What Asian Girls Does King Epic Like?

In a previous video, I was asked which girls I like and whether I could give some examples. So, that’s what I’ll do today.

First, I’ll tell you what I find attractive in girls & then I’ll show you different examples of girls from various of my videos – and point out girls I like, why & whether I’d be willing to spend time or money on them. I will also talk about what I dislike in women & what are some complete turn-offs for me.

I like masculine features. A good example of this would be a small waist/hip – although from an evolutionary standpoint, I should probably be into big butts & hourglass figures. I am just not. Not at all. I am all about a slim waist & a flat stomach with zero fat.

Small Waists I Prefer

None of them look unattractive, but the wide hips are a turn off for me.
Girl #1 is definitely my first choice – narrow hip yet still looks feminine. Girl in the middle might be a bit too slim, #3 is perfect again.

Waist/hip & flat stomach are the main reasons why I always prefer places such as gogo bars where girls are naked & I can see everything right away. A major turn off (perhaps besides saggy boobs) would be belly fat.

Luckily this has never been an issue with online dating in Thailand, but I’ve experienced it when I went to both the Nuru massage & Soapy massage in Bangkok. Girls were dressed very nicely, no signs of fat, but once they got naked their stomach wasn’t completely flat.

They weren’t fat or anything, just not as flat as the girls in the examples shown above.

Tall, or Tiny? It depends.

In regards to height, I have no preference as long as it’s in the normal range. Super tiny where it looks like I am a pedophile with a little girl would be just as much of a problem as a girl that is 6 feet 2.

Tiny and lightweight can be fun & does have it advantages – you can easily lift her up, throw her around in bed. But once I met a few girls like that, the excitement faded. It was more like, “Okay, done that. Was nice.”

There’s a difference between girls that look hot when dressed & the ones that look hot naked. Very rare to find one that scores in both categories.

First girl looks hot dressed but would be too “large” in bed for my taste. Girl #2 is tiny and super hot for bed/when naked, but would probably not stand out when dressed/you see her on the street.

A petite, tiny girl looks hot naked – especially if she has some boobs as well. If she’s wearing hot pants as underwear, it will look perfect. Her ass has just the perfect size & I fully understand why small girls are a turn on for many guys.

Yet …

That same girl will most likely look unspectacular when you see her walking around in public. She is simply tiny and most of her nice features aren’t visible when wearing clothing.

When I look at a girl, I always imagine what she’ll look like naked, not what she looks like dressed. Especially important when planning to pay for a girl.

Square Face VS. Slim Face (Ladyboy Look)

The face is of course very important. I don’t know anyone that doesn’t care about it. I look for 1.) good skin quality 2.) nice teeth 3.) masculine jawline.

It might sound fucking weird that I prefer a masculine jawline – after all, I am into girls, not guys. To illustrate what I mean by “masculine”, look at the following examples.

This is what I mean by “masculine”. A square jawline, not slim like the girls below.
Slim faces. I don’t find them attractive at all – always remind me of Thai ladyboys.

Innocent Girls Are Tempting, But …

On paper, a hot innocent girl sounds like everything you could wish for. In reality, “dealing” with girls that are ACTUALLY inexperienced (not just pretending) is usually a hassle … you gotta play it slow & I personally can’t be bothered putting in too much time.

Equally frustrating are the ones that pretend to be innocent. I can remember at least 2 girls that came over to my place late at night – and then for the next 20 minutes tried to pretend they were here just to talk and watch a movie, but certainly not to get fucked.

C’mon. I know. You know. Why bullshit around? Girls …

The Problem w/ “Less” Perfect Girls

All of this makes me come across as super anal – almost like I’m using a scientific approach to measuring girls … in reality, it’s usually very easy. I instantly know if she’s right or not and if not, then I don’t even waste her or my time.

“Settling” for a less than perfect girl can be okay sometimes – but often times it’s still in the back of my mind that she is not exactly what I wanted. That’s the reason I put a bit more thought & effort into the selection …

Why Aren’t Preferences Universal?

Something I haven’t been able to figure out yet – and I’ve done quite a bit of research – is how preferences generally come about. Shouldn’t every heterosexual man respond to the same visual triggers & find the exact same features attractive?

Sure, the environment we grow up in and are exposed to plays a role but I would still think that the evolutionary part of us would override it all.

Apparently not …

What do you think? What are your preferences & are the similar to mine?

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