Thailand – Go Where You Are Treated Best

If you’re going to Thailand, then I like you.

Not because I actually know you & think you’re a great guy but simply because for me indulging in the Thailand nightlife scene stands for one philosophy more than any other:

Go Where You Are Treated Best

Maybe this is an idea you’ve already heard about.

I’d say it’s pretty damn impossible for someone to be a Thailand guy, enjoy nightlife, pay for play and at the same time be very narrow-minded.

The fact that you’re doing all these things already implies that you are looking beyond the borders of your own country to see what options are out there.

You take into account all possible options and pick the one best suited for you. You Go Where You Are Treated Best.

The reason why I say Thailand is the 1st … or one of the pillars is because it is. You can apply the ‘Go where you are treated best‘ – concept to most areas of life.

Say Thailand is your go to place for women, dating & sex but then it’s perhaps not a good place to own property and you do that somewhere else – most likely in your home country. Same applies to where you have your residency & pay taxes and all other areas of life.

Perhaps you’ve heard of all of this already. What I just mentioned are all key elements of something called the ‘Flag Theory’ – a key element of the PT philosophy.

PT = Perpetual Traveler … that term doesn’t necessarily imply that you travel a lot. It simply means you live where you are treated best. That could mean low costs of living, or no income tax … or in the case of Thailand simply great options in terms of sex & dating.

I’ve always found the idea of – let’s call it ‘internationalizing’ your life very interesting. Especially relevant in today’s world where things are changing so quickly that your best option is to stay flexible at all times.

You gotta be able to change what you are doing at the drop of a hat – and you can’t be attached to what you are doing. It’s always important to re-evaluate your options on a regular basis.

For example, right now Thailand is something I enjoy. I have a great time. It’s best for me right now, but maybe at some point in the future that might not be the case anymore. Maybe it will … who knows?

Maybe 5 years from now all of this is history. Maybe the people in charge decide, ‘Oh well, we’re gonna clean up this place. We want to be the new Singapore. Let’s shut down all the sleazy nightlife places, enforce existing laws and make Thailand a destination for wealthy individuals and investors.’

… and should that ever happen, you can’t desperately try to hold onto it, you have to quickly look at what other options are available – otherwise it’s like staying in a bad relationship for way to long just because it’s comfortable.

Speaking of holding onto things – what have you been holding on to?

I know for myself, it was only when I went from watching all these videos to actually going to Thailand that all these things changed …

If you’re a rational, analytical person like myself – let me tell you the ROI you get from going to Thailand and experiencing nightlife is like none other.

You might think ‘Oh, but it’s gonna cost me money.’ Yeah, it will but what you get in return over the course of your lifetime is so incredible that I dare say you’re a complete idiot if you’re not going there at least once.

… and what you get depends on a variety of factors. Maybe you’re like ‘Fuck. This is amazing. I don’t care about about women at home anymore.

I just focus on business, making money & career at home and then go to Thailand a few times per year and bang my brains out’ … and boom – now you suddenly make more money, you are more focused and enjoy life more than ever before.

Of course, if you decide to do that, the women at home would all spiral into a deep depression now that you – that 10/10 – are not on the market anymore.

You get the idea. There’s way more one gets out of Thailand that what you see on the surface. It changes you in so many ways.

‘There’s more to it than meets the eye.’