Bangkok Review – Inside Facts, Experiences & Thai Girls

While it’s impossible to capture the entire experience in written form, this is attempt to highlight the best moments, memorable occurrences and lay down the facts.

Period: April 14th – May 5th

Toward the end, staying for 21 days seemed a bit too long. 2 weeks might have been the sweet spot. When I went to Pattaya in January, I only stayed for 5 days and it felt too short – this time I overshot the mark.

Costs: ~1466€
  • Flight: 518.02€
  • Travel Insurance: 29.99€
  • Accommodation: 518€
  • Other: ~400€

The amount of money spent seems a lot, but when I consider the amount of experiences made (especially the sex), then I am happy with the investment. Finding a centrally-located condo at a good price was the biggest challenge and while I’ve switched accommodation 2 times during my stay, I never felt that it was actually worth the money.

Videos Published: 6

Shooting videos was a pleasure – especially with the new camera that I’ve invested in just days before going on my trip. The Qumox SJ4000 really is a great alternative to the more expensive and popular GoPro.

What I like about this tiny piece is that I can easily carry it in my pocket and use it in a variety of ways to record hidden camera footage. Bigger cameras and even smartphones aren’t suitable for this purpose.

Oh, yeah, and while I didn’t like the fish-eye lens initially it turned out to be great for filming infield action.

Thai Girls: 11

Great experiences with all of them, especially when it comes to escalating sexually. After my first pull didn’t end in sex, I decided to not waste time anymore and bring every single girl I meet during the day straight to my room. Out of 14 times, it worked 11 times and only 3 girls didn’t have sex with me.

1 of them had already planned to go out and was dressed up, another one had to leave early cause she had to work the next day.

Massive, massive learning experiences right here. First off all, it was amazing to see how much is actually possible. Before Thailand, I would’ve thought about having an actual date, getting to know each other and once we both feel comfortable going in for the kiss and sex thereafter.

Looking back, I am still a bit baffled that it’s possible that quickly. Three of the girls actually said that they can’t have sex before they feel comfortable and know somebody for a longer time, but still ended up having sex with me.

Risking rejection and just going for it was what I was most proud about myself. I read each situation and responded to the girl’s needs. None of the girls were “easy”, fully-aroused or dropped their pants once they entered the condo. They were regular girls and one of them was actually a bit shy and reserved, yet I still made it happen.

The Not-So-Good

I’ve found that once I had proved to myself that I could get girls, it seemed to be a waste of time to continue this path. Sex is fun but the process is something I don’t enjoy and distracts a lot from more important areas such as health, fitness and business.

No question, every girl was lovely and nice – probably better than most women in any western country. However, the moment fucking was over and after a couple of minutes of cuddling, I just wanted to be left alone and continue with my personal stuff.

Ironically, after fucking more girls than ever, I am now more in favor of paying for sex. Having slept with 13 “regular” girls and probably the same amount of hookers, I can’t find major differences. Sex feels the same and is definitely less complicated with prostitutes.

Whether it’s a good girl or hooker, bad experiences are unavoidable and part of life.

My Top 4 Moments in Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok is a vibrant, international city that never really sleeps. Alright, before midday there’s not much going on, but from then on things usually turn crazy. There’s many memorable moments – here are the highlights of my 3 week stay in Thailand’s capital.

1. Transsexual Porn Actress – After my first night out, I couldn’t be bothered spending money on a taxi and decided to wait until the underground starts running again at 6am. Needless to say, there were still plenty of hookers on the streets and I happened to watch a fat Aussie guy arguing with a bunch of bar girls and their mamasan.

Standing there by myself, I was the perfect victim for ladyboys and their pushy attempt to sell sex services. There’s always the odd ladyboy that is rude and actually physically aggressive and this was the case here too. However, the boss of this group seemed pretty nice.

A very sexy and nice girl (yes, girl with dick) – half Thai, half Russian. She offered to give me a ride home if I were to fuck her. I politely declined.

