Thailand Nightlife – 3 DEADLY WARNINGS + SOLUTION!

The moment you enter Thailand nightlife, you enter a completely new world. And you will be forced to make a choice. A choice of either leaving reality for some short-term fun – eventually experiencing a devastating crash. OR staying grounded in reality from the get-go, and having an amazing time in the short- and long-run.

There is no escaping, you are forced to make that choice of either swallowing the uncomfortable truth that sets you free, or continuing to live in a dream world that will come crashing down a week, month, year, or decade from now.

What the hell am I talking about? Well, let’s get into the specifics.


Starting off with a highly controversial point. You have to understand that Thailand nightlife is an entirely different reality. A lot of the normal social dynamics either don’t apply, or are very skewed in your favor. There is no clear line of where Thailand nightlife starts, and where it ends, everything is kinda blurry.

Most guys understand that a strip club is a different reality. The feedback & reactions you get are most likely NOT the same you’d get in the “outside world”. You leave the strip club, and now normal social dynamics apply.

Some girls like you, some don’t. Some girls will ignore you, some won’t. With Thailand nightlife, or working girls in general, those lines are as blurry as they can get.

You leave the strip club (called gogo bar), and the fantasy continues. Girls on the street look at, or even approach you. You go to the convenience store, and get the phone number of a hottie. On ThaiFriendly, girls 30 years younger than you initiate the conversation.

And slowly you realize that you are a very attractive, and well put together guy. These women see what Western women were never able to see: You are a Top G.

You just turned 110. She just turned 18. You don’t speak a word of Thai. She doesn’t speak English. But you guys have an amazing connection. You don’t need words to communicate. It’s just the energy between you guys that makes it all work.

Of course, logically none of this makes any sense. ANY SENSE AT ALL. But since you get so much positive feedback from women wherever you walk, girls in bars call you handsome – you tell yourself, “Well, it’s odd that this 18 year old hottie wants to be with me. BUT I guess why not. All these other girls are interested as well, so why not?”

Long-story, short. You marry. House, and everything. She reveals her true motif. You lose it all, and decide to book a last-minute first-class ticket from the 20th floor of your condo building right to the basement. End of the story.

And it all started because you lost touch with reality. You decided AGAINST swallowing the uncomfortable truth that most of the positive feedback you get from women – especially working women in Thailand nightlife areas – just isn’t real.

All of this could have been prevented, had you just kept this one


There is one type of guy girls working in the nightlife industry absolutely love. They dream about him. The see him, and start drolling. This guy is every working girl’s dream.

You know which guy that is? It is the absolute newbie. A guy not only with zero experience in regards to nightlife, but ideally zero experience with women.

That guy enters Disneyland which is Thailand nightlife, and can be sold a completely unrealistic, and eventually very expensive fantasy.

Think about it. A completely newbie spending most of his time in nightlife areas, perhaps booking a hotel there as well. It is almost like a CIA program in which every actor in that environment behaves in a way that will eventually lead the target person to adopt certain predetermined beliefs, and mindsets.

And that is exact what will happen to the newbie.


You might be saying, “But I WANT to be delusional. I want to keep the fantasy alive. Reality is just too boring. If these women just want me for my money, that isn’t exciting at all!”

Well, the good news is that you don’t have a choice because the fantasy will end anyway. You will be forced to face reality at some point – the only choice you do have is between a soft landing, and a brutal crash.

The other good news is that once you end the fantasy, and know your limits, you can see which women are faking it, and don’t like you.

You might be saying, how is that good news?

Well, if you live in a fantasy world where you believe all women genuinely like you, you can’t see which are faking it. If you are grounded in reality, and see the ones faking it, what does that leave you with?

That’s right, you are able to see which women – irrespective of payment – genuinely like you. And that’s what you want.


So, what is the solution to all of this? Do you have to have bad experiences first to be able to come to this realization?

Not necessarily.

One good starting point is knowing prices. If you know prices, you can often use that as an indicator as to whether, or not a girl likes you. Or at least HOW MUCH she likes you.

Not always, but in many cases you will get a higher quote if she doesn’t like you. But if you have no idea what normal prices are, you will be completely lost.

There is also “long game”, and I have made a video about this. Essentially where you get “it” for free because the girl is aiming a for a big payoff later on.

That’s an entirely different topic but for know just knowing that most of Thailand nightlife is a fantasy world is a good starting point. That combined with some basic knowledge about pricing, and how the scene works, and you are equipped to withstand the majority of scams being able to detect girls who genuinely like you.

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I hope you found this video helpful, and I see you next time. Take care.