How To Spot A Thai Ladyboy (While Drunk)

It’s not that difficult. That’s the good news. Still, the most commonly asked question – both on my YouTube channel & via email, “How do I spot a ladyboy?” … followed by a plethora of fears, including but not limited to the guy that

  • doesn’t approach a girl fearing she might be a ladyboy
  • won’t even come to Thailand because the ladyboysituation” is too confusing

Jesus, is it really that confusing? Seriously.

Fair enough, when your Thailand experience is limited to watching YouTube videos, this is an understandable fear. You see all these “girls” … and don’t whether it’s okay to get aroused or better to just distract you penis’ attention for a while.

Don’t you get excited, little friend! She has a d***!“,

your internal conversation. Hey, I’ll admit, there are instances when I talk to a girl – live & up close – and still don’t know if she’s a proper female.

However, keep in mind, that’s a super rare case. Like 1/100 interactions. Most times when I get asked the question about girls in my videos, it’s very apparent.

I can easily tell from their body language, looks & behavior. In real life, it’s even easier because you have additional criteria to rely on …

1. Height

Most Thai girls aren’t tall – so if you come across one that is towering most other Thai girls … chances are that she is actually a he.

Just like any other visual cue, it’s not foolproof, but a good starting point nonetheless.

If she’s taller or the same height as many foreign guys around – the chances of you looking at a ladyboy just increased astronomically.

2. Sexual Aggression

It’s rare to come across a Thai (working) girl that really gets all touchy & doesn’t even let go after a few seconds.

With many ladyboys, that’s the norm – even if you’re just walking outside of red light areas. They might grab you, talk dirty with a level of aggression which I haven’t experienced with regular Thai girls.

3. Adam’s Apple

Yes, you can have it surgically removed, but if it’s still in place … that’s a tell-tale.

4. Voice

This one is really, really hard to describe with words … and it doesn’t always apply. However, in most cases the voice can be your last resort when everything else has failed you.

Okay, when it’s really deep & manly, you already know anyway. That’s not the case with most ladyboys though. In most instances, the voice sounds rather “gayish“.

I don’t mean to offend gay people, but in my opinion, that’s what it sounds like. If you were to do a “stereotypical gay voice” … that’s another sign, it’s a ladyboy.


Although if you only find out by now, it might already be too late. Let’s say operation was done (no penis), all other criteria don’t match those of a ladyboy … yet you’re still unsure. You’re getting intimate, but you’re still skeptical.

First, if that’s the case, what the hell are you doing in bed if you don’t feel comfortable? Just pass & find another girl …

Secondly, the one thing you can’t fake … well, can you guess? A guy can’t fake a boner, so what’s the equivalent with girls?

That’s right, even a post-op ladyboy won’t get wet & that’s your way of finding out for sure (if you dare). Just make sure she/he (this gets confusing) doesn’t go to the bathroom and applies water to trick you …

Ladyboy Spotting For Beginners

Alright, now that you’ve just learned about some of the ways to spot a ladyboy – let’s do a little test!

Stay right here, scroll down slowly … and tell me which 2 pictures contain ladyboys?

Live & up close. Ladyboy or not?
Live & up close. Ladyboy or not?
Alright, this one should be easy.
Alright, this one should be easy.
Very cute girl, or is she?
Very cute girl, or is she?
Can you tell here?
Can you tell here?
In front of 7-Eleven. Should you be tempted?
In front of 7-Eleven. Should you be tempted?
Lovely, but is she a girl?
Lovely, but is she a girl?
What's the case here? Black dress, green top.
What’s the case here? Black dress, green top.

Well, that was easy, wasn’t it? The answer is the 2nd and last picture show ladyboys!

Great job, you’re now ready for Thailand. Spotting a ladyboy isn’t that difficult after all.

Except, well … I don’t wanna make you any more confused than you were before you started reading this article. The truth is, all pictures contain ladyboys.

How’s that for additional confusion 😀

So, if you can’t even tell by looking at still images while being sober, how are you supposed to survive Bangkok’s nightlife while being completely wasted?

Just look for the tiniest, most petite female you can find – and you’ve just lowered you chances of picking up a ladyboy by quite a bit.

… oh, and another revolutionary technique that works quite well: Just Ask.

Best Location Hotels

Why is location important? Think it’s of little relevance? Here’s a story.

