Thailand Travel – Plan B (Nightlife Alternatives)

What’s up, King Epic here!

As you probably know, there have been some changes in regards to nightlife after the passing of the King.

Now, depending on when you watch this video – either recently or months after it was published – you might or might not be affected by those changes.

In any way, I wanted to provide somewhat timeless information in this video – alternatives to the regular nightlife that you can depend on in case things go south or you are simply looking for a different avenue to meet girls.

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Thailand Substances I Use (Cheap & Legal)

What’s up guys, King Epic here!

If you’ve been following my¬†channel for a while, you know that I do things a little bit differently here. I am all about having fun & making the best out of your trip, but I also like to go beyond the surface.

… and by that, I practically mean 2 things:

  • Amplifying positive experiences
  • Minimizing negative ones

Okay, practical example, so you’ll understand what I mean.

Let’s say you are going out, you drink but feel down after a few drinks – the good feelings are gone, the next day you experience a massive hang over & don’t even feel like going out at all. You just stay in your room all day.

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My Worst Nuru Massage in Bangkok

The absolute worst experience – not only bad – but definitely a scam and borderline theft. Wow, you need to be warned.

When I left the massage place yesterday, I was in rage. I wanted revenge & tell everybody about this shitty place!

But then I took a step back, asked myself if my anger was justified. I am in the heat of emotions, is it right to put down this massage place, potentially ruin their reputation online, cause a loss of business?

I really thought about this … and pondered for a few days before I started making this video.

Simply because I did NOT want this to be a review where I am led by emotions, perhaps saying things I would regret later or that are exaggerated. The goal was to calm down & be as objective as possible.

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