Millionaire Lawyer Goes Thailand [Dr. Tony Huge – VIDEO INSIDE]

If you enjoy going to Thailand, then I don’t think today’s video is relevant for you.

You are past the point of no return already.

Really, this video is for the naysayers. Those who say Thailand is the Plan B for anyone who has failed in life.

  • You only go to Thailand because you don’t have money.
  • You use Thailand as a cop-out because you can’t get women at home.
  • There’s something fundamentally wrong with you if you ‘need’ to go to Thailand.

Me refuting those arguments isn’t gonna do much. Continue reading “Millionaire Lawyer Goes Thailand [Dr. Tony Huge – VIDEO INSIDE]”

Smooci Bangkok BKK – Bangkok Escort Ripped Me Off? ($113 for 20 Minutes)

This is my second Smooci review. My first experience with Smooci here.

If you’re thinking about using Smooci, then read this article from start to finish. It will tell you how to spot fake reviews, why the premium membership (IMO) is (not) worth the money and which Smooci alternative I recommend.

Most importantly, I have ACTUALLY used the site. Everything you are about to read is based on real encounters with Bangkok escorts – unlike most Smooci reviews which look like a paid endorsement. Continue reading “Smooci Bangkok BKK – Bangkok Escort Ripped Me Off? ($113 for 20 Minutes)”