2. 50 Year Old Israeli – Just a couple hours earlier, I was watching people in front of Nana Plaza and noticed the guy next to me recording the entire scene. He started chatting me up by warning about ladyboys and eventually get got talking and walked around in the area. Some of the places we went to were pretty interesting you know, cheap hourly hotels and places for sex and quality girls (at discount prices).

He’s an avid traveller and has been to Bangkok for the first time 15 years ago and had lots of inside knowledge to offer. One of the rather interesting places was a bar in the basement filled with young girls working as freelancers (part-time prostitutes) catering to (mainly) Japanese men. During my first visit, I was confused because the girls weren’t working for the bar but were all standing in one line.

The waiter confirmed that these were regular girls looking for some extra cash, “You pay them to make you feel good.”

3. Ladyboys – They definitely deserve an article on their own because when you’re in Bangkok, you can avoid getting in contact with ladyboys. There’s so many on the streets and most of them are quite aggressive in their approach. Probably the weirdest moments were whenever I saw a guy my age (in his twenties) go with a ladyboy.

This isn’t something I would try sexually – although I am very open for most heterosexual. Some ladyboys are incredibly, incredibly hot – I am talking about 10/10.  The sad thing is whenever you see a really hot girl, it usually is a man.

When asked, many say they are a lady. “No, I am a lady…. lady with dick.”

4. Girl Needs Taxi Money – When I went out clubbing, I got drunk for the first time in about a decade. It was a fun experience, but not something I would repeat in the future. When the clubs closed down, we were all standing outside talking shit to a bunch of girls.

One girl seemed semi-interested but really drunk, but both my friends that talked to her were out of action – due to a painful STD and too much alcohol. They hinted that she wanted to bang and suggested I take the girl. So, I lifted her up and carried her to the next taxi, all while asking whether or not she was a hooker.

I wouldn’t have asked this hadn’t we been to a club that is know for being filled with hookers.

That question made her angry and it seemed to ruin things, or so I thought. I walked away and she asked me to come back and got in a taxi with me. Arriving at my place, she asked for 300 bath (~8€) in the morning for the taxi ride home. Since I had just fucked another girl hours before, I felt cocky enough to decline and walk away.

A similar scene happened on my second night clubbing. I took a girl out of the club, she offered to give me a ride home but wanted to make a “deal” once we were in the car. I wasn’t willing to pay anything and walk away here too.

From sleeping security personnel to a girl squirting in my shower – there’s more things that happened, but I reserve these moments for another time.

Thank You, ThaiFriendly – 5 Days, 5 Tight Pussies

Online dating works – especially if you’re in Bangkok, Thailand. I doubt that the absolute hottest girls will ever be found online, but there’s still plenty of really cute girls available.

Most of them don’t party, drink or smoke. They are nice to fuck and in my experience look at least half a decade younger than they actually are.

Before coming across ThaiFriendly, I have had 4 dates and slept with 2 girls … in all my life.

No question, online dating takes effort as well, but I’ve found it to be more efficient than going out several hours a night (including the costs and hangover).

Thai girl I met via ThaiFriendly (I filmed the date 😉

One week in Bangkok was enough to experience what would have otherwise taken me years or decades. The process that I’ve used is as straight-forward and aggressive as it gets. If there’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s wasting time on uninterested women or boring dates.

The Preparation

ThaiFriendly can be used with a free account, but comes with severe limitations. You are only able to send a message every 10 minutes and popular girls can’t be contacted at all. This is a surefire way of wasting your time and dabbling around.

Seriously, if you’re not willing to invest $25 for a premium account, don’t even get started. It’s too much effort and a pain in the ass, but feel free to disregard my warning and find out yourself.

Compare the costs to an average night out (cover, drinks, taxi) and you’ll realize what an amazing deal it actually is. The 14 day refund policy would even allow you to meet girls for 2 weeks and then get all of your money back!

In addition, a few things are recommended to maximize your success getting laid off ThaiFriendly.

  • 1 Good Profile Picture
  • Solid Profile Text (see below)
  • Smartphone App “LINE
  • Centrally-located Hotel/Room/Condo (Optional)

Creating The Profile

Beyond anything else, the profile picture is the determining factor in online dating. It’s better to use one quality picture than a couple of lousy ones. I have used a candid photo where I am wearing a shirt and the body is visible from head to waist.