I’ve made all sorts of mistakes, trying to save money and disregarding the importance of location …

  • Stayed at a cheap place that was far off the main street. 15+ min walk to get to the main street/shops in burning heat.
  • Ah, another classic of mine. Found this great place. Safe, spacious room, cheap. Only one issue: The street that goes to the main road is full of Soi Dogs (stray dogs) which in the evening gets pretty scary when they’re aggressive and barking. Getting bitten is one things, but catching rabies is deadly.
  • Finally, found a good place in a good location. Construction site outside and I could barely sleep. Horrible!

Seriously, do you want to worry about any of that bullshit? Of course not! You want to enjoy Bangkok, have fun and make it a memorable experience!

Here’s my criteria for the recommendations below:

  • Walking distance to your venue of choice.
  • Guest Friendly (= Can bring guest(s) to your room; no extra fees)
  • Safe … self-explanatory, pretty much.
  • Quiet … especially at night time, so you can rest well.

These are the recommendations in terms of location and very specific purposes.

Bangkok’s main red light districts are Soi Cowboy and (Soi) Nana – with many bars, girls and massage places in between.

If that’s the type of fun you’re planing to have, do yourself a favor and stay closeby. You’ll save money, time and avoid the hassle of catching a cab, being stuck in traffic. [SEE RECOMMENDATION]

This is regular nightlife, not adult entertainment! If you’re looking for pay for play action, take the above suggestions (see Red Light Districts), but the recommendation is a bit different if you’re looking to party in regular venues. [SEE RECOMMENDATION]

Online Dating Thailand

If you plan on doing online dating, location can literally mean the different between a fun date where you get laid and not getting laid at all. Since most girls won’t directly come to your place, you’ll need to meet up at a public place.

Thus, it makes sense to stay close to a major mall or transportation hub.

Continue if you’d like to see my recommendations for “guest friendly” hotels here

Guest Friendly Hotels

First time visitors to Bangkok often overlook this crucial criteria when booking accommodation.

They might pay attention to the location of the hotel of their choice, but don’t do research on whether the hotel is actually “guest friendly” or not. So, what do I mean by “guest friendly”?

What Does ‘Guest-Friendly’ Mean?

It simply means that the hotel allows you to bring a guest to your room. And guest really means women (or whatever gender you’re into) – usually for the purpose of having “fun”.

Hotels that aren’t guest friendly can outright refuse guest entrance or charge a hefty fee.

Some places also allow free entrance for ladies, but charge a fee for bringing ladyboys. Not that I personally am into that, but I’ve seen such an info sign at a hotel I stayed at.

Then, there’s the aspect of safety. Bringing a guest is one thing, but you don’t want to end up getting robbed or drugged.

This is where a guest friendly hotel ideally helps you out by taking the ID of your guest(s) and only handing it back once they’re assured that you’re well-being is guaranteed.

If you plan on bringing random guests to your room, can you now see how important the aspect of guest friendliness is? Costs + Safety.

Picture this: You’re on a night out, having the time of your life and meet an amazing girl. Then when things get more heated, the both of you decide to head back to your place.

Upon walking past the reception a nasty surprise: No guest allowed. Your girl is tired already and doesn’t want to go find another place or have an argument with staff … she decides to go home. Not how you wanted the night to end, right?

No worries, I’ll help you out brother …

There hundreds of guest friendly hotels in Bangkok, but listing them all would make it more complicated for you to make a decision.

Instead, I decided to list a limited number of guest friendly hotels that offer additional benefits. Whether that’s location, or hookers right in front of the door.

Sofitel Bangkok Sukhumvit

The location is unbeatable. You’re staying right between Soi Cowboy and Nana Plaza and the Thermae Bar is next door.

Step outside of the hotel, and you have many Thai freelancers (hookers) standing right in front of the Sofitel. Honestly, I couldn’t imagine a better scenario. If you feel like it, you take 2 steps outside your hotel, pick a girl and go back.

Westin Grande Sukhumvit

Another prime option. A little bit closer to Soi Cowboy, but still in proximity to Thermae bar and with freelancers standing right in front of the hotel.

Plus, TopsMarket (supermarket with great food selection!) attached to the hotel. You could choose either the Westin or Sofitel – they’re similar and it comes down to personal preference and availability.

Grande Centre Point Sukhumvit

This hotel has some unique advantages. No only is it attached to a huge mall (Terminal 21) and the train station, it’s the perfect place to stay if you’re looking to meet regular Thai girls. Why?

First, you can go and approach cute girls inside the mall and second, you can always schedule your dates to be in the mall (Starbucks) and then bring your lady over to your room that is just a few meters away. Doesn’t get easier …

Ibis Nana Hotel

If the former two hotels are not within you’re budget, this is your place to stay! Unlike the previous 2 hotels, this place is closer to Nana Plaza and again allows you to bring guest free of charge.

