Angeles City VS. Pattaya, Thailand [ULTIMATE COMPARISON + VIDEOS]

How does Angeles City (Philippines) compare to Pattaya, Thailand? Both are well-known for their Red Light Districts, but which of these two should YOU visit?

Before we get into the details … if you’re not sure whether you should visit the Philippines or Thailand, here’s my ultimate comparison of the two countries.

Why Compare Angeles City & Pattaya?

If it’s not obvious to you, then let me explain.

When it comes to Red Light Districts, having fun as a single man (and doing all that inexpensively), there are only these two cities to choose from.

Some keyboard warriors will tell you that both Eastern Europe and South America are better.

If you’ve ever been to either of these places, you know they’ve GOT NOTHING ON Angeles City, and particularly Pattaya.

Ultimately, whether Angeles or Pattaya is a right for you will depend on your personal preferences.

In this comparison, I will cover criteria which I personally value, such as costs of sex, attractiveness of girls, nightlife options, accommodation, etc.

Night Clubs / Freelancer Clubs

Angeles City (Walking Street) has one decent freelancer night club, High Society.

Entrance is 250 Philippine pesos (less than $5 USD) for men and as the sign next to the entrance states, prostitution is strictly forbidden.

I’m just kidding, of course 😉

I mean, ehmm … of course no prostitution takes place there and you won’t find any freelancers inside the club (sarcasm).

High Society in Angeles City is about the size of Club Insomnia Pattaya; you find tons of freelancers as well as sexy dancers on stage.

The quality of the Filipino girls there is on par with Thai girls in Pattaya (in my opinion).

However, Pattaya clearly wins when it comes to the sheer size of the Red Light District and particularly night clubs and freelancer clubs.

On Walking Street in Pattaya, you have multiple freelancer clubs to choose from:

  • Club Insomnia Pattaya (most popular)
  • 808 Night Club
  • Mixx Discotheque Pattaya

For more in-depth info in regards to Pattaya, check out my Pattaya Nightlife Guide.


Go Go Bars

If you’re new here – a Go Go Bar (sometimes called Agogo) is simply a strip club. Girls dancing on stage; sometimes completely naked; more often than not, wearing a bikini.

Even though Pattaya has 10x more gogo bars and as such, you have more attractive girls to choose from, sometimes it can be a bit annoying to find yourself in a gogo bar with most of the girls just standing on the stage, barely moving.

Notice how I said ‘barely moving‘, not ‘barely dancing‘.

There are usually 2-3 girls who are really into it, doing their naughty moves and trying to get YOU (the customer) horny. I like that and I think most men feel the same way about it.

At Walking Street in Angeles City, there are only a few of these go go bars and SIGNIFICANTLY fewer tourists.

The girls in those bars know they have to put in a bit more work to get a customer and particularly for the customer to barfine them (take them home).

That clearly shows in their attitude, how they dance and behave.

In addition to that, if you’re a white foreigner, you’re almost a rarity in Angeles City.

Okay, that’s an exaggeration but there aren’t THAT many white tourists there. Most tourists are Asian (Korean, Japanese).

The barfine system is also different in Angeles City. In Pattaya, you pay a barfine (to the bar) to take the girl with you.

Anything beyond that is negotiated directly with the girl. In short, you pay the barfine + whatever you negotiate with the girl for sex.

In Angeles City, you pay a flat rate (the barfine) which includes both the actual barfine and sex with the girl. All in all, you’re looking at the following prices

  • Pattaya: 3000 Thai Baht ($96 USD)
  • Angeles City: 2500 Philippine Pesos ($47 USD)

Given the lower price and the fact that Angeles City Go Go girls tend to be a bit more enthusiatstic, I say that’s a win for Angeles.


NOTE: If all you care about is sheer quantity; the highest number of gogo bars and girls to choose from, then Pattaya wins. In regards to this comparison, I am disregarding the quantity aspect, otherwise Pattaya would win every single time.

