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To me, it's similar to a travel insurance. If you don't have the money to get insurance for your Thailand trip, you simply don't go! Same with the guide, if you bitch about the price, then maybe reconsider going to Thailand altogether if it's not worth the investment to you.

... but that might just be me ... now I am close to 65 and value my time above all else. There's not enough time left to waste it on experiences I don't enough or figure everything out myself. In that sense, using your guide was a way for me to protect my precious time that I would have otherwise wasted.

Jeffrey (62), New York, USA

King Epic Thank You i had a wonderful Time in Bangkok and Pattaya. I used your guide for Navigation and found it was excellent helped me Navigate with ease. Also got to see a lot of things i would of missed without it.

I really had a great time and am planning on going back the last week of March next year for 4 more weeks.Keep up the great Video's and please continue to add more to your phone app LOVED IT!

I would like to see you add some Western Food places to eat on the app if you could.I found a great place in Pattaya that served steak Mashed potatoes and French Fries it was pretty good actually.

Mike (29), United Kingdom

This was my first trip to Thailand and I was very nervous. I've been watching your YT videos for months before and got really excited about Thailand - had to go! I found the email support really helpful! I was about to book a hotel but thanks to your help, I've changed plans to get a condo instead.

You even helped narrowing down choices and provided some AirBnb condos you recommend.Thanks to this, bringing girls home during my trip was easy!!!

The Bangkok Map I used for a variety of things, but mostly for these 3 things: dating spots for when I met regular girls, happy ending massages which I did during the day & nightlife activities such as gogos and finding hidden street hooker spots.

Juergen (35), Germany

Oh, chocolate man! Welcome welcome! - This was my daily experience & it completely annihilated my preconceived notions about Thai girls disliking Black guys or that I would be at a disadvantage.

... first off, nightlife is off the hooks. Some nights I went out alone and used your Interactive Maps which I thought was awesome because there was never a time where I felt like I was lost or didn't know what to do.

... on my first night I went to the Japanese underground bar near Soi Cowboy. My plan was to take it easy and just have a drink there. As I was watching the crowd I was wondering what I would've been doing had I not used your guide.

1.) very likely that I wouldn't have even found this bar and 2.) I would instantly done all the wrong things to identify myself as newbie (thus easy target for girls).

Already planning my next trip! Let me know if you're up for a night out - drinks & girls are on me ;)

Derek (42), Austin, USA