4x Thailand Nightlife Girls – How YOU Meet Them

You go to a nightlife area, say hello to a girl you see and that’s the end of the story, KING EPIC! Don’t need to make it complicated bro, this video is totally unnecessary.

Let’s be honest: Anyone can meet girls. The tricky part is meeting girls THE WAY you want, and doing so in an efficient way. You can spend 4 hours meeting the exact girl you want, or you can do so in 30 minutes.

The end results is the same, the time investment is not.

I will break this video down into 4 different categories – and at the end I’ll show you some additional resources. Basically stuff I can’t talk about here on YouTube or display in a video without being censored.

These are the 3 types of guys I am using as an example:

1. Looks Guy – “I just want the hottest one!”

2. Efficient Guy – “Simply & quick, please!”

3. Quality Guy – “My standards are very high!”

4. All-In-One Guy – “Hot & easy, like pizza right to my doorstep!”

Let’s get started …

1. Looks Guy – “I just want the hottest one!”

This category is the easiest because if you don’t care much about being efficient, spending money, or the personality of the girl, then for you what you see is what you get. You see a hot girl you like and end of the story. If she likes you, and/or you are okay with paying, it’s often a done deal.

So, where should you go if you are a Looks Guy? It’s easy: avoid beer bars/normal bars and focus on gogo bars aka strip clubs. The reason for this is that a gogo bar allows you to see pretty much everything and there are dozens of girls in one location.

If you don’t see a girl you like, you can go to the gogo bar next door and repeat that process. Essentially, you can have a look at perhaps 100+ girls in bikinis (or even less) in a matter of half an hour, often times less. There is no more direct way.

I am not saying that you can’t meet a very hot girl at a beer bar, or nightclub – you certainly can. The main issue is that at both places the girls are fully dressed, and at nightclubs you have minimal lighting. If you are heavily focus on looks (i.e. face + body), then gogo bars are the best. You don’t even need to stay inside or buy a drink. Walk in, scan the stage and decide to stay or move on the the next gogo bar.

Let’s move on to the next type of guy …

2. Efficient Guy – “Simply & quick, please!”

If you want it easy. Efficient. Low-effort. Then you have a number of options. I’ll first talk about what NO to do if efficiency is your primary goal.

First, going out too early will be a waste of time. Going to beer bars is equally inefficient. If you do online dating, you can probably give Bumble a miss since girls there are mostly looking for serious relationships.

So, knowing what NOT to do … what do you actually do?

If you want to pay, you can do the gogo bars as previously mentioned. Pretty easy and straight-forward.

If you don’t want to pay, or simply pay less, you can do after hour clubs. These are places that typically open past midnight. Going out before midnight would be inefficient, so I recommend starting your night at around 1am. These are the places where you can find working girls, gogo girl after their shift – and often get them to go with you for free or a much better price.

As for online dating, I would probably recommend ThaiFriendly. First off, you can bulk message girls. But the main reason I recommend it is because you can see which girls are online RIGHT NOW. Many girls go out with their friends, and are still on their phone and bored. Those are the girls that will meet you spontaneously at midnight or later to “have a drink together”. This is the most efficient way of running online game.

3. Quality Guy – “My standards are very high!”

Here it depends on what you define as quality as the criteria is subjective. Let’s assume it’s not purely looks but personality that defines the quality of a girl.

Then, you have 2 good options: one paid, one for free.

For paid, beer bars are good. You can hold a conversation, get to know the girl over several drinks. It’s very inexpensive and by the end of it, you will have a good idea in regards to who the girl is. what is she about? is she fun? could I see myself seeing her again? spending more time? perhaps do a trip?

That’s the paid route. For the free route, there are multiple options, but perhaps the highest likelyhood of meeting a quality girl would be on Bumble. If you’ve ever used ThaiFriendly, Tinder & Bumble, you will notice the difference of girls on these sites. Bumble seems to have better educated girls, most speak very good English.

4. All-In-One Guy – “Hot & easy, like pizza right to my doorstep!”

This is the type of guy that wants to meet hot girls easily with the click of a button. Whether he is somewhere outside, at the gym, or in his room. He wants it easy and wants “the goods” delivered right to his doorstep – almost like ordering fast food. Minimal friction. Maximum efficiency.

There are 3 options for such a guy – that’s the good news. The bad news is that here on YouTube, I can’t talk about any of them.

However, I’ll show you where to continue:

1.) KE INSIDER: E-Mail startegies and updates. Bonus videos where I talk about what I’ve just mentioned.

2.) Thailand Guide – Here I actually have a list of 200+ contacts included which would exactly be for what I just mentioned. Easy and efficient.

3.) Telegram Group – This is where we discuss all the options & have recently also discovered a new online site for girls, which seems to be for Thai guys but can easily be used by anyone. Very interesting!