Find & Book Your Bangkok Hotel/Condo – QUICKLY & EASILY

Is this YOU before your trip?

Maybe you’ve been deprived all your life and can’t wait to get your hands on some big boobies.

Girls grabbing you left and right. For once, you’re the center of attention.
You are so looking forward to finally experiencing all these naughty massages you’ve seen on porn websites. Finally, you are that guy.
You go to the club where for some small change, you can have almost any hot girl for the night.
Yes, even the dancer with the big fake boobies can be yours for the night. Literally.
Better yet, thanks to cheap sex drugs being sold on the streets, you can literally bang like a pornstar.

You’re super excited about your Thailand trip. The girls. Partying.

Having a great time.

YOU envision it all.

You start counting days. (Maybe you even have an app on your phone that tells you x days left until your Thailand trip.)

But man, booking a place to stay at is a monstrous task. You open up Agoda or AirBnb and now you have 500 different places you can choose from.

2 hours later, you aren’t any further. The question that you still can’t answer,

“Where Should I Stay?”

In despair, you go around asking others for recommendations. Could be on forums, YouTube, or elsewhere.

Please stop that. No-one can help you because …

You Are Asking The WRONG Question.

Here’s why …

If you had 3 hotel/condo options to choose from, you’d make your pick within a few minutes. You’d be done, it would be quick and easy.

The reason you are looking at 500 hotel or condo options in Bangkok, Pattaya (or elsewhere) is because you haven’t narrowed down your choices.

“I will show you how to find your ideal place & book within 10-15 minutes.”

90% of doing that has nothing to do with searching online.

The key to finding your ideal place quickly is knowing what you want.

#1 Mistake – Not Having A Plan

That’s the primary reason why people questions such as, “Where should I stay?” and “How long should I stay?“.

You can’t answer those if you don’t know what your game plan is.

Figuratively-speaking, you don’t want to be this guy. Having no plan is the worst kind of plan.

You don’t need to have mapped out every minute detail of your Thailand trip, but you should roughly know why you are visiting … including what you plan on doing.

Plan on going to the Red Light Districts every day?

Want to pull regular Thai girls via online dating?

What about daily routines? Gym, swimming, etc.?

The better you know what you want, the further you can narrow down your choices. Out of the initial 500 options, maybe only 50 are left.

Let’s say you need a gym – that’s one criteria that you can use to filter hotel/condo options. Each criteria is a filter, the more filters = the more you can narrow down your options.

Let me give you a specific example.

Say, a guy comes to Bangkok for a 2 week vacation. He wants to

  • Check out the Red Light Districts on the weekends.
  • Meet & pull regular Thai girls during the week.
  • Go to the gym every day.
  • Have his own kitchen, so he doesn’t have to eat out all the time.
  • Chill at the pool during the day and invite girls over.

I can look at this list and already I see 2 things

1 – Location isn’t super important¬†since he doesn’t plan on going to the bar areas every day. Staying a few minutes away from a train station will be good enough.

2 – An AirBnb condo will be better for bringing home girls (no reception to check in) as opposed to hotels. Also applies if you want your privacy AKA nobody seeing you pull girls.

Plus, having a full kitchen … most hotels rooms don’t have that … any AirBnb condo I’ve stayed at had a kitchen.

Further Narrow Down by

  • BudgetHow much are you willing to spend?
  • AmenitiesNeed a gym in the building? Supermarket, train station or dating spots nearby?

Now you should be left with only a handful of places that match your criteria. Much easier to choose between a few hotel/condos instead of 500.

Time to look at the pictures and reviews … and make the booking.


That’s the process I use for finding a place to stay and it really only comes down to knowing what you want.

A few more things to consider & what I’ve learned having stayed at different locations in Bangkok.

My Newbie Mistakes

If you asked me what’s the #1 thing that will decide how awesome my Thailand trip was when I first came to Thailand – I would’ve said the girls. No questions about it.

What would I answer now?


I’ve experienced it all: loud neighbors, staying in a remote location, construction site outside, supermarket & gym far away … and stray dogs in the side alley to the condo entrance.

Therefore, my number #1 advice would be,

Pay for Invest in quality accommodation.

Save up more money. Skip a massage or go out less often. Whatever you do, don’t get a low quality place just to save money.

When I first came to Thailand,

I was all about staying here for as little as possible. “Hey, look at me, I am living in paradise for less than $800/month.”

My rationale was the less I spend, the longer I can stay.

One of the first condos I’ve rented for a 3 months period was in a remote location (15min walk from train station), but I was happy to have found a nice room at a decent rate.

I was paying 11,500 Baht (that’s around $340) including electricity, water and WiFi for a 20m2 (~215 square feet) room.

It was cheap, but daily commutes became mentally tiring very quickly.

  • Supermarket 10 minutes away.
  • Gym 15 minutes away.
  • At night, I’d sometimes have to wait 10 minutes to see a taxi/motorbike drive by.

The issue wasn’t the costs for taxis or the time, it was more so being on the go for every small thing that became annoying.

“Stay in proximity to where you spend most of your time.”

This common sense advice isn’t very common. Avoid having to take taxis/train as much as possible.

Traffic in Bangkok is the worst; trains are often packed.

Avoid, if possible. MRT & BTS are packed from 6-9PM.

Here’s what I mean.

  • Plan on hanging out at Soi Cowboy/Nana every day? – Stay within walking distance.
  • Want to pick up Thai girls? – Live across the mall (e.g. Terminal 21, Siam Paragon, Union Mall).
  • Care about working out every day? – Have a gym in your building or stay close to a gym.

Common Questions: Answered

How long should I stay?

Again, wrong kind of question. You would first get clear on what you want to do in Thailand and then plan how many days you need (to stay) – not the other way around.

For most – especially first-timers – anything less than 2 weeks will be too brief, a month might be too long where it could become boring. 2-3 weeks seems like a good option.

Can I bring girls?

Most likely, yes. The hotels I recommend are all guest-friendly (no extra charge for 1 girl). None of the AirBnb condos I’ve rented had a reception area.

Only security guards but those usually remember your face within a few days and I have never had any issues bringing girls.

Can I bring hookers to my condo?

You can, but perhaps better (and safer) to rent a room for an hour or so in the Red Light District. Those are called short time room or love hotels.

Laundry, dryer, water dispenser?

If you’re staying at an AirBnb, most likely somewhere in the building. If you stay in a hotel, call room service if you need something cleaned.

Reverse osmosis water filtration is available at most apartment buildings (I’ve stayed at), so you don’t need to go out and buy water daily.

I have more questions/need to ask something specific!

This is where you can make use of my Thailand Guide, which comes with exclusive email support. Any question you might have before or during your trip – I am there to assist you.