Pattaya Girls & Pattaya Freelancers [PICS INSIDE; UPDATED]

I get it. Maybe you’re not the type of guy that enjoys hanging out at gogo or beer bars & just wants to get straight to the point.

Maybe you can’t be bothered engaging in pointless small talk, paying lady drinks, bar fines … or you simply want to spend less money, yet still have your fun.

I get it because I am the same way. If I wanna watch a gogo show & get drunk, I am not necessarily always interested in getting a girl. Likewise, often times, I wanna get a girl but have no interest in sitting in a bar or wasting any time indulging in Pattaya’s Nightlife.

Beach Road in Pattaya – probably the busiest/most well-known freelancer area. And yes, those guys are talking to hookers there … (Watch the full video here.)
Beach Road is also a place where you see 5 guys cornering 1 hooker (see right side behind car).

That’s where freelancer girls come into play & today I will show you the best spots to find those. To clarify, a freelancer is a girl that works on her own, isn’t employed by the bar she’s in or the-like. Continue reading “Pattaya Girls & Pattaya Freelancers [PICS INSIDE; UPDATED]”

Thailand’s Hottest Ladyboy & Why YOU Pay For “It”

Thailand. Ladyboys. There’s a lot of them. You might disagree, but I personally don’t find 95% of them attractive, nor do they really look feminine in my opinion.

The one you see here is a good example of those rare ladyboys that almost look like a legit girl … at first sight. But even in this case, seeing “her” in person will eliminate¬†all doubts. It’s a good example of how incredibly difficult it can be to notice … Continue reading “Thailand’s Hottest Ladyboy & Why YOU Pay For “It””

Thailand Travel – You Should Travel To Thailand, Don’t Live There

Thailand Travel … and why perhaps less of it is better.

If you’ve liked my stuff up until now, you might be thinking I’ve completely lost it & gone retard.

“I like Thailand. I have the time of my life there … and now, you’re telling me that traveling there twice a year is better than living in paradise?”.


Hear me out. This doesn’t make logical sense, but it’s true in my experience.

If you’re one of those guys complaining how you can only travel to Thailand, party, have fun … twice a year for a few weeks, maybe you don’t realize that this is actually a good thing. Continue reading “Thailand Travel – You Should Travel To Thailand, Don’t Live There”