I think every man has had this experience: You think you have just spotted a superstar. You are 99% certain, so you act quickly.

“If only I could get this one”,
you are thinking to yourself.

Fast forward a few hours, a day, or a few days and you have accomplished your mission. You have got that superstar. She is lying next to you.

Only now, you are thinking,
“Superstar? She wasn’t that nice! What was I thinking?”

Can you relate to this?

For me, this has always been one of the most frustrating experiences. To get what I thought I wanted only to realize it’s not what I wanted.

When I talk about strategies, or what some would consider being overly analytical, that is the result of such experiences.

For some guys, this isn’t an issue, so there is no need to over-complicate things. They just get ANY girl they find appealing and that’s it. End of the story.

For me, the overall experience matters.

How I think about it afterwards matters. Coming to the conclusion that SHE was worth my time and/or money is what matters.

If I am having a great night out, only to look at her the next morning, and realize that she doesn’t look that nice.

That, for me, ruins the entire experience. Everything I did the night before, now I am seeing it through that new lens. “She isn’t really that nice”.

If on the other hand she still looks nice the next morning, that makes the entire experience more powerful, and memorable.

Everything – starting the previous night – leading up to that morning becomes solidified.

That’s precisely the reason why I am so overly cautions before deciding on, or going with a girl.

That is also the reason why I always recommend gogo bars in which the girls aren’t wearing anything. If I see exactly what I am getting, that eliminates a bunch of risk factors for me.

Such “risk factors” could be anything and maybe you don’t care at all.

For me, it would be not having a flat stomach, or say her melons don’t look that nice, or a weird tattoo. If there is nothing covering any of it, it only takes a few seconds to be (almost) 100% sure if I like all of it.

That’s why I call it the 10 second rule.

If I still think she is hot after 10 seconds, she most likely fits my exact criteria.

Anything prior to that is just an instinct, and immediate gut reaction such as “Wow, hot girl!” or “Wow, naked girl!” – without me actually looking at her.

  • Does she actually look nice, or is she only dressed nicely?
  • How about makeup? Is she naturally beautiful, or masking imperfections?
  • How does she behave, or dance, or interact?

4 Strategies To Find YOUR Hottie

So, to sum up, here are my recommendations/tips. Use whichever you find useful in your situation.

1. Take Your Time

With any girl, wait a few moments before taking action. Whether that’s a freelancer standing somewhere, or walking past you.

Does she actually look nice, or are her high-heels, the way she is dressed creating an immediate wow-effect and your mind is being tricked?

2. Prioritize Nude Gogo Bars

If you care very much about looks, and have high standards in regards to not only her face, but also body, then it makes sense to visit those gogo bars in which you can see it all.

Otherwise you are taking a high risk. I don’t want to be too explicit, but you wouldn’t believe how common it is to see an absolute stunner, pretty much what looks like the hottest girl at the venue – only to later find out that those two solid arguments you got so excited about …

Well, they are not so nice, and they are saggy. What looked great in a push up bra, doesn’t look nice without it.

This can be avoided entirely if go to the type of bars I have just mentioned.

3. Video Call Before Meet

If you are about to meet a girl which you haven’t meet in person, such as online, or via LINE app, ideally do a quick video call beforehand.

Just make sure you don’t decide based on one or two pictures only. Many of the beauty filter apps make the girl look much better but in a way that it can be difficult to spot what has been modified artificially.

Sometimes that comes in the form of smoother skin, or the removal of skin imperfections, of making her body curvier than it really is. So, watch out!

4. Tricky Make Up!

Lastly, makeup. This isn’t something I can “teach” you. It’s something you will notice with experience.

You will be able to see through the makeup and know if the girl looks naturally beautiful, or if it’s just the makeup that makes her more look appealing.