Another added benefit: It’s not directly at Sukhumvit road, so it’s off the busiest road but still only minutes away from all the action.

40+ More Guest Friendly Hotels in Bangkok

If you’re looking for more options including nightlife, girls & sex – then my Interactive Thailand Guide is right for you.

I’ve specifically developed this guide for Bangkok travelers that want to take the hassle out of traveling!

ThaiFriendly Review – 16 Dates, 11 Lays [UPDATED 2019]

LAST UPDATE – December 8, 2018

This ThaiFriendly review was initially written in March 2015. I am happy to confirm that all strategies below are still accurate.

Over the last few years, I have used ThaiFriendly again and again. If you have the fundamentals in place, it’s really easy to get laid – as easy as ordering Chinese food.

It’s rare that a ThaiFriendly date doesn’t end in sex; in fact some girls will come straight to your apartment or condo.

I’ve lost count of dates and lays …

ThaiFriendly date with Thai girl near Bangkok airport.

Much like anything related to online dating, reviews of dating sites are always a touchy subject.

There’s just too many scams out there and most people writing up reviews do so with ZERO first-hand experience of actually using the site.

They theorize about what it could (or can’t) do and what the demographics of the girls look like …

… complete bullshit, if you ask me!

I don’t claim to be the all-knowing expert, but I’ve used ThaiFriendly during my 3 week stay in Bangkok, Thailand.

I have played around with the site, had 16 dates and slept with 11 of the girls. While that isn’t a big deal (especially with online dating), I know how to use the site and speak from ACTUAL experience.

Same girl from pic above. Went to her place shortly after meeting – only did a handjob though as I didn’t bring condoms …

That being said, everything you read below is based on my experience of what works and what doesn’t.

That should also answer the question why I recommend this specific site and not any other.

Simply put, I only recommend services that I’ve used and I have no experience with other dating sites (that might be better or worse).

Also, I want to be able to support you in case of questions and I can only do that with a service I know to the latter.

That being said, if you struggle along the way or need help setting anything up (or getting a girl to meet you) simply shoot me an email at [email protected]

Why I’ve Used ThaiFriendly

I first used the site in 2015 and all I really wanted was bang a lot of Thai girls – knowing very well that other ways of meeting girls (daytime, clubbing) would slow down the entire process.

Before that, I have never used online dating (not in Thailand, or anywhere else), I was completely new to meeting girls online (and dating girls in general).

Tinder wasn’t popular in Thailand back then & ThaiFriendly must been the first site that I came across, so I signed up for the free account.

That was about a month before my Bangkok trip.

The Reality of Dating in Thailand

I want to keep this ThaiFriendly review as real as possible.

If you want average/cute girls and you are somewhat attractive, have nice pics … that’s very attainable and doesn’t require a lot of effort.

Many of the girls that are interested will meet you the same day.

The hottest girls, however, will usually be out of reach. There aren’t many of them on the site anyway. I mean legitimately hot girls.

That’s the reality of dating in Thailand. Many say it’s paradise and while meeting cuties is no problems, there aren’t many stunners around.

Example of better looking girls on the site. There aren’t many. Most look cute at best.

I can walk down the street of Bangkok on any given day and won’t see more than a handful of Thai girls that really catch my eye. Same applies to ThaiFriendly … and really any dating site you use (Tinder, ThaiCupid, etc.)

If you keep that in mind, you will have a great time meeting Thai girls – regardless of which site/app/method you use.

Why ThaiFriendly Rocks

The main benefits that come with online dating are that you can 1.) DO VOLUME and 2.) STAY AT HOME. By “volume“, I mean that you’re able to meet a large number of girls very quickly, which would otherwise be impossible.

The best I’ve done so far was 3 dates on one day, but just to see how far I can take this. (Otherwise 3 dates is too much.)

Add to that the benefit that you can play around on TF wherever you are and in between doing some other work. You don’t need to walk around and scout for girls, nor do you need to pay entrance anywhere.

Also, if you follow the strategies I provide, most girls you’ll meet will be open to sex on the first date.

If that’s what you’re looking for, you’ll have another major benefit right there. You get to know her a bit through online chat and thus render coffee dates redundant.

Is ThaiFriendly For You?

It depends.

I can’t really say the site, or online dating per se, is for everyone because that’s simply not true.

If you love walking around shopping malls to meet girls, or enjoy meeting girls by going out at night, this might not be your type of cake.