ThaiFriendly offers space to add customized text to your profile page and I recommend using it wisely. The majority of girls I’ve slept with clearly stated that they were looking for a serious relationship, not fun.

My guess is that writing anything that indicates you’re only looking for fun in your profile doesn’t resonate well with these kind of girls. Of course, this doesn’t mean they are not up for fun when you meet them.

The profile text I’ve used was pretty conservative and minimalistic.

  • Thai Food + Sunshine = Perfect
  • I am ONLY meeting Thai people. Interested in learning about the country an culture.

Messaging Girls

The premium account allows for unlimited messages to be sent, and that’s the first thing I used as leverage. Light-hearted and funny copy and paste messages work remarkably well. At times, it felt like I had a 90% response rate.

Again, as an opener, I sticked to something simplistic.

  • You look so cute 🙂 If I can’t marry you, please tell me you have a twin sister. 🙂

This message worked so well because it doesn’t ask for anything and interested girls can easily reply with a simple “lol” or “haha”. Once I get a response, I know it’s on and ask for their contact information. This works in most cases, but certainly prevents wasting time on meaningless chit-chat.

Most girls are very polite and correct, so I made an attempt to do the same. Teasing, wit or anything that doesn’t go well with basic English is a no-go.

The follow-up message, thus would look like the following.

  • Nice to meet you.
  • Do you use Line? My ID is …

Nearly all girls in Thailand have Line on their phones, it’s the equivalent of WhatsApp. As a response to my message, girls would then either send me their LINE ID or add me right away. Only in rare cases did I not get a response at all.

The rest is mainly a matter of doing a bit of chatting and constantly pushing for the meet up. Interestingly enough, the girls that I met up with were mostly girls that decided to came spontaneously and not the ones I had already chatted with for a couple of days.


Use Premium, date & hook up with Thai girls for 2 weeks. After that, keep your membership or simply get your money back. No risk on your side, no questions asked. Sign up here!

Location Is Everything

Every single meetup with girls from TF unfolded the exact same way. I would arrange a meetup at a public place (metro station), then suggest to go somewhere quiet with a nice view. I never mentioned that it was my place we were going to, but suspect that some of the girls knew already.

For the first 2 dates, I actually planned on sitting on the rooftop, but while in the elevator thought to myself, “Fuck it, I’ll just bring her to my room. Either I’ll fuck her, or she leaves, but I won’t waste time.” I offered water, put on some music and talked while I slowly started to touch them. Eventually every date ended in sex.

In the past, I’ve been guilty of playing it too slow, so this time I decided to push the envelope and see what’s possible. 5 lays in 5 days and all of them instantly, during daytime and on the first date – not bad. It just proves that the usual bullshit such as coffee or drinks can be skipped – if you don’t like it.

The sex location close or at least well-connected to popular meetup places was important. I don’t know if the same results had been possible, had my place been further away.

Who Is It For?

ThaiFriendly is a great way of lining up dates even before you arrive in the country, and the number one tool I recommend for people that are shy about approaching girls during the day or in clubs. Given you have a solid profile, the entire thing starts to run on autopilot.

Every week, I would get dozens of messages from girls that randomly came across my profile and were interested. There’s so many new girls signing up every day that supply of pussy is almost unlimited. This is the reason I would never spend too much time on one woman, but rather do things in bulk.

The whole process can even be taken a step further and outsourced entirely to the point where a virtual assistant does all the messaging and you only meet and fuck the girls. I haven’t pushed it to such an extreme, but it’s definitely something that would work.

ThaiFriendly Sex – My 100% Strategy For Getting Laid

Update – December 16, 2016!

This ThaiFriendly review was initially written in March 2015. I am happy to confirm that all strategies below are still accurate. I have used the site again during a short Bangkok stay just a few weeks ago & was able to replicate previous results: 3 dates, 3 lays.

