If you are a first-time visitor to Bangkok, Pattaya, or Phuket, you will be flooded with new experiences.

There will be so much going on all around you that it’s easy to overlook small but important details and feel a sense of confusion as to what’s going on.

Today, I’ll address 6 of those details, so you are better prepared for your trip.

Six details that are part of your Thailand nightlife experience – if you know about the up-front, you’ll have a better time.

#1 – Too Good To Be True

Picture your first night out. You’ve just had a drink and are now walking around to explore the nightlife area.

Then you see this girl standing on the right side.

Perfect body. Tall. Nice curves and big boobs.

Things look good, but they get even better. As you walk past her, she approaches you. She says hello and asks you where you are going.

She then starts begging you to go with her.

You are thinking to yourself, “This must be it. This is exact what I’ve pictured Thailand to be like! Girls all over me! WOW!”

Well, NO.

It’s not impossible, but most likely you’ve just had your first encounter with a specimen of the third gender. A very well built one, most likely. You got fooled and I can’t blame you.

If thing are looking too good to be true:

  • Easy money without work.
  • Getting ripped while eating whatever you want.

Or in your case:

A beauty standing all by herself,
begging you to go with her.

Whenever things look too good, there’s usually a catch. In your situation, that catch is well hidden, or has been removed surgically.

Anyway, if you decide to take a chance, you’ll find out what I meant in the bedroom later on.

If you want to avoid all of that, just take my word: She is a Thai ladyboy.

#2 – Girls Standing Outside

This is another common question. The girls standing outside of gogo clubs.

Are these girls working? Are they just promo girls, or can you take them home?

In 9/10 cases, these girls work at the gogo club.

They dance inside and are simply taking a break from dancing and thus stand outside of the club trying to get guys to go inside.

These girls do exactly what the girls inside do. You can have a drink with them.

You can barfine and take them home.

A small minority of girls are really just promo girls or dancers. They are so-called coyote girls.

They don’t go home with customers (or only at a ridiculous price).

But again, we’re talking about a small minority of all girls you see standing outside.

If you are unsure, always, always ask before you make any sort of investment, such as buying her a drink with the intent to take her home later on.

#3 – Alcohol After Midnight

Whether or not this detail is important to you will depend on your plans for the night.

If you decide to go a store after midnight, grab a drink and then head to the nightlife area, you will be out of luck.

The chain stores such as 7-Eleven and FamilyMart stop selling alcohol at midnight. That’s the case in Bangkok and Phuket.

In Pattaya, you can buy liquor around the clock and in Phuket (Patong), there are some smaller convenience stores that sell various alcoholic drinks at any time.

Otherwise, you will have to get your drinks directly at the venue you plan on visiting or from a street vendor.

In both cases, you will pay at least 25% more compared to convenience store prices.

And yes, you CAN walk around & have drink out in the open.

#4 – Thai Girls Snorting WHAT?

In many of the Thailand nightlife videos, you regularly see Thai girls snort something.

They put something in their nose, but you can’t clearly see what it is.

Some people have asked me if the girls are snorting coke.

The answer is a lot less exciting and has nothing to do with illicit substances.

What they are using is simply a nasal inhaler that you can buy at any convenience store.

It’s supposed to clear your nasal pathways and give you energy.

You can try it yourself; for me those inhalers never did anything.

I supposed this is one of those traditional medicine things where if you are convinced it works, it will.

#5 – Come Here, DON’T Go Away!

If you’re from a Western country, you might initially be confused by girls in the nightlife area (sometimes even street vendors or other people) signaling you to go away.

What looks like a gesture for you to go away,
actually means the opposite.

They are telling you to come closer.

If you don’t know, you might think that it’s the hand signal for “go away” – while it actually means “come here”.

In Western countries, if the palm facing down during this gesture, it usually means you should move away, while palm facing up means come here.

I actually had to look through a lot of footage to find such a scene and show you what I mean.

#6 – Indian Guys Holding Hands

This last point has little to do with Thailand nightlife itself, but it’s something you’ll notice sooner or later.

When you see this, you might find it a bit odd: Indian guys holding hands.

It is odd because you see these guys in the Red Light District – sometimes even while approaching a girl together.

This is only strange if you’re from a Western country because the assumption is that they are in gay/in a relationship.

In their culture, holding hands is simply a sign of friendship – nothing more.

I wanted to address this here because it’s a very, very common question I get asking me why these guys hold hands and how it doesn’t make any sense.

Why would they go to a Red Light District if they are gay, or approach a girl together while holding hands. Well, now you know better 🙂