8 Reasons Thailand (and SEA) is Best For Single Men!

Why do Western single men go to Thailand,
and Southeast Asia?

Right away, you might dismiss the question as silly. It’s pretty obvious why single men go to Thailand. Why they choose Asia as their holiday destination.

It could not be more obvious!

Because “it” is easier there. And because money rules.

In this video, I want to expand on this and talk about other very relevant factors and why for many women alone are not the reason they go to Asia, or Thailand.

If you have never considered going there, you will come to realize there are many more benefits and that maybe a trip is worth your time & money after all.

1. Experience The Gold Standard

First of all, in terms of nightlife & dating, Southeast Asia and Thailand is the absolute gold standard. I mean, I can’t think of any other place ANYWHERE WORLDWIDE that comes even close.

This has one major benefit: You experience what’s possible.

After your trip, you come to realize what you thought was an OK life back home isn’t so exciting after all.

Now, we can debate as to whether this is good or not. Maybe you were content before, and now you are dissatisfied with your life.

In terms of business, going to Thailand is like hanging out with Elon Musk for a few days. Perhaps you are working 9-5 and have certain ideas in your mind as to what’s possible financially and business-wise.

Then you hang out with Elon and got to see what’s ACTUALLY possible versus what you thought were the limits.

Realizing what’s possible …

That’s the precise reason why all of this matters. But you might ask why go to Thailand if you only end up unhappy about your life afterwards?

I personally think it’s better to come to that realization sooner rather than latter. You don’t want to be 95 years old and suddenly realize that you COULD HAVE had much hotter women

That you COULD HAVE had much more fun and that what you thought was good, or realistic (e.g. average women) was in fact way less than what was actually attainable for you.

I think it’s much better coming to that realization as soon as possible, so you can still do something about it! One trip to Thailand is usually enough to have your mind blown!

2. Powerful Environment

The second reason is because it’s a short-cut. You can work on changing yourself, or you could simply put yourself into a new environment … and boom – change is almost instant!

I don’t mean that you will turn from being a failure to being a super-success overnight. That’s not what I mean …

What I mean is that for most of us, in our regular life were are typically held by by our environment. Think about your work. People see you as a certain type of person, it would be hard to one day completely change your style, or haircut or whatever.

Even if you wanted to, it would probably be uncomfortable.

Now you go to Thailand, a completely new environment.

Nobody knows you. A clean slate. There’s not gonna be your neighbors that see you bring home a girl. Or someone else see you do this or that.

In short, there are few to none constraints in terms of the environment.

In fact, if you don’t party, or don’t take a girl home, you’ll be the odd one. Whereas at home, maybe the neighbor would see or whatever.

Most people don’t realize this,
but the environment is incredible powerful …

Here’s another very common example …

You have low sex drive, maybe you are thinking you have low testosterone and that there is some sort of problem you need to address.

I say before you do anything about it, put yourself into the right environment. If you live in some cow village and have no interest in women … I say, don’t waste time researching based on the assumption that you have a problem.

Take the short-cut and test it out in the field!

Put yourself in the environment with lots of options to meet & date women. Then you know for sure if you have a problem. In many cases, there is no problem, the only issue is the environment.

How powerful is environment?

Well, you’ll realized that as soon as you step foot off the plane.

It doesn’t matter if it’s your first time, or if you’ve been here 6 months ago. You step foot of that plane and you’re a different person. You can feel it.

3. Enhanced Privacy

I think that’s another major reason.

Say you can in fact meet attractive women where you live … but then you also have second thoughts. What if I don’t like her anymore after a few dates or weeks?

She knows where I live, it’s harder to meet other women. Maybe you do online dating in your home town and a dozen people you know or work with see you on those dating sites.

When you go to a different country to meet and date women there, everything is completely on your terms. If you want to stay in touch with any of the women you’ve met, you stay in touch.

BUT it’s on your terms. You finish your trip, you go back home and that’s the cut off. YOU decide if you want this to continue, not a random girl you’ve dated showing up at your doorstep.

If you do have issues with very clingy or needy girls during your trip, you can switch hotels, condos … no problem. Super easy.

How do you do that in your home country? Next to impossible …

4. World-Class Efficiency

Now comes the part that I am most excited about. I am a very rational person. When I do something, I think about pros & cons, costs & benefits.

