Naga World Casino & Hotel, Phnom Penh [GIRLS + GAMBLING!]

If you are a single man going to Phnom Penh, then Naga World Casino & Hotel is one of the best places to stay at.

Not necessarily the cheapest option but it offers all a single man could want in one place:

  • Casino Gambling (Slot Machine, Poker, Black Jack …)
  • Prostitutes (Thai Hookers, Vietnamese Girls, KTV)
  • Gym / Fitness Center
  • Large Pool Area
  • Very Extensive Breakfast Buffet

To be completely honest, there isn’t anything else that’s interesting in the area.

You can take a stroll around the river area, but you’ll probably have a better time just staying at the hotel gambling and taking girls to your room.

If you plan on staying at Naga World, I recommend you check prices regularly.

When I was in Phnom Penh, room rates at the casino were generally around $100 USD per night, but there were some days on which the rate was only $40 (including breakfast buffet!)

You can also buy breakfast buffet separately for $10 (even if you are not staying at the hotel). Given the lack of alternatives (restaurants, supermarkets) in Phnom Penh, it’s definitely worth the money.

Prostitutes at Naga World Phnom Penh

Most of the attractive girls you see walk in and out are working girls (prostitutes). For the most part, they hang out in the lobby and casino area.

Prices start at $100 (USD) for 1 hour.

That’s quite expensive compared to Thailand, but keep in mind that you are at a casino.

Working girls come here to find customers with money – in this case, they are after Chinese men who came here to gamble (gambling is illegal in China).

Some of the prostitutes at Naga World Casino are locals, but many are Thai, Vietnamese and from neighboring countries.

Do the girls at Naga World look good?

Yes, that goes for both the escorts and the staff.

I’d even go as far as saying that the most beautiful Khmer women I’ve seen during my stay in Phnom Penh (Cambodia) were staff at Naga World Casino Hotel.

Keep in mind that even though prostitution in Cambodia is illegal, the mere act of exchanging sex for money is not outlawed.

If you are talking to a freelancer and are unsure of her age either walk off or ask for her ID (ID card or passport if she’s a foreigner).

Naga World Casino Gym

If you are looking for a gym in Phnom Penh, you don’t have too many options to choose from.

Most gyms in Phnom Penh aren’t exactly located close to the hotels and charge upwards of $10 for a day pass.

The gym at Naga World isn’t big by any means but it offers a range of dumbbells, a handful of machines (which you can’t see in the image) and some cardio machines.

I didn’t not stay at Naga World, but used the gym nonetheless.

The personnel at the gym only wants to know your room number. I told them I’m staying here with a friend, he has got the keys and I don’t remember the room number.

Not ideal because the gym staff has to write down a room number when you check in to the gym, so I recommend you just say any random room number.

You also get free water and a towel to use at the gym.

Is Naga World Casino Guest-Friendly?

Guest-friendly in the sense that are you allowed to bring girls (hookers) to your room (without extra charge)? With working girls roaming the casino, the answer should be obvious 😉

Of course, it’s guest-friendly.

Many other hotels in Phnom Penh will let you take girls to your room as well, even though they specifically state that it’s not allowed.

This sign was inside my room at the hotel I stayed at:

I am not sure what ‘sexual trafficking’ meant in this context, but probably that they don’t allow prostitutes at the hotel.

That is, at least in theory.

The reality looked quite different – with what looked like Japanese/Chinese business men taking hookers to their rooms around the clock.

Reception either didn’t say anything, or was literally sleeping (after midnight).

If you’re coming to Phnom Penh, do yourself a favor and stay at Naga World at least one night.

Do all the fun stuff and you won’t regret having come to Cambodia (even thought it might otherwise be boring).