are included in the Thailand Guide.

In an ideal world, you would have full control over your sex drive. Up- or down-regular it as per your needs.

If you have naturally high sex drive, you’re a slave to your urges. If your sex drive is low, you might feel confused and not much (certainly not women) will make sense.

Before you enter the world of prescription medications and hormones, I recommend you exhaust other options first.

What’s Your Problem?

You don’t want to start fixing a problem which doesn’t exist.

If your sex drive is low or not as high as you would like it to be, you need to analyze your situation holistically first.

I know what I am saying here is cookie-cutter advice á la ‘just lower your stress’ … but it’s true.

If you’re in an environment in which you are not exposed to attractive/feminine women on a regular basis, I can see how you might experience a lack of desire. There’s no stimulation.

What does that mean for you?

Don’t over-analyze and think you have an issue before you have actually been to Thailand.

If you have (seemingly) unlimited options and you’re still not interested – then you can look into the matter again.

Low Sex Drive, Erectile Issues or Long Refractory Period?

It’s important to distinguish between these issues – each needs a different solution. Often times, men use these terms interchangeably, which adds to the confusion.

Having trouble achieving or maintaining an erection is NOT NECESSARILY the same as low sex drive. These are often separate issues.

Here are my oversimplified explanations.

*Low sex drive means you’re not interested in (sex with) women or not to the extend that you would like to.

*Erectile issues would be something like not being able to achieve or maintain an erection or not to the extend that you wish or not long enough.

*Refractory issues means it takes you too long to be ready for another round of sex. Either physically (in terms of an erection) or mentally (the desire for sex). Typically, both (physically + mental) are related to prolactin.

Prolactin Blood Test

As a first step, you need to determine which of these issues you are dealing with. Below, I’ve listed what I would do in regards to resolving each issue.

Again, NOT medical advice, just my approach …


Besides the obvious – no masturbation, eating healthy and working out – I would start by testing a number of low-cost supplements which don’t typically interfere with hormones in a negative way.

1. Tribulus Terrestris

What this OTC supplement does is it increases androgen receptors in the brain.

Simply put, for the purpose of sex drive, the testosterone your body is producing works more efficiently.

Tribulus takes a few days to kick in. It’s dirt cheap and a bottle will last you several years.

2. DIM + Zinc

Before taking this supplement, I would recommend you get a blood test done to see what your hormone levels (specifically E2) look like.

If estrogen is out of range, it might be the cause of low sex drive and/or erectile issues.

Estradiol E2

In such as case, you can start supplementing 100mg of DIM per day. Zinc can also help with estrogen metabolism (= to lower estrogen).

You can buy zinc separately or use what I use – see next point.

3. Multivitamin

Necessary? Not sure, it’s more like an insurance policy. Plus, I don’t need to buy a dozen different supplements such as zinc individually.

Honestly, I don’t think a multivitamin is going to do much in regards to improving your sex drive, but given that it’s inexpensive … it’s worth a shot before deciding to up the ante.

4. Coffee & Alcohol (WEIRD, BUT WORKS!)

I’m telling you the exact opposite of what you’d read anywhere else.

Based on my person experience, I know that both coffee and alcohol can help increase sex drive.

If you are like me, you are physically healthy, your hormones are fine, yet at times you feel low sex drive … it might be …

… a mental thing.

If you have an overactive brain that’s constantly analyzing everything, being super-rational, then sex drive is probably not a priority. To such a brain, sex is pointless. It’s a waste of time & money.

To such a brain (like mine) anything that doesn’t have long-term value is considered a waste of resources. Having fun would be such an example.

Coffee & Alcohol (not used in combination) work well for me. They are almost like a command from higher up,

Okay, brain. You’re doing a great job in regards to business, goals, and so on. But now it’s time for you to STFU. It’s fun time and fun time is not your area of expertise.

Works for me – give it a try!

For more detailed help, use the consultations that are included in my Thailand Guide.

5. HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin)

Done via injections to increase your body’s production of testosterone. Obtained via prescription from your doctor and typically considered low risk.

Simply put, HCG makes it so that your body produces more testosterone. The opposite would be injecting testosterone which tends to cause a negative feedback (shutdown of your body’s own production).

Before considering Testosterone injections, I would give HCG I try (which I did, as you can see in the video).

I have also done (tested) Testosterone combined with HCG (to prevent shutdown) for several months.


Now we’re stepping into prescription medication territory.

Definitively, definitely consult with a doctor. I can provide contacts for clinics I’ve been to.

This is Thailand … you are not the first guy walking into a clinic looking to improve his sex life. In short: Don’t be embarrassed about going there.

Before you start taking a bunch of supplements or are thinking about taking hormones, get a blood test done. The result will tell you what your bottleneck is.

In other words, you will learn what might be causing your issue(s).


The active ingredient (Tadalafil) boosts nitric oxide with leads to better blood flow which, in theory, leads to better and stronger erections.

Works GREAT for me in terms of erection quality and being able to time ejaculation. Doesn’t work at all for some of my friends. YMMV

Cialis can be used for the acute effects (sex), or on a daily basis for health purposes (such as increasing blood flow/lowering blood pressure). I am no doctor and won’t mention any specific dosages here.

Cialis Thailand Phuket

Other options (via doctor/clinic) include the following. Keep in mind, these DO interfere with your hormonal system and can cause a negative feedback loop.

  • Cabergolin (Lowers prolactin)
  • Proviron (lowers SHBG = more free testosterone available)

Lastly, if you want personalized advice, join the Thailand Guide. It also comes with an entire eBook covering the topic of sex (drive).

eBook Thailand Sex Drive