Laying 11 girls off ThaiFriendly in roughly 2 weeks in a nice feat. And while there’s always a next level, I consider myself pretty experienced when it comes to online dating. More importantly, I made plenty of mistakes that was able to learn from and now use the new understanding to improve the entire dating process.

I can see how I would come across as pushy regarding the premium membership at ThaiFriendly. No question, I AM pushy about this. The rationale is that I dabbled around with the free account and never got anywhere – it’s probably my biggest regret to date. The frustrations dealing with the many limitations and the waste of time could easily cause people to give up entirely.

The premium membership on the other hand allows you to send unlimited messages to ANY girl you find online. For 3 weeks, you are able to test everything and if you don’t enjoy the features – get a refund. This is the perfect way of sending copy and paste messages in bulk.

To be specific, I am talking about 80+ messages at a time and receiving and equally amount of phone numbers in return – on any given day!

Messaging 101

What you write in your messages and the way you communicate with girls is obviously the determining factor of whether or not you’ll end up on a date or just waste a lot of time chatting to a random female online.

Using copy and paste messages is an absolute must if you want to meet and bang lots of women. Crafting personalized messages or trying to approach every single girl from a different angle surely works but it’s too big of an investment in my opinion. Most girls that are open to a date and interested in you will not care much about that anyway and respond to standardized messages just as well.

As long as the copy and paste message is not something stupid as “Hi, how are you?“, you are good to go and even that works in some cases. In a previous post, I’ve alluded already which messages I use to bait girls.

The same way I don’t use personalized messages, I would drop any kind of wit, humor or teasing. Most girls won’t get it anyway and some will misinterpret and find it offensive. Unless it’s obvious that the girl has superior English skills (rarely the case), it’s a total no-go.

I’ve messed up things that way with at least one cute girl that was eager to meet up – only because I made what I thought was a funny remark. She didn’t understand the joke and is probably pissed off to this day.

However, since we’re talking about human interaction, at some point one of the girls will be pissed off or angry. It doesn’t matter whose mistakes it was, if I want to bang this chick, I will apologize and say that I was wrong and understand her point of view.

I tried defending my standpoint initially, but this never worked out well. The only exception to this is if the girl is a genuine bitch in which case I wouldn’t waste any time and block her.

For reasons unknown to mankind, girls would occasionally not reply or respond in any way to my messages. Initially, I thought the signal was very clear. No response means no interest. However, for the hell of it, I just continued sending one or two additional messages and the girls started responding again.


Use Premium, date & hook up with Thai girls for 2 weeks. After that, keep your membership or simply get your money back. No risk on your side, no questions asked. Sign up here!

I am not quite sure what the reason for unresponsiveness is, perhaps they forget to respond or are busy at the time of reading the message. Honestly, I don’t really care because the lesson here is to continue messaging a girl – even after she doesn’t respond to the first or second message.

As soon as a girl responds to a message on TF, it’s important to get her contact information and take the conversation elsewhere – ideally to LINE. Continuing to chat on ThaiFriendly, you’ll just be one of many guys, but on her LINE, you are now shortlisted. If she wants to continue chatting on TF, it usually leads nowhere and is a huge drain to your time.

Most importantly, checking the girl’s pictures – on TF and Line – reduce the chances of a bad surprise. Meeting with a girl that you don’t want to bang is ultimate failure and a waste of your and the girl’s time.

Let’s be honest, girls take pictures all the time and are good at it. They know how to get the angle right and maximize whatever their physical strength is. Often times, when I don’t like one of her pictures, I think twice about meeting her.

Making Sex Happen

Usually, getting to meet the girl is pretty forward and in most cases, it happens pretty quickly. Many of the girls I’ve slept with only started chatting with me on the same day.

Right upon meeting, the first thing that was new to me was to not shake hands, kiss the girl on the cheeks or doing anything of physical nature. It was a bit weird when I still did this on the first couple of dates until I was kindly reminded that, “This is Thailand“. People don’t usually shake hands here and when you meet a girl it’s absolutely unnecessary. You can do it, but it’s probably more weird than helpful.

