ThaiFriendly FAQs

This page contains frequently asked questions (ThaiFriendly FAQs) in regards to online dating with ThaiFriendly.

If you are new here, make sure to read my ThaiFriendly review which contains ALL strategies I use on the site to meet up with Thai girls quickly & avoid wasting my time.

Is ThaiFriendly a scam with tons of fake profiles? Does Thai Friendly work?

Nah, don’t worry.

There might be some fake profiles on the site and some of the ThaiFriendly girls are prostitutes looking for customers online, however, 99% of the profiles are legit and ACTUALLY meeting these girls is fairly easy.

This isn’t something I’m hypothesizing about – it’s something I do on a regular basis.

See my ThaiFriendly Review / Experiment.

Oh, and you can set a filter on the site so only real girls are displayed and are able to contact you. Yes, there are ladyboys on ThaiFriendly but using the filter settings, they won’t be able to bother you.

What’s the quality of Thai girls on the site like?

Average. Some cute girls but it’s very rare to find stunners. Given that this is a free Thai dating site any semi-cute girl receives a lot of attention and many of those messages come from complete creeps.

So, in turn some girls get jaded pretty quickly and leave the site.

I remember that when I first used the site in 2015 there were a lot more cute girls around and none of the girls I’ve hooked up with back then were using the site when I checked back a few months later.

Most Thai dating site reviews will tell you it’s super easy to meet beautiful girls online so you sign up via their affiliate link …

ThaiFriendly FAQ
Dating hot Thai girls is possible, but the majority of the girls on ThaiFriendly don’t look like these two.

The truth is that really hot girls have plenty of options and there is no place in the world where stunners will line up to be with you. Not even in Thailand.

That being said, banging an average/cute (sometimes even very cute) girl is very achievable and in my experiences those hook ups happen pretty quickly – meaning on the same day the first messages were exchanged.

How easy is sex dating in Thailand?

TF dating is easy. Dating a local Thai girl is easy because most of the girls on the site are there for one reason only: NOT to meet Thai guys, but to meet foreigners like you.

You can copy my exact online dating strategies.

The key to online dating success is very simply:

  1. Upload quality pictures (not bathroom selfies!)
  2. Don’t be a weirdo

If you act weird, the girl will think you are like EVERY other guy that messages her and most likely, she will block you.

Be polite, don’t ever talk about sex.

Push for a casual/friendly meet up at a public location (again, malls are a good option), then go somewhere (I like Asiatique) or pull directly to your place (I just say, “I know a place where we can sit.“)

Dating Thai Women

As mentioned above, dating is fairly easy & straight-forward in Thailand. The only real issue you might encounter is the language barrier.

Other than that, Thai girls like sex & there isn’t much of a negative stigma attached to casual hook ups.

Does online dating only work in Bangkok?

Kinda. You find girls from every major Thai city on the site, but 90% of them will be from Bangkok.

Don’t bother using it anywhere else. In Pattaya, most girls will be working girls looking for clients online. (= Waste of your time, unless you plan on dating a Thai bar girl.) In other cities, the pool of available/online girls is too small to get laid quickly.

Bangkok’s online dating scene is the best because there are thousands of girls up for some fun, thanks to public transportation it’s easy to get around and with so many malls to choose form, meeting up with a girl becomes very, very easy.

Are there any ThaiFriendly hacks I can use?

No hacks per se, but you can automate many of the tasks using browser macros.  I’ve asked ThaiFriendly support if using such a method is kosher and was told that as long as you don’t exceed the limit (around 10 messages per minute), there’s no risk of getting your ThaiFriendly account suspended.

Can you recommend a good ThaiFriendly alternative?

Tinder. I mean you can download the ThaiFriendly app so that you can use it on the go, but if you want to use something completely different, give Tinder a try.

Keep in mind, as is the case with the free version of Tinder has it’s limitations.

Both dating sites offer a free version, which won’t cost you any money but a lot of time. You can always sign up for a new ThaiFriendly account and then decide if it’s for you/worth upgrading to ThaiFriendly Premium.

Keep in mind, while there is no such thing as a ThaiFriendly discount code, when you sign up & pay annually, the monthly rate is much cheaper.

You can close/hide or even delete your ThaiFriendly account at any time should you not enjoy the site or don’t want your profile to be visible in public.

ThaiFriendly is the most popular Thai dating site and there are plenty of girls online at any given time. However, it’s just as easy to meet girls during the day (at malls, such as Terminal 21, Siam Paragon) or at nighttime (Route66).

If you simply want to get laid/have sex as quickly as possible, then online dating is the way to go. It’s very easy to hook up on the first date, or skip the first date altogether and bring the girl to your place right away.

I am unable to access my and/or app account.

If you can’t login, your account might have gotten suspended. Make sure you used the correct username & password. Last resort would be getting in touch with ThaiFriendly support via [email protected]

I have a question – can you help me?

If you have a question in regards to online dating, I would first ask you to go through the ThaiFriendly Guides I’ve written:

Should you still have a question, please use the contact form to get in touch.

Please keep in mind, a reply is only guaranteed if you are a member of my Thailand Guide in which case I’ll personally help you every step along the way – from setting up your online dating profile to actually getting laid … and even planning your entire Thailand trip.