What I get for my time & money in these SEA countries is just amazing.

Not only do I save a ton of time during the dating process, but also in terms of accommodation, food costs and more.

Look at hotel prices, condo rentals.

Nowhere else in the world would you get those types of accommodation for so little money. And I know some people will say that prices have gone up.

Yes, but still amazing price-value.

I say amazing price-value factoring in flight costs. You save yourself so much frustration, time & money.

You can go there two or three times per year and the rest of the time, you focus on other important areas such as your business or whatever you work on.

But you don’t need to split your focus & avoid the distractions that are inevitable whilst your dating/meeting women.

5. Next Level Intensity

Say what you want but with all these factors, a new environment, etc. you experience a level of intensity that would be next to impossible to experience elsewhere.

Sure, you can go on dates with hot girls in your home town. That will be fun.

But such a trip on which you go completely crazy, maybe heading to a massage place in the afternoon, then on a date afterwards, in the middle of the night you hop in a taxi to meet a girl …

Early morning you go to a food place and grab a meal for $2.

Then you fall asleep and wake up in the evening only to repeat that whole thing once again.

You can’t recreate that at home. I would say you can’t even recreate that in most countries, maybe in Las Vegas … but that’s about it.

6. Superior Dating Market

Alright, you don’t get laid at home, or you don’t get the women you want at home? Now decide to go to Asia …

How exactly is this a problem?

Look, I am not saying you shouldn’t improve yourself.

However, what is wrong with playing at an easier level if all you are after is meeting women, and certain types of experiences you want to make?

If my goal is making money and I see selling fitness products is too competitive and the profit margins are too low, why not look for an easier opportunity? Why should I spend my time & money to suffer in this market when there are better opportunities?

Time is a finite resource and you need to treat it as such.

As some point, you will need to decide if you want to put in more work, or simply look for a more efficient solution.

That’s the way I see it.

If I want to sell the #1 protein powder in the world, then I can spend my time & money achieving that. BUT if I am simply after making money, I can change gears and look for an easier niche or market.

That’s how I see it with dating as well.

If at home the dating market, the money you have access too, the options and competition are too fierce … why not look elsewhere?

Yeah, working on yourself is always good, but why spend years of your life just to deal with all the disadvantages you’re facing at home?

Instead, you can look for another “dating market”, such as Southeast Asia.

This relates to my previous point about world-class efficiency.

If at some point I think SEA isn’t the best option anymore – in terms of dating or accommodation – I’ll be the first to move on.

7. Feminine Women

Ease of dating and meeting women is one thing, but their attitude is just as important. The majority of women in SEA countries (think Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines & Indonesia) are very feminine.

Just look at politics there and you’ll see it’s mostly men who are in power.

Typically that’s a good indicator as to what the roles of men and women in society are.

In practice, I find feminine women to be much more in touch with their true nature as opposed to Western women who are typically about being independent, being strong and not wanting to rely on men.

8. Trips > Relocating

One of the biggest complaints I hear from Thailand visitors is that they can’t stay there forever.

Oh, it would be so wonderful.
It would be amazing if I could stay longer!

Unless you have something to work on and can stay away from the nightlife scene, you are better of just visiting. Trust me on this one.

What’s exciting for 2 weeks, gets boring pretty quickly and you’d have to constantly up the ante to stay excited.

Of course, that’s unrealistic and next to impossible and that’s why you hear about people experiencing burnout or even depression even thought they live in paradise.

Depression in Thailand is kind of a dead-end street:
I mean you have all a man could ever want, yet you are unhappy.

If you are depressed at home, you can always think about going to another/better place and that thought alone provides some level of comfort.

But what if you are in Thailand already?

You have (almost) everything you could want and yet you are unhappy … it’s a scary thought.

Of course, the real solution is to take a step back.

Instead of chasing more and more stimulation, the next high, you need to take time off an re-sensitize yourself to the basic pleasures.

To take some time off so you feel excited about exactly those things that got you excited when you first came here.

That process of re-sensitizing/taking time off happens naturally when you leave after a trip and got back home. Over the course of weeks and months, you slowly start getting excited about Thailand again and look forward to your next trip.

That’s the very important break & what causes people to come back to Thailand year after year without getting bored.