Bangkok VS. Tokyo [ULTIMATE COMPARISON 2019]

Let’s assume you’re in the unlikely situation and need to decide between Bangkok and Tokyo. You are unsure which city offers a better price-value for you as a man.

Comparison Bangkok Tokyo

In this article, I will make comparisons between the two cities and ultimately make it easier for you to decide where to go.

Specifically, I will cover topics such as

  • Hotels / Rentals / AirBNB
  • Nightlife/Entertainment
  • Visa / Long-Term Stay
  • Food Options / Dinning Out

Now, one thing I want to make very clear and it’s a complaint I need to address. Some say that all I do is this:

Thailand, Thailand, Thailand! Everything else sucks. Hyping Thailand and putting down any other location!

Yes, I absolutely do this – but I always try to do it based on facts and actual price-value.

If you are able to rent a giant condo with swimming pool and gym and for the same price you would get you a tiny, tiny room in Tokyo, then I am not going to downplay how massive the difference in terms of price-value is.

The same is the case with previous comparisons I have done and the ones I will do in the future.

If I legitimately find a place that is better than Thailand – at least in regards to a majority of aspects relevant to us single men – then I will recommend that place. Until then, Thailand all the way!

… and please don’t tell me you can’t go to Thailand anymore, due to the exchange rate, prices have gone up by 5% and now Uganda is the go-to place.

Anyway, that’s something I wanted to address. Back to the topic of this video.

Hotels / Rentals / AirBNB

Let’s start off by discussing what you can get for say $30 per night in Bangkok, Thailand.

In my experience the price-value for accommodation in Bangkok – but more so in Thailand overall – is among the best in the world.

Of course, in consideration of all the fun stuff around you.

There are other regions in the world where you could live on the country-side, massive mansion for very cheap but if there’s nothing else around, what’s the point?

When I talk about costs of living in Thailand, often times, people bring up Cambodia and how you can live there – in a small town – for much cheaper.

You probably can, but is that the lifestyle you want?

Anyway, Bangkok is great in this regard. Here are a few clips of rentals I’ve stayed at, both hotels and AirBNB. All of these AirBNB and accommodation reviews in full length are inside the Thailand Guide members area.

This one was $300 per month.

Bangkok Condo Rental Monthly

Here, I had paid $16 per night.

Monthly Rental Bangkok Apartment

If you opt for another city in Thailand, such as Pattaya or Phuket, the price-value is even better.

Here’s the Gazebo Resort Pattaya, which was $15 per night. A few months prior to that, I had stayed in Phuket and paid $6 for a similar room.

During a short notice promotion, I even got this absolute treasure for – and I am not joking – $3 per night! It’s absolute madness.

Hotel Prices in Tokyo

Let’s change gears and talk about Tokyo. What do you get in Tokyo for $30 per night?

Nothing – at least no actual hotel room.

Rates at various capsule hotels in Tokyo start at around $30 per night. This is what one of the cheaper capsule hotels in Tokyo looks like:

Tokyo Capsule Hotel

Such a capsule would be fine if say you have a layover or simply want to stay for a few days.

However, if you are a man and you’re deciding between Bangkok and Tokyo, I am assuming, you want to meet local women.

That means, in addition to the $30 per night capsule, you will also have to rent a room at a Tokyo love hotel. All in all, you end up spending probably twice as much on accommodation.

And to call this accommodation – I think – is an insult to actual accommodation.

If you want an actual hotel room in Tokyo, you must be willing to dish out at least $80 per night.

Then you get something like this:

Tokyo Hotel Room

For that price, you can stay at many of the finest hotels in Bangkok, such as the Sofitel, Novotel, Grand Centre Point.

Here’s what such a $80 per night hotel room looks like in Bangkok:

Novotel Bangkok Sukhumvit Soi 4

… or you decide to get a mid-range room PLUS a lady – all for the price of that tiny room in Tokyo!

AirBNB options in Tokyo are rather limited (compared to Bangkok). The rooms listed are slightly cheaper than the hotel options and start at around $40 per night.

Bangkok, on the other hand … well, just look it up yourself. Almost endless options.

Nightlife / Entertainment

As far as fun times at night are concerned, your options are almost limitless in both cities.

In Tokyo, most of it happens behind closed doors, while in Bangkok it’s all out in the open – and drastically cheaper.

We’re talking 1/4 of the price in regards to all services.

But, I’d say if you have the budget, you’re not gonna get bored in Tokyo. In terms of tourists, fewer younger ones in Tokyo for you to meet (for the obvious reason that it’s more expensive).

The difference in regards to the costs of drinking are marginal – particularly if you shop at 7-Eleven, FamilyMart and the-like.

Japan Beer

Drinking and cover fees at clubs are much more expensive in Tokyo, but I would argue that’s not a big deal.

We’re talking about insignificant amounts – plus, you probably don’t go drinking every day.

Most beers at 7-Eleven in Thailand are around $1 USD.

VISA / Long-Term Stay

In this regard, Japan trumps Thailand – at least for most Westerners. If you’re from a Western country, you’re almost guaranteed to get 90 days upon arrival.

For some countries, you can extend that visa to 180 days and if you have a certain amount of savings, you can even stay for an entire year as a tourist.

You can also stay in Thailand for 90 days straight but it requires a Tourist Visa plus a 1 month extension – both of which are a hassle to obtain and cost money.

Food Options / Dinning Out

Both Tokyo and Bangkok offer amazing food options. I’d say in terms of the culinary experience, Tokyo is almost unbeatable – particularly in regards to the quality of the food/dishes.

That being said, you’re paying a premium.

Price-value-wise, Bangkok is still number one by a wide margin. I just love the food courts in Bangkok, where you can get a wide range of meals for less then $2 USD.

Thailand Chicken Rice Food Court

There’s no way you find anything similar anywhere in Tokyo.

But then again, if you’re after world-class cuisine, Tokyo might be a better option for you.

Terminal 21 Bangkok Food Court

Girls, Girls, Girls!

Without a doubt, one of the more important criteria for most men.

I am not going to dive into the details but rather link to the articles in which I am covering various topics related to meeting Japanese women separately.