Minh Tam Massage: Round 2

This night didn’t start – or end – as planned. A buddy of mine was in town, I had been working all day & towards late evening suggested we head out to check out some of the massage places that apparently offer more than just a handjob.

For one, I wanted to introduce him to the world of happy ending massages, but then I was curious myself what else was out there.

We end up taking a cab from district 1 to Hoang Van Thu park (very close to the airport) to explore the surrounding areas.

Multiple online sources stated the same thing, “Many different places in the backstreets near the park; they also offer full service for 1 million dong!

What none of the articles mentioned was an actual address or at least a specific area. It really looked like one article was written & all other sites just copied content, only twisting it a little bit. No article mentioned a specific address or close by landmarks.

The scene here in Ho Chi Min City (HCMC) is low key, but in most cases you’d at least see a “Massage” sign outside. Not a single sign anywhere to be found in that area – and we really took a full lap around the park; spending almost an hour there.

So, I am not sure where those places actually are …

… anyway, we were already a bit tired & decided to go to the place that I’ve previously been to. Safe bet, at least.


This place is open 24/7 and we both pick the body massage for 220,000 VND. Standard program again … steaming room, sauna, shower.

Last time, I was happy with the massage but didn’t like the part where the massage girl was negotiating the tip for extras beforehand.

To be honest, I had kinda given up on the place & didn’t want to go back as I had already experienced it.

I am glad I DID go back!

So freaking glad & it just shows that a bad experience, well, might have just been due to bad luck with the wrong girl.

This time, I had a sexy massage girl again and the massage was more intense then ever. It was actually so intense that it was painful … but I don’t mind. At least I am reaping actual health benefits, rather than having one of these “pretense” massages.

The “Sexy” Part

What was different with this girl was that after the massage was pretty much done, she immediately started getting sexual.

  • No asking for tips.
  • I didn’t feel there was any rush.

She started moaning & licking on both my ears. Then massaging my balls & dick while I was still lying on my stomach.

Then it was time to flip around and using loads of oil (or was it lubricant?), she started giving a nice handjob. Now was the time for me to get touchy and it was nice. Ass, pussy, then taking out her tits and sucking on them.

She was also teasing a lot, which I liked. What I mean by that is she would get in very close have our lips touch but not actually kiss. That really turned me on.

Also did kiss me on the neck.

Afterwards, I tipped her 300k VND & I am more than happy to have paid that! Great experience!

Before, I was like, “Nah, fuck handjobs, I can do that myself“. But today I learned otherwise – with the right girl, it can be a hell of a lot of fun!

Just shows that sometimes it pays off to give a place a second chance! I had been to Minh Tam Massage just a week earlier – read my review here!

I’ve been there on July 1, 2016 – so please keep that in mind when you read this article. Prices & staff might have changed in the meantime.