3 Things I HATE About Bangkok, Thailand

Considering all the places I’ve been to, Thailand resembles paradise the most.

Sunshine year round, most things are cheap, oh, and plenty of hotties on the streets, in malls and hundreds of nightclubs and bars.

Pretty much all you can ask for, and it doesn’t surprise that people come back, year after year. Nonetheless, there’s a couple of things REALLY bothering me, something I need to address to maintain objectivity. Continue reading “3 Things I HATE About Bangkok, Thailand”

Thai Women – How They Are Different: Dating, Money, Hygiene

Is the stereotype true? Are Thai women only looking for $$$? Are they all hookers and prostitutes?

This is the aftermath of 3 weeks in Bangkok (my first trip a few years back) – still reflecting on the experiences made and yearning to be in bed with some of these hotties again.

Now that I’ve had my fair share of encounters with Thai girls, I’ve gained an understanding of what they’re like and how they differ from their American counterparts. Continue reading “Thai Women – How They Are Different: Dating, Money, Hygiene”

Thank You, ThaiFriendly – 5 Days, 5 Tight Pussies

Online dating WORKS – especially if you’re in Bangkok, Thailand. I doubt that the absolute hottest girls will ever be found online, but there’s still plenty of really cute girls available.

Most of them don’t party, drink or smoke. They are nice to fuck and in my experience look at least half a decade younger than they actually are.

No question, online dating takes effort as well, but I’ve found it to be more efficient than going out several hours a night (including the costs and hangover).

ThaiFriendly Date

One week in Bangkok was enough to experience what would have otherwise taken me years or decades. Continue reading “Thank You, ThaiFriendly – 5 Days, 5 Tight Pussies”