Mongering for productivity’s sake?

You HAVE TO pay for girls if you want to be successful & productive in life. That’s a bold statement!

At least in theory dating girls & being productive could be done at the same time. There’s enough hours in the day to be productive and have some time for meeting girls.

In theory, yes.

Practice looks quite different and I have NEVER seen a guy that has been able to pull that off – dating & being successful at the same time.

It’s always an either or situation (and decision). Either you do a lot of dating and don’t get ahead in life or you commit to productivity.

Don’t take my word for it. Look around. Successful people you know. There’s a high probability that either they have a girlfriend/wife or do a variation of pay for play.

There are many variations of pay for play – some of which might not be obvious to an outsider.

It’s not always pay X amount for service XYZ. It could also be a scenario in which the girl is with the guy for the lifestyle or some other non-monetary benefits. Same thing in my opinion. Whether I am paying you money to be with me or simply pay for your holiday – there is a difference but it’s not that big.

The one thing you don’t see successful people do is spend their time swiping left and right on Tinder.

Successful People Know The TRUE PRICE of “Free Dating”

It’s an understanding that the average person doesn’t have. The average person doesn’t look beyond the surface of things.

Such a person sees a successful guy maybe paying girls to be his travel girlfriends and gives him shit. “Loser! Has to pay for it!”

However, that guy knows being less productive would cost him 10x what he’s paying for the girl. In that sense, yes, he has to pay for girls otherwise he wouldn’t be able to be so successful and focused.

I don’t consider myself to be super successful by any standard but I see the same pattern with myself.

Any time I decide to do a bit of dating (online, say Tinder) I am glued to my phone for most of the day. Constantly checking messages and “managing” girls, so to speak.

That’s during the day, even at night time. Lying in bed, 1AM might as well check messages perhaps a girl wants to come over … and so slowly dating creeps into every aspect of life.

You’re out and about … checking Line or WhatsApp or Tinder. You’re at the gym, might as well check phone during sets.

Of course, this doesn’t only apply to me. Anyone I know (friend, acquaintance) that does dating; the exact same pattern of behavior take place. Constantly on the phone, almost as if managing girls is a full-time job.

I see this with other people and then I become that person myself. Next thing you know, productivity suffers … severely.

That’s when I usually reach a threshold at which I completely cut out dating for days/weeks to focus on work. I have never seen a guy that was able to successfully juggle both domains … but perhaps that guy exist.

Time is not the problem. The problem is the emotional investment. The ups & downs that come with dating that kill your productivity. If you say that you’re not affected by any of this, then you’re emotionally-dead or the girls you’re dating don’t excite you.

Everyone’s effected to a degree. Say you meet a girl that is 100% your type. Of course you’re effected by whether or not she’ll meet with you, responds, etc.

Trying to live a dating lifestyle & maintaining productivity is similar to trying to build muscle and lose fat at the same time. In theory that’s possible but most people will be better of focusing on one or the other.

So I think everyone has a different motif for the choices he makes in life but before you look down on someone paying for certain adult-related services, maybe take a look at yourself.

Would you be able to do it all at the same time?


If you decide to immerse yourself in your business or a project … and you decide not to have a girlfriend or wife … what are your alternatives? Jerking off for a month straight? Of course not. Any guy that has the opportunity will go to a massage place occasionally or a similar venue.

The only guys that say they wouldn’t are the ones that don’t have the opportunity. If I’m living in Siberia or North Korea, of course it’s easy for me to look down on these guys and be a smartass.

The other thing is that many guys – especially if their in the public eye – will not admit to doing pay for play because then they’d be an easy target for mainstream media. So they play a role or just say what people want to hear. “I’m in love … girlfriend … wife” while the reality is a rotation of girls, escorts, etc.