Ruamchitt Plaza Hotel Bangkok [GUEST-FRIENDLY + THERMAE BAR]

In today’s video, I am reviewing the Ruamchitt Plaza Hotel.

This hotel is guest-friendly and located directly above Thermae Bar Bangkok. As such, it’s perfect for taking freelancers from the bar to your room.

No joiner fees – all that’s required is for the girl to deposit her ID at reception.

This hotel room was $37 per night.

Depending on the season (peak season/low season) the daily rate is slightly lower, but really, for that price you won’t find a better guest-friendly hotel in Bangkok in the area.

The Sofitel Bangkok Sukhumvit is next door, but prices there start at $100+ per night. If you’re willing to spend that much, then by all means, go for it.

Sofitel is another guest-friendly hotel, which means you can pick up freelancers from either Thermae Bar or Sukhumvit Road and take them to your hotel.

My room at Ruamchitt Plaza Hotel was decently sized, nice bathroom-shower combination. As you can see in the video, there’s just a glass wall between bathroom and the rest of the room.

If I take a Thai lady to my room, I really don’t want to see her using the bathroom, which is unavoidable in this case …

If you are willing to spend more, you can get a bigger room at Ruamchitt which comes with a separate bathroom.

Ruamchitt Plaza Hotel Bangkok

A word of caution …

The entrance of Ruamchitt Plaza Hotel is located right next to Thermae Bar Bangkok. This means from around 7PM – 3AM, you will have freelancer ladys and ladyboys in that area.

Ruamchitt Plaza Hotel Guest Friendly

Any time you walk in and out of your hotel, you’re likely going to be approached by those freelancers. If that’s a nuisance to you, stay elsewhere.

Here’s what that looks like – being approached by Thai freelancers. Watch the uncensored hidden camera video here.

Thermae Bar Bangkok Freelancers

Both Soi Cowboy and Nana Plaza are within 10-15 minutes walking distance. BTS Asok is just around the corner – and so is a 24 hour supermarket (Tops Market Asok).

Ruamchitt Plaza Reception

Here’s what reception looks like.

If you decide to bring a girl to your room, reception will ask the girl for her ID.

This is a good thing (for you) in regards to your own safety. Plus, Ruamchitt is a guest-friendly hotel anyway, so there is no joiner fee for bringing a girl.

Ruamchitt Hotel Bangkok

In the video, you can see me check out the bar and pool area – sadly, both were under renovation at that time.

Internet Speed is not good (by Bangkok standards). Definitely not good enough for doing any kind of work online (such as uploading videos).

Internet Speed Bangkok Hotel

As mentioned previously, BTS Asok and Terminal21 (shopping mall) are within walking distance. Hooters Soi 15 is 5 minutes walking distance.

Solid Hotel or Overpriced?

Would I stay at this hotel for more than a few days? Probably not.

It perfectly fine for a few nights or even just one night – especially if you plan on going to Thermae Bar and bringing girls upstairs. Can’t beat the logistics in this case.

However, I find the Thai freelancers and ladyboys hanging out at the hotel entrance bit annoying.

That’s just me – I like Thai girls, but I only like them at designated times. I don’t want to get approached any time I walk in and out of my hotel.

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