Thai Women – How They Are Different: Dating, Money, Hygiene

Is the stereotype true? Are Thai women only looking for $$$? Are they all hookers and prostitutes?

This is the aftermath of 3 weeks in Bangkok (my first trip a few years back) – still reflecting on the experiences made and yearning to be in bed with some of these hotties again.

Now that I’ve had my fair share of encounters with Thai girls, I’ve gained an understanding of what they’re like and how they differ from their American counterparts.

No doubt, not all Thai women are like that. After all, I’ve mainly met girls from online dating – so-called “good girls”.

Are Thai Women Really Easier?

Without a doubt the question I get asked the most. People want to know if it’s worth going to Thailand if they have trouble getting laid enough at home. Initially, I said yes.

Of course it’s easier – everyone knows this!

Reflecting on this question, I had to alter my question to an abundantly clear NO. This is a misconception many people have because it’s easier to get laid overall.

Percentage-wise more women are interested in meeting you, but getting intimate with that one interested girl is neither easier, nor more difficult than in a Western country.

Most women still have their objections and insecurities á la, “Can’t sleep with someone before feeling comfortable. Won’t have sex with you.” and this doesn’t change just because it’s Thailand.


The super thing about Thai toilets is that every one of them is equipped with a health faucet –  a hand-held triggered nozzle – used to clean your private area.

It’s as if you had just taken a shower and toilet paper is a thing of the past. Since coming back from Thailand a couple of weeks ago, I haven’t even thought about using toilet paper again.

Anyway, Thai girls used this to freshen up and some of them even cleaned their feet after entering my condo. I like this sort of hygiene and it’s certainly not what I am used to from women at home.

Money Greedy Whores

The picture I’ve had in my mind – girls just wanting to find another white guy paying for their shit! Thai women just want your money, it’s their only incentive for meeting you. You, their personal, walking ATM.

Fortunately, it didn’t take long for this misconception to clear. In fact, reality was quite different and it turned out that most girls were more than happy to pay for my food and meet a cute foreign guy at all.

These are the girls you find during the day, in malls and even online – the regular girl that would probably even feel bad taking money because she doesn’t want to see herself as a bar girl or hooker. I know, this was surprising to me as well.

Funny Sidenote: The first girl I’ve “met” was actually so friendly, positive and open-minded, I thought she was a hooker and wanted money after sex. Turn’s out she wasn’t and didn’t even take money for the taxi.

Where Do Gold Diggers Lurk?

This is pretty obvious – in nightclubs or anywhere in the red light districts. Women that are out for money know that this is where it’s at as most guys hunt for pussy at these locations.

When you’re out spending money on drinks, perhaps even making out with the girl, paying her to come home is only a baby step away.

During daylight, I can’t see any of this happening.

Common Insecurities

A typical question was whether I am lonely, have nobody else to hang out with, or really want to hang out with her. This sounds cocky, but some girls thought so highly of me that they probably couldn’t grasp that they were the first choice.

To be fair, this only happened a couple of times – 2-3 girls at best.

Yet another funny pattern I’ve noticed: I take a shower, dress up and meet the girl for the date. Shortly thereafter, we arrive at my place, she suggests I take a shower and then go to sleep.

Needless to say, I ignored this ridiculous request and ended up taking a shower together with the girl.

I’d rather kick the girl out of my condo before thinking about going to sleep alone.

Finally, this is something I am still note sure about. Most girls didn’t text me after meeting, but were eager to come again when asked. Based on my experience, I think it’s safe to say they assumed I was busy and didn’t want to interrupt.