How Much Can You Give Me? [WHY Thai Girls Ask These Questions]

If you interact with enough working girls, you’ll start noticing that some say directly how much they want, others will ask you how much YOU can give them.

Pattaya Walking Street

Sometimes this is because they really want you (as a customer) and are willing to see how much you offer and accept to go with a lower price.

More often than not, it’s just a way to get more than the standard price. For the girl, it’s a WIN-WIN situation.

Say, the standard price is 2,000 Baht. The girl could simply say that she charges that amount.

However, if she asks a guy, ‘How much you can give?’, there’s a chance the guy doesn’t know what the standard price is and offers more, say 3,000 Baht – the girl just made 50% more.

Walking Street Pattaya Freelancers

If the guy offers less than the standard price, the girl simply mentions the standard price. No downsides for her.

How Long You Stay Here?
Work or Holiday?

Let me translate that for you:

How much money can I make here? Will you be gone tomorrow or is the a chance that we meet multiple times?

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Now, please don’t assume that ALL Thai girls have those intentions. If you talk to the girl working at 7-Eleven and she asks where you are from or if you’re here on holiday, it’s simply because she’s curious. That’s all.

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As for working girl, the above applies.

Some girls might also use that information to decide how much effort they are willing to put in. Why put in more effort if the guy leaves tomorrow?

Other girls provide a great service and don’t care if it’s a one time thing or if you’re going to meet regularly. Working girls’ mindsets vary.

Where (Do) You Come From?

Pattern Recognition.

Thai girls who don’t accept Indian customers don’t do so because they dislike ALL Indian or brown men. They simply don’t want to waste their time screening them.

If she met 10 Indian guys in their life and 8 of them were rude, she will probably adopt a NO INDIAN MEN POLICY to save herself time. Even thought YOU might be a cool Indian dude.

Indians in Pattaya Beach Road

She knows that 8 out of 10 Indian’s she has met were a bad experience, so why take a chance knowing that there’s an 80% chance the next is bad also.

‘I’d rather not waste my time.’

The same applies to certain bars who don’t allow in certain groups of people.

You might be an Indian millionaire, but the other Indians before you were ALL sharing one drink, so the bar owner decides to not take the risk and simply refuses entry.

I don’t mean that they refuse entry, it’s just that it’s members only tonight … and EVER OTHER NIGHT you go there 😀

Beach Road Pattaya Freelancer

Same applies to the ‘Where You Come From’

The girl has met guys from various countries and starts to notice patterns.

Men from certain countries are friendlier, others are more rude. Some give more money, others are cheap.

Finding out where you are from is another way to screen and compare you against past experiences.

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