ThaiFriendly is more geared toward people that only want to spend minimal amounts of time for dating or getting laid. It might also be that it’s too straight-forward for you.

What Do I Need To Get Started?

It’s pretty simply and as long as you have 1 or 2 good pictures of yourself, you’re good to go.

Oh, I also suggest you download and install the free iOS/Android app “LINE“. Later, you’ll learn how to use that app to communicate with the girls.

Types of Girls are On ThaiFriendly

Really, anyone saying there’s only this or that group of girls to be found on the site clearly hasn’t been on the site long enough.

The fact of the matter is that, yes, most girls will be interested in farang (foreigners) to learn English or for an adventure.

That’s about it though when it comes to categorization. In terms of the girls there, I’ve found it all … from student, receptionist, successful HR person earning $2,500 per month to the notorious bar girl.

How To Get Started

This is no rocket-science, but I’ll still guide you through the process – from signing up to setting up your profile for maximum exposure.

  1. Visit the website (Click Here) and fill out the registration form.
Click on “Next” when you’re finished.

Now this is where it get’s interesting. You can fill out the bottom part instantly, but Headline/Description is what will appear on your profile.

That being said, it’s important to put a bit of thought into it, especially if you care to stand out from the rest.

Headline + Description matters … to a degree.

What Should You Write Here?

Most other guys will write something completely dumb. Okay, let me rephrase that.

Perhaps not dumb, but something that doesn’t benefit them positively. This section is important, but don’t get the wrong idea.

If you’re 200 pounds overweight, you can write whatever you want.

I recommend to stay away from anything that sounds needy or overly sexual, such as

  • Hey, I’m looking for fun!
  • Looking for a vacation girlfriend!

Rather, write something generic that is a safe bet

  • I love Thai food + sunshine
  • Exploring the world, currently in Bangkok
  • Thailand is amazing

These are just some very plain, but safe examples. Probably best if you craft something yourself.

You can also leave out this part altogether and fill it out later. In any case, once you’re done, click next.

You’re almost done with the registration.

I wanna have all options open and usually select the 18 – 50 age range. Make sure to select Thailand and the city you’re in (or are going to visit) and the respective area. Click “FINISH!“.

Upload your picture now to finish the setup process.

Probably the most important step: PICTURES.

They’re the cornerstone of good results and the better the pictures, (usually) the more responses you’ll get.

Don’t worry, it’s not necessarily that you have to be good looking to get any, but rather what you convey with your pictures.

Are your pictures good enough?

Very simple. When you login to your account – assuming it’s not early morning – you should be receiving messages from girls without doing anything.

The volume depends, perhaps also on your pictures. If nothing happens, you might want to switch your profile pic as this would make all following steps easier and less time consuming.

With solid pictures, your inbox will looks like this.
This is the homepage you see when you login to ThaiFriendly.

Now you get a first look at the selection of girls and quite frankly, you will have to do a bit of search to find the type of girl you’re looking for.

There’s thousands of Thai girls on the site and hundreds of new members joining weekly.

How To Message Girls

Honestly, you don’t need much as long as your picture and profile is on point. If you write a normal message (anything), your good, if you write something sexual/etc. that’s where you can potentially mess up.

Most important will be to get their “Line ID” so you can start chatting with them outside of ThaiFriendly. Line is a free app that you can install on your smartphone (and there’s also a workaround for the computer). Simple messages will do …

  • Hey there, you’re cute 🙂 can we chat in LINE?
  • hey there if you want to chat, my LINE id is “xyz”

See how I capitalized “LINE“. You wouldn’t believe the trouble I had when I didn’t. Asking a girl whether she is on line, would often yield the answer, “Yes, of course I am online!“. Be patient, English usually isn’t their first language so you have to dumb down your correspondence a bit.

Polite, yet straight-forward way of asking for contact info.

Now it’s time to work with LINE. Watch this short video to see how you can use this app to arrange dates.

… and really, it’s as easy as repeatably pushing for the meet up. Just because they’re not interested today doesn’t mean they won’t see you a few days later. I ended up with some girls that I thought I’d would never met, but eventually they changed their mind.

Why Choose Premium?

Unlike most other dating sites, ThaiFriendly works great even with a free membership. You don’t need a premium membership to send and read messages. So, that’s great and how I actually got started using the site initially. It’s a good way to get a feel and see if you like it.

The limitations you encounter with a free account are also “relative” meaning depending on how you want to play the dating game, they’ll bug you more or less.

