60-Year-Old Visits Bangkok Happy Ending Massage

Let’s call him Frank.

Frank and I had already exchanged more than a dozen emails before his visit to Bangkok.

He had stated specifically what he wanted to do during his relatively short visit (2 days only) and I had laid out a plan.

Specifically, which guest-friendly hotel to book, some of my favorite massage parlors, and gogo bars that would cater to his (very unique) taste.

The only minor change we had to make was in regards to the guest-friendly hotel. Let’s just say instead of luxury hotel A, we had to opt for an alternative just 5 minutes away.

Both were of course guest-friendly and in a great location. The first option had already been fully booked.

Anyway, here’s his brief Thailand Trip Report.

Bangkok Day 1

Hi King Epic,

I’m in Bangkok now, and wanted to wish you HAPPY BIRTHDAY and give you a report on my day 1.

On the plane, I read and listened to everything you’ve provided with the guide.

This afternoon, I headed out to get a Nuru massage, something I had never heard of before reading your Bangkok Cheatsheet.

I looked for “Teen Heaven ” but only could find “Dream Heaven” massage at Soi 33.

I did exactly as you recommended requesting to see all of the girls before committing to anything. Not being thrilled with any of them, the mama-san called in one more who was very cute.

She was the one for me.

I’ve attached her picture; both the one I took and the one she wanted me to have.

She was very sweet, full of smiles and tried her best to communicate in English.

Her body is magnificent and she knows how to use it with the Nuru gel. While she was stimulating me, I was stimulating her with my fingers.

She convincingly seemed to enjoy it.

As matters proceeded to a crescendo (seemingly for both of us) she asked me if I wanted to have sex with her or a hand job. I opted for the former.

She had two condoms with her.

The first one broke as she was putting it on my very thick cock. The second one was able to be fitted, but as you have forewarned, it was really too tight and caused me to lose my erection during intercourse.

So we went back to the Nuru activity and both came. If you decide to visit her, tell her your friend from Chiang Mai recommended her.

Per your advice, I told her that I lived and worked in Chiang Mai so that she would be extra nice to me.

Tonight I’m gonna check out Nana Plaza.

Thanks for sharing your Thai life with the rest of us grateful heathens!

Bangkok Day 2

Today, my last day in Bangkok, I tried to get into Health Land Asoke, as you recommended. But it was fully booked all day beyond the time I fly out of here.

Unexpected Happy Ending?

So I was referred to Spirit of Spa at the Novotel hotel and had a wonderful two hour massage experience.

1 hour of a lemongrass oil aroma massage with a happy ending, followed by a very very intense 1 hour traditional Thai massage.

The happy ending part of it was a surprise.

She had me wearing a skimpy underwear, which I decided was getting in the way of her strokes.

I asked her whether it was OK to remove.

She consented.

Her strokes got closer and closer with light touching. Out of the blue she asked whether I wanted a massage “there” pointing.

I said yes and it happened. She let me take her shirt and bra off while she was massaging and with encouragement climbed up on the table for some mutual massaging.

Though my cock hasn’t had such a workout over two days since college, I’ll be reliving in my mind this King Epic Bangkok experience while it recovers for more future adventures.

Thanks for all of your dedication and helpfulness to us uninitiated.

King Epic Comments

I hope any aspiring Thailand traveler over the age of 40 reads this. Too often, I get asked, ‘Am I too old for Thailand already?’

While I have previously dedicated an entire video to answer that question, it’s worth discussing again.

Is anyone too old for Thailand? Short Answer: NO.

Long Answer: If you think you are too old, then you are!

I have had guys as old as 80 years email me questions about their Thailand monger trip!

Based on observation, I’d say the average beer bar visitor is 40+. The average age of guys going to gogo bars might be lower but it’s not uncommon to see older guys there as well.

The same applies to nightclubs and freelancer discos.

However, the most important thing to understand is that …


Literally, nobody cares and you won’t feel out of place hanging out with young, attractive Thai girls.

I admit that anywhere else in the world (particularly Western countries), it would look a bit odd to see an older gentleman with a very young women.

People would give you a perplexed look; some would stare.

In Thailand, that’s 100% not the case. It’s so common, that it’s almost the norm.

Pack Your Condoms …

I’ve said it many times before.

If you don’t follow this simple advice, you might ruin your entire sexual/Happy Ending experience in Thailand.

There’s nothing worse than a condom that doesn’t fit well, is too tight or breaks during intercourse.

For whatever reason, the locally-available condoms (even though Durex brand) aren’t high quality. They are very small and break easily.

I’ve scouted dozens of pharmacies, drug and convenience stores. (See hidden camera clip below; included in my Thailand Guide.)

The selection is very limited (about 5 different brands/sizes) – biggest size is 56mm nominal width.

Bring your own condoms to Thailand – and bring enough of them!