The Almighty Bangkok-Pattaya Combo

The Bangkok-Pattaya combo is among the best combinations God has created. Peanut butter & jelly. Burger & fries. Bangkok & Pattaya.

  • Like big city life? You have Bangkok.
  • Want something more intense? You head down to Pattaya.

When someone asks me where to start his trip, which cities to visit in Thailand, I always recommend the Bangkok-Pattaya combo as the first option.

It’s so great because those two cities are so close to each other than you don’t need to get on a flight. In fact, it’s so convenient that I recommend you go there by private taxi.

Sure, there is a bus running which will save you $20 and I have taken that bus in the past.

However, once you opt for the private taxi, you will never go back to taking the bus ever again.

The level of comfort is UNBEATABLE.

I also like this combo because it’s low risk both in terms of time and money. Personally, I don’t care about spending an extra $50 or $100, but what I want to avoid is hassle.

Having to wait for my flight, checking in, going through security, etc. Going to Phuket, you will need to do all of that.

If you go to Pattaya, you let the private taxi pick you up right at your doorstep in Bangkok, and you get dropped off right in front of your hotel, or AirBNB in Pattaya.

It’s all arranged via LINE messenger app, so you don’t even need to walk outside to find a taxi.

Perhaps the best thing about the Bangkok-Pattaya combo is that you are not “stuck” at one location.

Since both cities are so close to each other, you can always change your plans on the fly.

Bored in Bangkok? No problem, you can head down to Pattaya a few hours later.

Or if Pattaya is too much for you, you can also change your plan and take the taxi back to Bangkok right away.

Best Time For Bangkok/Pattaya

It really depends on what you are after. If you want the most intense nightlife experience, then the weekend (Friday, Saturday) is the best time to visit.

However, if you’re in Bangkok already and the freelancer clubs at Soi 11 (Insanity, Club Levels) don’t cut it for you during the week, then Pattaya is definitely an option.

While nightlife is busiest on the weekend, you will still have more options – even during the week.