Review: Happy Ending Massage Minh Tam 2 Health Club, Saigon Vietnam

A few days ago, I just had my best Happy Ending massage in Ho Chi Minh (Saigon). Vietnam happy ending massages are great and the place I went to was called

Minh Tam Health Club

They have another branch called Minh Tam 2 Health Club, which I was very tempted to check out.

Again, mainly because of an online review where they guy was so excited about the great value & and what he referred to as “HOT women!

I simply couldn’t resist.

The location is a bit far outside & actually closer to the airport than it is to District 1 (where I was staying).

I was walking all the way – I know, crazy! – which is a whopping 6.5km one way. But hey, I just love exploring a city on foot & there’s always something interesting to film along the way.

Anyway, here’s the location.

Happy Ending Massage Ho Chi Minh

Street name – as seen on the business card – can easily be found on Google maps.

Minh Tam Massage Location

I saw this big sign outside & immediately just walked inside the hallway.

The guy sitting at the entrance jumped up, “Massage?” I confirm.

So, we’re walking in this long hallway which eventually leads to a small backyard and the actual entrance of the massage place.

Again, pretty much the same setup as in their other location. Reception area with a display of services, prices & an elevator to ride upstairs after the choice is made.

This time, I picked the “VIP Package” for 440,000 VND.

One of the guys close by also clarified, “Price paid afterwards, tip not included.” I like it, no beating around the bush.


Fuck. This place is really neat! I’m talking about a high end hotel – that’s what it looks like. For a moment, I forgot where I actually was. Vietnam.

You’re walking through several doors and along multiple hallways … until the final destination “VIP room” is reached.

I’m happy. Just like I imagined it.

The guy starts filling the bath & says I can get read for the steaming room. There’s a locker inside the room where I put in my stuff & change clothing.

… oh, well … ONE thing I didn’t like though.

What kind of lady do you want? Big breasts?

Yeah, big tits, small body!“, I confirm enthusiastically.

Okay, but you want to take care of the manager for selecting girl. I cannot select girl, only manager can.

That’s the part I didn’t like. Now, I am supposed to pay for getting a hot girl? I though this is why I came here & am paying in the first place?

Anyway, I tell him I’ll pay a tip at reception after all is done … just to get rid of him. He wasn’t aggressive or anything, but I found his request a bit out of place.

Vietnam Massage Girl Arrives

I’m sitting in the steaming room already, the glass is completely foggy. I notice her walking into the room, but no idea what she looks like.

Will I be happy? How big are her breasts actually? How about the face? Nice face as well?

I’ll sweat out what felt like another gallon of bodily fluids before I decide to step outside & take a glance at “my” girl for the first time …


Busty. That description would fit pretty well. Nice, juicy ass and good tits. Not super big but they looked nice enough!

Hello!“, as we first glance at each other.

She hands me a bottle of water and friendly points to the sauna. Fast forward a few minutes, I’m leaving the sauna & am now completely naked.

I’ll get into the bath. Nothing exciting to cover here, but I need to mention that it’s an extensive wash with some massage moves thrown into it. (Unlike the soapy massages in Bangkok where they call it soapy massage but just wash you for 2 minutes & that’s it.)

Final cleanse also includes properly washing my dick while standing & glancing inside her cleavage.

At this point, I was on the verge of grabbing her tits. I resist, but the hard on is pretty visible, lol!

Finally, A Happy Ending in Vietnam?

The massage is intense and starts off lying on my stomach. It must have been at least 30-40 minutes and it’s more thorough than what I experienced at the previous place where I simply booked the body massage for 220k VND.

A little teasing starts toward the end with her sliding her hand deep into my butt checks and slightly – almost pretending it was accidental – touching my balls.

Unlike the previous massage place, she tells me to flip around and massages the front as well. I like that!

That’s not too long though & after 10 minutes she points to my dick, “Massage?

I approve.

Massage in this area is code for handjob.

She does it really nicely and with plenty of oil.

I start caressing her round, juicy ass with my one hand. Then I feel up her breasts.

Obviously, it never stops there …

Eventually, I have my hand inside her pants and start playing with her pussy (no fingering though). Also get her to put down her top so tits are hanging out.

I pull her in a little bit at which point she leans in and kisses my neck. Later, I pull her in again and start sucking at her tits.

I finished off myself. Why?

She did a good job with massaging, but it wasn’t the right pace (although I told her several times). This is not the girls fault, I just find it incredibly difficult to find the right pace myself, so I’m not expecting anyone else to be able to get me off.

I just came. We’re laughing.

Quick bath cleanse afterwards.

I put on my clothes again & fix my shoes while sitting in the comfortable chair.

This is when trouble arises. Kinda …

She’s kneeing down. Does that mean extra blowjob?

No. Of course, we’re talking about the meaty part now. Cash. She’s asking how much I’ll tip her.

I had a fixed number in my mind before I came here. 300k.

No, that’s not good. Normally, 700, 600!

She was still nice about it, not pushy or anything. I tell her 300k or nothing and eventually she accepts. I pay her cash right then and there … and we leave the room.

She’s riding the elevator downstairs with me and says goodbye. At reception, I pay for the actual massage (550k), grab a business card and leave.

Conclusion – Saigon Happy Ending Massage

Was the massage worth it?

Hell, yeah! Some small annoyances (mainly related to tips), but overall you’re getting awesome value for your money!

Think about it, 880,000 VND ($39) for ~2hrs of fun! Not only are you improving your health … you also get to experience a hot Vietnamese girl!

If they were to offer full service, I’d likely go back. The only reason I (probably) won’t is because handjobs aren’t really my thing …

To clarify, if you are looking for a Nuru massage in Vietnam, or more specifically, a Nuru massage in Saigon, then you’re in the wrong place. You’d be better off going to Thailand for that.

Still, I enjoyed this experience. Another great massage here in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam!

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