How To Spot A STUNNER – 4 Things You MIGHT’VE Overlooked!

What You See = What You Get

Sometimes it can be incredibly easy: Let’s say you’re in Thailand, you go out and visit one of the bars I recommend.

You see girls dancing up on stage and there is no guessing as to what the girl might look like underneath.

You see it all. ALL OF IT!

However, maybe you decide to meet women online – freelancers, online dating via Tinder, ThaiFriendly, etc.

That makes things are a little bit more complicated. You can never be sure what the girl REALLY looks like. Continue reading “How To Spot A STUNNER – 4 Things You MIGHT’VE Overlooked!”

13 Thailand Frustrations + EASY FIX

If you don’t plan your Thailand trip the right way, you’ll have to deal with some of these issues …

// 1. Soi Dogs / Stray Dogs

The only thing scarier than encountering a ladyboy at night is a pack of highly aggressive stray dogs.

You walk outside to grab something from 7-Eleven, and there they are right in front of your condo building.

I remember the first condo I have ever stayed at in Thailand was at the end of this very long side street. Continue reading “13 Thailand Frustrations + EASY FIX”

The Almighty Bangkok-Pattaya Combo

The Bangkok-Pattaya combo is among the best combinations God has created. Peanut butter & jelly. Burger & fries. Bangkok & Pattaya.

  • Like big city life? You have Bangkok.
  • Want something more intense? You head down to Pattaya.

When someone asks me where to start his trip, which cities to visit in Thailand, I always recommend the Bangkok-Pattaya combo as the first option. Continue reading “The Almighty Bangkok-Pattaya Combo”


I think every man has had this experience: You think you have just spotted a superstar. You are 99% certain, so you act quickly.

“If only I could get this one”,
you are thinking to yourself.

Fast forward a few hours, a day, or a few days and you have accomplished your mission. You have got that superstar. She is lying next to you. Continue reading “THAILAND’S 10 SECOND RULE [+ 4 STRATEGIES FOR YOU]”