Hotels at Soi Cowboy, Bangkok

Alright, so when you’re coming to Bangkok, it’s not unlikely that you’ll spend a night or two at Soi Cowboy. Perhaps even all your nights.

Hell, why not. There’s a ton of bars & you’ll find the hottest working girls here.

So, it makes sense to think about the location of your hotel before booking. If you know that you wanna head to Soi Cowboy, then here’s my suggestions in terms of hotels.

These are all in proximity, so no girl that you barfine will complain that it’s too far away. And don’t worry, these are all guest-friendly.

I am showing you a variety of options.

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3 Drugs For Your Thailand Vacation … All 100% Legal

Let’s start off by what this article is NOT: I’m NOT going to cover how to get Yaba, steroids or any other illicit drug in Thailand. Believe me, some have asked 😉

Instead, I will show you a variety of compounds I have personally used to enhance certain experiences. All of these are legal in Thailand and as such worth checking out.

Please, keep an open mind. You might be tempted to discredit my suggestions just because they’re legal … but so is alcohol & we all know how powerful it is. So, don’t get hung up on definitions of legal/illegal.

Give them a try & see for yourself if they enhance the experience of your choice. Whether that’s partying, fucking a girl or just having a good time.

Let’s break it down – one by one.

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25 Hot Thai Girls on ThaiFriendly (+ Creepy Guys’ Comments)

Whenever I talk about my experiences (dates, lays) related to online dating in Thailand, people ask about what kind of girls can be found online. Some say there’s only girls looking for serious relationships. Others claim it’s full of hookers & you can’t find a regular girl.

The truth is, you can find any kind of girl on ThaiFriendly. It largely depends on what you’re looking for & how you filter girls. Today, I will show you a variety of hot girls that you’re able to hook up with – from simply hot, to petite/cute & even ones with big tits (yes, they exist in Thailand).

These are the girls you find on ThaiFriendly. Don't think they're hot? You're probably gay.
These are the girls you find on ThaiFriendly. Don’t think they’re hot? You’re probably gay.

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