My approach to dating (and that includes online dating) has always been that I’ll aim for the girls I find the hottest and put in as little time and effort as possible.

Here’s where the premium membership works like charm. First, you’ll have access to the most popular girls that 99% of other guys (using the free account) can’t even contact. They’re being Cheap Charlies and instead of spending a few bucks on the membership, post needy comments below the girls’ pictures.

With a paid account, not only can you contact all girls, it’s also a way to stand out from the rest.

By the way, I’m not suggesting there aren’t ANY girls you can contact if you have a free account – because there are – but I’ve found many of the hottest ones are locked.

My opinion? It’s nice to get laid for free – which you can using TF – but I personally want the hottest girls available and that’s worth spending a few dollars per month. That’s right, per month. How much did you spend on your last date alone?

Do You Value Your Time?

I’m asking this because there’s 2 types of people that I personally know using ThaiFriendly. The first uses the free option, has to wait 10 minutes before sending another message and spends his time throughout the day on the site – a messaging back and forth that could often be done within minutes.

If you work in an office and like to check back every 10 minutes just to save the few dollars, than that works as well.

The free account only lets you send 1 message every 10 minutes.

It’s just not my preference. I don’t like to spend more than needed here, nor do I want to be distracted by that shit throughout the day.

I take 2 minutes in the morning to quickly blast out a bunch of copy and paste messages … and guess what, I only check back once the same day to pick a girl I’d like to meet (of those that responded).

Also, being able to send out unlimited messages is particularly useful when you are short on time … you want to get laid today but it’s already evening, or another date was cancelled and you want a replacement.

Additionally, you’re able to filter girls by weight and height … needless to say this is a huge time saver as well and will filter out a huge portion of the girls that you wouldn’t be interested in the first place.


Use Premium, date & hook up with Thai girls for 2 weeks. After that, keep your membership or simply get your money back. No risk on your side, no questions asked. Sign up here!

Common Questions

Closing The Deal

I feel like location can be a double edged sword. If you live close to where you meet the girl, it’s easier for you to get there (and get back home with the girl) but the investment on the girl’s side is also very small.

What I mean is if you live a couple of stops away and it takes 15-20 minutes (in my case), I think fewer girls will just leave after taking such a trip when you make your move.

On the other hand, if you live around the corner and they don’t like your advances, it’s very easy to just leave.

Few girls will directly come to your room, but that’s not an issue. I always met up at an MRT station so we could get right back to my place after greetings are exchanged.

I also made sure to always lock always lock away all my valuables (picture yourself being in Thailand with money/CC or passport stolen) and stacked up on condoms.

The places I stayed at were both booked via AirBNB and the condoms bought at 7-Eleven (although I wish I had brought my own …)

I switched places during my stay and noticed that in terms of getting laid and making your move, having a couch helps.

If you’re both sitting at chairs, it can be a bit awkward … as I experienced in my first week. I always had to ask girls to sit down on my bed to get going.

I think there’s only fake profiles and hookers on the site.

Again, based on personal experience, most girls are legit and I have yet to encounter a fake profile.

I did come across a few girls that were hookers/bargirls, but these are usually very upfront and immediately let you know that they’re looking for money. But that was only a tiny percentage.

Isn’t online dating only for average/bad looking girls?

I’m no Thailand expert, but what I’ve learned talking to the girls I’ve met is that most girls (or people generally) work a lot with little free time and thus many turn to online dating as a means to meet somebody.

Another thing is that culturally not all Thai girls go out or drink and without online dating it would be very hard for them to meet any foreign men.

That being said, online dating has little to do with the quality of the girl. I’ve been to clubs as well and the quality is no different than what can be found on TF.

Should I sign up before arriving in Thailand/Bangkok?

You can. That’s what I did to get familiar with the site and start messaging with girls so that I’ll have dates lined up the day I arrive. I thought it was necessary … it really wasn’t.

If you sign up the day you want to meet a girl, that should be good enough. Just make sure you have good pictures ready to upload and it’ll all be fine.

I’m old already, will this site work for me? Will I get any girls at all?

I can only give you my honest answer: I don’t know. I’m not in your shoes and I haven’t talked to anyone beyond 40 that has used the site, but I’d think that it would still work.

The only difference might be that percentage-wise less girls will be interested (at least in the lower age bracket). I’d give it a try, what’s the worst that can happen? Waste a few hours?

Girls aren’t replying. What should I do?

Go back to the basics. Are your pictures on point? If so, you should be getting messages from girls already.

If that’s not the case, you’re wasting your time sending out messages. Get better pictures & results will skyrocket!