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Blood lab tests are an easy way to track – and optimize your health. I regularly track those markers in an excel spreadsheet and do about 1 test per year.

While all values are transient and don’t mean much as a stand-alone, the data will give you clues as to what you need to focus on.

*Highlighted red area = see point #2 below
how I’ve lowered those parameters.

1.) I’ve had testosterone levels as low as 324 and as high as 1619 (far outside the normal rage). I haven’t noticed a difference in regards to any aspect (energy, libido, erection quality). Perhaps a bit calmer with higher testosterone.

Lesson here: Don’t be too focused on the number(s). If there is a problem, then you can use the data to dig deeper, but otherwise even if you have low levels … doesn’t necessarily mean you need to do something about it.

Had I only done 1 blood test in my entire life, any small problem, I would have probably attributed to say a low testosterone value. Now with the data, I know it’s irrelevant for me. That’s important information – if you only take one test one time, you might think that you absolutely need to jump on hormone replacement therapy, which might not be the case …

2.) Drinking & exercise worsen lipids + liver values (very obvious one). I’ve had a drink a few days prior and it elevated my liver enzymes. Cholesterol (LDL, the bad one) being very high … absolutely no idea what has caused it. I have since cut out all saturated fat and ran 2g+ of Choline, Zinc, Vitamin C per day and after 3 weeks, LDL-C is already down by 45 points. That’s as much (if not more) than what you can expect from a statin (cholesterol medication!)

3.) Another thing that’s interesting with regular blood tests … you start to notice trends. For example, I see E2 (Estradiol) is always slightly high, regardless of what I did lifestyle-wise over the years. That is useful information. I can now lower that if I wanted to (Zinc, DIM, etc.)

4.) Lastly: You could test a million different parameters and spend thousands of Dollars … is that worth it? Maybe as a one-time thing … but annually or quarterly, the above parameters (plus a handful others) are enough for most people. These show you what’s wrong – then you can take action. First course of action for myself is always lifestyle changes.

For any trip that involves drinking (which is every trip), I would also start a Zinc, Vitamin C, Choline protocol throughout that trip, just to protect my liver.

An addition to that would be Ezetimibe (prescription medication), which inhibits the absorption of cholesterol. Perfect for many guys who drink + eat lots of unhealthy food during a monger trip.

Blood Tests in Bangkok

  • (My preference)

All are good. I prefer Pulse Clinic as you get your report back with some recommendations (if some value is out of range). Plus, you can also book an inexpensive consultation with an English-speaking doctor (around 500 Thai Baht = $14 USD) to discuss everything.

Where to continue?

As mentioned, those are the basics you can use right way. For more, there is a hormone series in the Premium Videos & Thailand Guide (3 TRT videos). Any questions beyond that via email (if you’re a member).