Why Not Just Get A Hooker?

This is going to be a highly controversial one. Radical opinion, so to speak.

Have you ever thought about the difference between being with a regular woman versus a working girl (aka hooker)?

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This is something I absolutely love: ponder about opposing opinions, whether they come from friends or I simply read them online.

For myself, what I am really getting from meeting regular girls is Thrill & Validation.

Thrill in that sense that you’re never sure if you’ll get her, how it will end. Oh, and validation, well … that the feeling, that little ego boost you get after sleeping with a new girl. Here’s what I realized though … I actually feel bad after sleeping with normal girls – at least sometimes.

Really, I am thinking to myself, “All that effort, just for that little time in bed? Man, what a waste of time!

Recently, I got intimate with a lovely girl here in Bangkok. It was super easy, super fast. All in all, I’d say less than 30 minutes from meeting to landing in bed.

She was a massage girl & told me that beforehand. No, I didn’t have to pay … but even worse: she slept over. The experience was nice, she was the hottest girl so far & before I would’ve never thought I’d end up in bed with her.

… but you know what, I also had opposing thoughts. Like, I could’ve just gone to her massage parlor, paid 1,500 Baht & gone about my business afterwards. 

Don’t get me wrong, of course it’s only natural & healthy to meet regular women, but at some point it’s worth considering a change.

For example, I know that meeting women always means time & effort – even if all goes as quickly as in the example I mentioned. And the only reason I can justify putting in that time & effort is if I keep her around for longer. That brings me to my point: ONS & quick hook ups are absolutely pointless.

… and for exactly those, hookers are the perfect alternative.

The most common objection I hear from people is saying, “It just doesn’t feel real when you pay for it“. That’s funny, I’ve only ever heard that from guys that have never tried hookers and to expand on that – it depends on what you’re paying for.

Of course, if you’re paying for a 10 minute BJ on a dirty street around the corner, it won’t feel “real” … but a regular encounter (e.g. pulling a freelancer, going to a massage place) will just be if not more fun than a regular girl.

There’s even a service becoming increasingly popular called “girlfriend sex” or GFS for short. Hey, what more could you ask for?

While you’re in the midst of passion & fucking her, you are not suddenly going to pause, think and tell yourself, “I really shouldn’t be enjoying this because I paid for it and it should feel good!” … of course not, you won’t even notice.

The first time I tried this kind of service, I paid $75 for half an hour. Quite a good deal in my opinion.

When Is Paying For Sex Worth The Investment?

Horniness Level 1000+. If there’s no girls you can call up or simply want to experience something else – then hookers are they way to go. The process is time-efficient and as simple as ordering Chinese food. You just go there, pick a girl, and bang her.

Variety / Fetish. Blonde, African American, Latina, Asian, Pornstar, MILF. The entire spectrum. Whatever you are looking for, I can guarantee you it’s available in the world of pay-sex. Depending on where you live, it can be next to impossible to have sex with some type of girl simply because of availability. Some of the hookers I’ve fucked were really hot – to the point where I haven’t ever seen anything comparable in my daily life.

Real World Experience. In my case, this was the main reason I went there the first couple of times. I haven’t had sex, but also saw no point in waiting any longer. The experiences were invaluable for later on when I had sex with actual girls.

It made the process so much more enjoyable and more importantly it helped me feel comfortable in these kinds of situations. I have to admit though that before I had my first hooker, I also struggled with the idea of doing it. Does it mean I am a loser if I pay for sex? Eventually I got over my ego and just did it. Nowadays, I totally enjoy it.

Porn / Masturbation Alternative. I am sure some guys will lynch me for this advice arguing that it will take away all the motivation. Here’s my take on it: I am not a fan of watching porn, nor masturbation.

Both can be – depending on your current life situation – very destructive habits. On the other hand, there’s no denying that we all have the need for intimacy and sex. So, why not get the real deal – actual human contact – instead of jerking off to online porn? To me it sounds like a way better alternative.

What’s The Point Of Pursuing Girls?

The main benefit of meeting, dating and sleeping with girls is that you’re saving a whole lot of money along the way. No, just kidding of course. You could actually argue that the opposite is the case if you convert the time it takes on average to sleep with a girl to money.

When you can have sex so easily, why would anyone still go through the struggle and hit up babes in clubs or on the streets? Two very powerful benefits: Meaning & Emotion.

The entire process of dating can be a challenge where you are dealing with all sorts of obstacles, emotional up’s and down’s and you’ll never know for sure if you’re going to seal the deal. That makes it exciting and a great catalyst for personal growth. You never know which girl you are going to get next.

When you’ve finally slept with a girl, you’re starting to interpret the situation. What does this mean? It probably means I am an attractive guy, I am desired, and so on. All that makes you feel good about yourself. Your self image goes up one point. No hooker in the world can provide this – it’s only through your own effort that you’ll reap these kinds of rewards.

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