Pattaya Beach Road – Cheap, But Are The Girls Hot?

Beach Road in Pattaya is an interesting place. Starting around late evening, you have a few dozen working girls all lined up nicely (for the most part).

As far as I know, it is THE place with the most amount of hookers lined up on one single street in all of Thailand. Not even Soi Nana in Bangkok comes close.

… and it’s a strangely-satisfying spot to watch people. You won’t see entire groups of guys going up to girls this often anywhere else. I always wonder if they’re negotiation a group discount?

You see this a lot on Beach Road.

If you are short on money, Beach Road is also a good place to look for talent. Prices here are significantly cheaper than on Walking Street & often start at 500 Baht (although there’s probably guys that got an even cheaper deal).

But does this inexpensive price mean lower quality? Are the girls any hot or should you simply pay more – wherever that might be – so you get exactly what you want?

It’s a tough question and opinions will differ, so I start by telling you what I think.

Quality of girls at Beach Road

I’ve walked down the entire length of Beach Road a lot of times. Slowly, like a complete creep and looking at each girl – to see if any matches my taste.

The result is not surprising, but then it is. What’s not surprising is that probably 80% of the girls there, I do not find attractive by any means. Probably wouldn’t even go for it if it were for free. Just straight up not my type.

The 20%, well those girls usually range from cute to really hot. Yes, those you find there as well.

Indians in Pattaya Beach Road

What IS surprising is that this ration not good looking:good looking pretty much correlates with the quality in most beer and gogo bars.

Again, this is based on my personal taste. Your experience, ratio and definition of a good looking woman might completely differ. That’s fine.

So, in that sense, Beach Road is always worth a shot. If you’ve never been there, go there. If you are looking for girls and don’t fancy any other place (such as Insomnia), Beach Road might be an option.

I know guys that got girls from Beach Road twice daily for 2 weeks straight, while others find the place generally sketchy as fuck and wouldn’t want to hit up a working girl from there.

What’s your experience? Do you regularly visit Beach Road when in Pattaya? Your experiences with working girls there – good or bad?

There’s also an ongoing debate as to why the majority of girls “working” at Beach Road choose this place instead of working at a bar, going to a freelancer club.

Some say it’s cause they have an STD/HIV or some issue that doesn’t allow them to work for an establishment. Others say, girls that enjoy the freedom of being able to work flexible hours decide to go there.

It’s hard to find out the truth. I’ve talked to plenty of girls there, but still their answers are too small of a sample size given the large amount of girls there. And then, what they are telling me (or you) might not necessarily be the truth.

I’m guessing, in reality, it’s probably a combination of girls that do have HIV (or similar), while another percentage of hookers goes there for other reasons.

So, let me know your thoughts or theories in regards to that matter.

Lastly, what are your Thailand or Asia travel plans for this year? Will you go to Thailand? What’s the plan? Which places exactly? Mainly for girls?