Pattaya Experiment [8 Weeks] – What YOU Need To Know For 2019

Despite what you might have seen in various YouTube videos, the Indians haven’t ruined Pattaya (yet).

Pattaya YouTube

If you know where to go, you can still get very attractive Thai girls (very easily).

And NO, prices have not quadrupled (as many claim).

In short: It’s great still (in 2019).

This is in stark contrast to many critics who claim the complete opposite: Namely, that Pattaya is overrun by Indians, that prices have sky-rocketed and that quality girls are scarce.

It’s Mostly BS, Here’s The TRUTH

Let’s take a step back and start at the beginning.

I’ve just spent the last 8 weeks in Pattaya.

I am writing this as I am sitting in my Bangkok condo where I stay year-round (pretty much, except for visa-runs).

SIDENOTE: I highly recommend the private taxi for the Bangkok-Pattaya trip (or vice versa). $30 … but worth every penny.

I’ve booked my taxi about an hour ahead of time via LINE app. Driver picked me up directly from my hotel.

Bangkok Pattaya Taxi

Overall, Pattaya is still great.

Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise … á la ‘Pattaya was great 10 years ago, now it’s not worth going anymore’.

NO, it’s still great now – hot girls out every night, great accommodation for as little as $15 per night.

As for me, I prefer the Bangkok lifestyle combined with a Pattaya weekend trip every month or so.

If you want my summary in video format, I recommend you watch the video below.

Otherwise keep reading to find out about the most effective ways to meet hot girls, a fantastic $15/night resort I’ve stayed at and which hotels I would avoid at all costs.

Quality Pussy in Pattaya

No man. Very, very few men go to Pattaya for the average beaches and food options. I’m guessing you and I are similar: We want great nightlife and hot girls.

Pattaya didn’t not disappoint me in either of those categories.

On average, girls in Pattaya aren’t more attractive than anywhere else in Thailand – it’s just that there are more girls overall which means more attractive ones as well.

If you’re not too picky, you’ll feel overwhelmed with options. Particularly if you prefer small, innocent looking girls. If you like girls with tattoos, again, unlimited options.

If you are very picky, keep your expectations in check. You still have your options, just not as many. On a typical night out (11PM-6AM), I’d usually see 4-7 girls who are EXACTLY my type.

Where even upon closer inspection, I have no doubt that she’s worth my time (and money).

What do I mean when I say ‘upon closer inspection’?

There are more girls that catch my eye – initially. Whether it be that she is dressed nicely (high heels or push-up bra).

Then I take a closer look and realize that really she doesn’t look THAT nice. It was just how she dressed that initially caught my attention.

I notice skin imperfections, maybe she doesn’t have a flat stomach, etc. Like I said, in the end, I am usually left with 4-7 girls per night. That’s just me … I’ve become somewhat picky.

You can see what such a night out looks like in the video below:

Also funny, about half of the girls who caught my attention and who I’ve approached on Walking Street were girls I was talking to in LINE app already. I only realized afterwards …


Partying and going out isn’t very effective when it comes to meeting attractive girls. It’s good for having fun and meeting girls in the process.

Let’s say ALL YOU CARE ABOUT is meeting the most attractive girls in Pattaya – what’s the most effective approach?

1. Gogo Bars (Walking Street/LK Metro)

Pretty straight-forward; gogo bars are where you find the highest percentage of attractive girls.

However, you are also paying a premium. This is the most expensive option, yet you waste no time.

You can literally walk in, have a look at a dozen attractive girls and be on the way back to your hotel in a matter of half an hour (or less).

It’s true that you can also meet some gogo girls after their shift when they go to various clubs (iBar, Insomnia …) but selection will be very, very limited.

2. Street Approaches

If you are picky, Beach Road freelancers are not an option. You’d need to walk along the entirety of Beach Road to come across 1-2 nice girls (at best).

A better alternative is approaching girls (freelancers) directly on Walking Street. Whether that be girls working in gogo bars on their way to work or a group of girls on their way to the nightclub.

If I am not in party mode, I prefer this option – and I know many guys who feel the same about it. They say clubs are too loud, can’t see the girl well due to lighting, etc.