After meeting her, the biggest mistake is thinking she is not interested and thus not trying to have sex. This is a mistake I have made many times in the past and a lot of men still make to this day – making the decision for the girl! They say, “Oh, I don’t think she would like that!“, instead of just finding out whether or not she is up for it.

This is never an excuse and I’ve had some valuable experiences related to this. Some of the girls seemed very reserved and not excited at all when we first met, yet I still took them straight to my room and had sex. At least 3 girls said that they won’t have sex with me and need to know somebody better before getting intimate. Needless to say, I banged all of them, mouthf*cked one and made another squirt and scream in the shower.

Ironically, it was the girl that was the most resistant that ended up going out of control and screaming so hard that for anyone walking past my condo, it would’ve been difficult to figure out whether she was screaming for pleasure or getting raped.

Spending time on boring dates – think coffee or getting drinks – is rarely necessary and I would rather lose the girl by being to forward than waste time and money on stupid dates. Unless you genuinely enjoy spending time with them, bring them straight to your room or a place where you can have sex.

Common Obstacles + Solutions

Don’t find the girl attractive? – Well, there’s multiple ways to handle such a situation. I am a nice guy and wouldn’t just leave the girl waiting had I seen her from the distance already and know that I don’t like her. When I make plans to meet up, then I will do exactly that. The radically honest way would be telling her that it’s not a fit right after meeting her. The second best solution is spending a bit of time with her and then letting her know that you have to leave at a specific time. No heartbreaks here.

Girl wants to sleep over after sex. – Mostly, I would meet girls around 8pm, so after sex it would usually be 10pm and many girls assumed sleeping at my place was self-evident. Despite banging lots of different girls, I still want to make each one feel better off after the encounter. I will cuddle afterwards and let some of the girl even sleep at my place.

I had to “kick out” one girl pretty quickly because I had made plans to meet with a friend the same night. Afterwards, she told me that she felt bad about the experience and thus I invited her over again and let her sleep over. Yes, that’s how nice I am.

Dealing with a situation like this is different with every girl. One way is to just ask whether you should bring her to the MRT/BTS station or she will take a taxi, or you can simply mention that at X time, you need to leave because you have an appointment. If I didn’t have any other plans for the night and liked the girl, I would let her stay.

Success Mindset

Really, as long as a girl still responds, she isn’t out of reach. Thinking you can’t bang a certain girl is a limiting belief and over time, experience will teach you otherwise. Plenty of girls that I slept with, initially, I didn’t even think I would ever meet up with any of them. I really can’t stress this enough: don’t limit yourself thinking any girl is out of reach!

The only reason to stop pursuing a girl is if you’re not interested anymore, she is too much of an effort for your taste or just a pain in the ass. You will miss out on a lot of hot pussy, thinking she is too hot or unattainable – while she is still responding to your messages.

3 Bonus Tips

Bring condoms. Plenty and the right size. On more than one occasion I ran out of condoms and couldn’t fuck the girl another time. Also, condom sizes in Bangkok are rathery small for Westerners and even bigger sized “comfort” versions were to tight and a HUGE, FUCKING pain in the ass to put on.

Condoms that are too tight easily cut off blood flow to a certain extend and then maintaining an erection becomes an issue. The condoms you get at 7-11 or similar stores are only up to 56mm in nominal width – the biggest ones! I would recommend heading to Tesco Lotus or Bic see to find a size that fits you.

Girls asking for additional pictures was a common theme. Obviously the best way is to have multiple great pictures uploaded and avoid this issue altogether. In my case, I only had a great profile picture and nothing else. Many girls asked for additional pictures when we chatted on Line, but I always ignored their request. On occasion, I would say I send it later and then just forget about it on purpose. I don’t think it’s about the picture per se, it’s more about trust and this can easily be established by handing out your phone number.

Handing out your phone number is a great way of establishing trust. On many occasions the girl asked for additional pictures, yet after she called me and we had talked on the phone, sending pictures was out of question and we would just meet for the date. It’s easy to understand that girls asks for pictures. They’re concerned about being scammed or that there’s actually an old pervert sitting behind the screen – and not the hot guy she can see in the picture.