Girly Bars / Beer Bars

In the Philippines they are called Girly Bars, in Thailand they’re known as Beer Bars.

In these bars, you can get a drink, invite a girl over (or play pool) and of course also take the girl home with you.

In some of these bars, you can also take home the waitress.

Prices tend to be cheaper than in gogo bars – that applies to both the ladydrinks, drinks for you and the barfine.

In Angeles City, the two most popular beer (sport bars) are

  • Phillies Sports Grill & Bar (Fields Avenue)
  • Bretto’s Sports Bar (Walking Street)

Here are the beer bars in Pattaya …

Well, I better not list them.

There are so many to choose from, you’d spend the next 10 minutes scrolling down 😀

These types of bars are fun in both countries; in Pattaya the prices for girls there are cheaper whereas in Angeles City, the majority of the girls speak very good English (if you value real conversations over just sitting there talking baby English).


Lastly, a word about safety in regards to both beer bars and night clubs (doesn’t really apply to Go Go Bars). For whatever reason, even thought there are 100s of available, attractive girls, some guys get jealous.

If you encounter a guy (or girl) like that, move on. I really mean it, these types of situations can go from 0 to 100 real quick, particularly in the Philippines.

Here’s one of those instances. The guy on the left was just casually talking to the girls sitting at the table. Next thing you know, it’s a full-blown dispute with security stepping in.

Do yourself a favor and move on. Or else, risk getting seriously injured or killed.

This isn’t meant to scare you or say that nightlife is dangerous (it isn’t) but I’ve seen far too many guys in these types of situations. Same applies to Pattaya, by the way.

Happy Ending Massages

Mostly likely you’ll be going to bed very late and be sleeping during daytime. However, nightlife doesn’t usually start up until 9 or 10PM and you have nothing to do …

… so you’re thinking about getting a massage.

Not any massage, a happy ending massage.

Both cities have happy ending massage places, Pattaya also has Soapy Massages (such as Honey Body Massage).

In fact, Pattaya has so many happy ending massages to choose from, I’ve created an entire interactive map for those. (Which is also where I’ve listed my MUST-VISIT massage parlors in Pattaya.)

Happy Ending massage parlors in Angeles City – there aren’t many to choose from. The majority of them are in one of two areas: Walking Street and Teodoro Street

In Angeles City, when you go to a massage place, you can always ask the receptionist if they offer happy endings (obviously, before you pay).

Prices of Massages & Happy Endings in Angeles

  • Hand Job: 400-600 Pesos ($10 USD)
  • Blow Job: 700-1,100 Pesos ($13-21 USD)

Prices of Massages & Happy Endings in Pattaya

  • Hand Job: ~500 Thai Baht
  • Blow Job: 600-1000 Thai Baht
  • Soapy Massage: 2000-3000 Thai Baht (Fishbowl)

Thai massage and Oil massage are also offered and typically precede Hand Job or Blow Job – costing between 200-400 Baht.

WINNER: Pattaya

Daytime Activities

Daytime activities are probably not the reason you plan on visiting either of those cities. That being said, there isn’t much to do in Angeles City during the daytime.

Your best bet will be visiting SM City Clark (shopping mall); either for shopping or eating at a restaurant, or meeting up with a Filipina (date).

Doing anything outside isn’t an option; it’s simply too hot.

Here’s a video I’ve filmed inside SM City Clark.

Daytime options aren’t much different in Pattaya. Sure, you can go to the Beach or hang out at a beer bar in the afternoon, but are you really gonna do that every day?

So, I would recommend you make sure to book a really nice hotel, so you can go to the pool during daytime, visit the gym (such as Tony’s Gym in Pattaya, Enhanced Athlete Gym in Angeles city) and those activities should be sufficient for you to not get bored.

WINNER: Pattaya


  • Pattaya: 3
  • Angeles City: 1

Pattaya is the clear winner. I’d recommend you go there if you want lots of girls, nightlife options and massage parlors to choose from.

If you value attitude and want to be able to have (more in-depth) conversations with working girls, then Angeles City is for you.