So, how do you do this?

Very simple: How are you? -> Where are you going? -> Do you work freelance?

You can use any combination of these.

If the girl is free, you can go with her right away. Otherwise get her LINE ID to meet up later. If that seems like a lot of work (time-investment waiting to spot hot girls), then the next option is the short-cut, pretty much …

3. Private Contacts (185+ Girls)

If you see a hot girl on Walking Street, chances are she’s included in my contacts already.

But, don’t take my word for it …


You filter by whichever type of girl you prefer, add her in LINE app, negotiate price and services.

Before you meet, I recommend you do a quick video call just to verify the girl’s looks. These girls don’t work for a bar, so you pay 50% less than with gogo girls.

[ Get 185+ Private Contacts
by Becoming A Thailand Guide Member ]

4. Nightlife Approaches

This would include going to nightclubs on Walking Street (iBar/Insomnia, Lucifer, Club 808, etc.) and approaching the girls you like.

This is great if you want to go out anyway but if you purely want a hot girl, it means you’ll need to spend a lot of time.

Sometimes hours looking around. Dealing with loud nightclubs and not being able to clearly see what the girls look like.

One important thing to keep in mind: The longer you wait, the more difficult it will be to find hotties. Flexx Club is packed at 6AM, but quality is rare … I’ve never found a girl there …

… if you want 500 Baht (Long Time) deals on the other hand, that’s your venue.

To sum up, here are your best options for each objective:

  • Hottest Girls (regardless of price): Gogo Bars (Sapphire, etc.)
  • Hottest Girls (best price-value): Private Contacts
  • Having Fun: Nightlife Approaches, Nightclubs

Pattaya Hotels – The GREAT, The UGLY

During those 2 months, I made it my goal to stay at as many different hotels as possible.

Simply to be able to provide you with the latest intel in regards to price-value, hotels to avoid and best areas to stay in.

I ended up testing 10 different hotels during that period.

My favorite was Gazebo Resort Pattaya. I paid $15/night – the only downside was the very slow WiFi. (Just get data for you phone and use it as a hotspot.)

Seaside Guesthouse (Soi 3) is another great option, particularly if you don’t want to spend much on accommodation.

If you have a bigger budget, [email protected] is just around the corner.

Soi 3 is a great location … I used to just go across the street to Central Marina food court to get my $1 chicken-rice meal.

Central Marina Pattaya Food Court

Once a day, I’d take the 5 minute walk to Terminal21 Pattaya and have another meal there.

Terminal21 Pattaya Food Court

One thing to keep in mind if you decide to stay at Soi 3 … lots of massage places there … super annoying having to walk past massage girls trying to lure you inside their shop multiple times per day.

If you’re wondering how to get from Soi 3 to Walking Street – just take the Baht bus. It’s 10 Baht per trip.

Hotels I Would Avoid AT ALL COSTS

The only reason I stayed at these budget hotels was to be able to show (on video) WHY YOU SHOULDN’T STAY THERE.

For the longest time, I have said one should never ever save on accommodation when coming to Thailand.

Still, I have some guys who follow my YouTube/blog my stuff book the cheapest hotel to save money. I’m glad I’ve stayed there – this video proof should repel YOU from being a Cheap Charlie when it comes to accommodation.

Hotels I won’t ever recommend to anyone:

  • Marine Paradise
  • Green Hotel
  • Paradise Condominium Apartments
  • Sawasdee Sabai Hotel

I am telling you, if you stay at the wrong hotel (a bad one), you will absolutely have a bad experience. Reviews and pictures on online booking sites can be very, very misleading.

Think about it … the hotel has a copy of your passport. Do you really want to publicly post a negative review?

After all, your first name and country are show … it’s not too difficult to figure out who posted the review.

That’s why I believe the majority of dissatisfactory stays DO NOT result in a negative review.

Now imagine spending $500+ on flights only to screw up your trip by trying to save $10/night on accommodation. Absolutely not worth the risk.

If you’re not too late, you can start planning your trip by becoming a Thailand Guide member. The current birthday promo will end tomorrow evening 12PM Bangkok time.