Why A $9/Night Hotel Isn’t Cheap

Question of the day. Taken from the YouTube comment section:

Why would you go after working girls or bar girls if you can have it for free? Why would you pay for it? #LOSER!

  • For the same reason that you shouldn’t stay in a $9/night hotel room.
  • Funny enough, it’s the same reason that anything “free” isn’t really free.

There’s always a catch.

With girls, that catch is time. You gotta put in the time.

Whether that’s one date, or dinner – doesn’t matter. That is the resource you have to use to “pay” for a supposedly free girl – time.

Don’t think of money as money, think of it as a resource. You need to invest a resource to get what you want.

In my book, anything can be a resource. Time, money – and yes, even attention (which is time).

A girl might not even cost you money, or time … but if you’re constantly thinking about her (whether that’s positive or negative) – then she is costing you your attention.

Question: Would you want to pay for her or instead waste days/weeks trying to get laid?

Now you should realize that no girl is free & that free download isn’t really free either. It might not cost money, but instead you have to wait 5 minutes for the download to start.

Thus, costing you time.

A 9$ hotel room is cheap. You are saving money.

The first condo I’ve rented was cheap too … or so I thought.

First condo I’ve rented. 11,500 Baht/month (all inclusive). Cheap, but location was not good. Video of room inside Thailand Guide.

Well, no it was in fact cheap. Yes, I was saving money, but at the same time, I was wasting half an hour for something menial like buying food from 7-Eleven or taking the taxi to the BTS station.

There’s something else to consider when talking about different types of girls …

Working girls & normal girls – you are comparing apples & oranges. You are comparing a car mechanic with someone who works on his car as a hobby every other weekend.

One is an expert, the other an amateur.

You get what you pay for & once you grasp that, you will reach a point where you can see through the illusion.

The illusion being that money is the holy grail. You realize that time is the holy grail & you are super happy being able to spend some of that fiat money instead of having to waste your so very precious time.

  • You can always earn more money. You can lose it all and recover.
  • You can never get your time back.

The older you get, the more you realize,

‘Who cares about the money, I’m running out of time!’

Of course, if you’re a 15 year old guy watching my videos, you can’t relate to that. You’re like,

‘I ain’t got no money but hell of a lot of time. #YOLO!’

I’m out.