Thailand Tinder & Bumble – PART 2

A quick recap on the 24 hour results of this experiment:

Those numbers are slightly higher now that 48 hours have passed.

Anything I’ll say from now on is just based on my personal experience and preference.

You need to work at scale. Almost 300 matches, of which 59 were above my looks threshold. Then you factor in the ones that don’t reply to messages, the ones that don’t add you in LINE app, the ones that I talk to in LINE app but find out I’m not really into them …

  • In the end, being left with 5-10 girls I like is realistic. That might seem like a low percentage, but disregard the total matches, and factor on the time spent.
  • 5-10 girls I am into within 24 hours is an acceptable result.
  • That ratio is much higher on Bumble though.
  • I suspect the Tinder verification was not a good idea. Pure speculation and I know there the new Tinder user boost, but almost 300 matches in a day, and then 1-3 matches in the following day seems a bit odd.
  • Also, given that I saw dozens of “New Like” notifications, but when I actually went to the Like section, it was empty.

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Tokyo, Japan – RED LIGHT ACTION – Love Hotels, Happy Endings [UPDATED 2019]

Tokyo for single men. Tokyo for adults.

If you’re looking for a traditional, mainstream guide that talks about sightseeing, the best coffee shops – then please leave. RIGHT NOW.

This guide is meant for adult single men ONLY – and serves as an introduction to Tokyo’s pay for play scene. I’ll answer questions such as …

  • Is prostitution legal in Japan?
  • What services do exist in Tokyo and how much do they cost?
  • How does Tokyo compare to Bangkok?

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Jakarta Nightlife, Tinder Dating & Pay For Play Scene

What’s up guys, King Epic here!

Today, I will talk about my experience of visiting Jakarta for 2 weeks. This visit was solely for the purpose of doing a visa-run; to leave Thailand and apply for a new 3 month tourist visa.

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