Thai Women VS. Japanese Women – Disregard Looks, Here’s What REALLY Matters

The local women of a country or city are usually a very important criteria for a man who is thinking about traveling or relocating.

Sure, costs of living play an important role but most men simply want to know if they can get attractive women wherever they go – or rather, how attractive the local women are.

Japanese Girl Tokyo

It’s very easy to get lost researching the women of which country are more attractive;

  • Are Japanese women hot?
  • Do they like foreigners?
  • Better to go with the tried and true option of Thailand?

In my experience, such a discussion is often pointless because ANY PLACE with lots of people (in the case of say Tokyo, millions of people) will have LOTS AND LOTS of very attractive local and foreign women.

Thai Girls Bangkok

And there isn’t a place in the world where literally no local women are interested in foreigners – hell, even if you go to North Korea, the local women will at least be curious about foreigners.

They just can’t take it any further.

To sum up, attractive women who are open to meeting foreigners, you will find in any mega-city – whether that’s Bangkok or Tokyo.

However, I find almost nobody talks about what I find are THE DEFINING CRITERIA:

1. Personality

If all you care about is sex, then check out Red Light District Tokyo. In this article, I show you where to go, the costs of fun and more.

If that’s what you’re after, the personality of the woman you are with doesn’t matter (that much).

Say you want to spend more time with a Japanese woman and quickly realize that most of them are rather shy, reserved and anything but open-minded in the bedroom.

Pattaya Girl Hotel Room

That’s a cultural thing and will be the case with most Japanese women you meet – also the hot ones open to meeting foreigners.

If such personality traits annoy you and you want the more playful type of woman, then Thailand should be your choice.

I just wonder why nobody ever talks about this when talking about local women?

2. Living Situation/Lifestyle

How enjoyable is meeting local women going to be if almost all of them are still living with their parents, public transportation shuts down at midnight and taxi rides cost a minimum of $20 USD?

Just think about how much more of a hassle dating would be given all these obstacles – then consider the opposite.

Beer Price Bangkok Thailand

Super inexpensive taxis rides. Most women live on their own or with friends and can pretty much do what they want – at any time of the day.

These two scenarios are a good representation of Tokyo and Bangkok.

Again, not something I have ever seen anyone mention – instead, it’s all about where the best bars are at, what you should say … and other details that frankly, don’t matter THAT much.

Foreigner HUNTERS = Low Quality?

In both countries (or any country for that matter), you’ll encounter girls who are specifically after foreigners.

Sometimes it’s that they are curious, or simply want to learn English, or have sex with a foreigner.

In Japan, these are called Gaijin hunters (gaijin = foreigner).

Thai Bargirl Pattaya Hotel

Some guys badmouth these types on women saying that only ‘low quality women’ are after foreigners. I’ve even seen it in the comment section of my videos,

These women only go with foreigners because they’ve had a bad experience with local guys!

To that I say,


If both of you have a great time, does the WHY matter?

That’s all I am going to say about this topic because further discussions would lead us down a very, very deep rabbit hole.

Say she is only with you because she has had a bad experience with local guys. Then I could say, she is only with local guy X because she doesn’t have a chance with a local millionaire.

If she’s with a local guy who is a millionaire, she is only with him because she doesn’t have a chance with a local billionaire.

It never ends. Everyone settles (to a degree). Even you reading this article, YOU probably only do it because it’s the most entertaining thing is this moment.

I could say, you only read this article because you don’t have 3 supermodels in the room with you.

You get the idea … this [ONLY BECAUSE] discussion never ends. Disregard all of it: If you have a great time, keep going. If not, make a change!