Making Thailand Nightlife More Fun – Bangkok Blood Testosterone, Pharmacy, Cialis …

Today, I will be talking about blood test clinics, pharmacies and where to get all the stuff that makes YOUKNOWWHAT more fun. In this video, I am walking along Silom (outside the Sala Daeng BTS station) because this happens to be where my favorite clinic and pharmacy are located.

First off, some people are not aware that Thailand (specifically Bangkok) is a major medical tourism hotspot. Anything you want to get done, you can get done here high-qualify and at an affordable price. Whether that’s taking care of a health issue, or a cosmetic procedure.

As I am walking along here in this video, we will first walk past a great pharmacy. It’s relatively small, but has all you need – they even got a membership card that can generate discounts.

What do I mean by “all you need”? Well, A LOT of stuff is over-the-counter in Thailand, so what you need, you will probably find there …

If there’s anything specific, feel free to post a comment and I’ll let know know if I think they have it there (or in Thailand in general). Always check customs regulations, but there might be the option of bringing stuff back home that you bought at a low price in Thailand. Just saying, one more way to save money.

Next, I’ll walk past one of my favorite clinics, PULSE. There are many blood clinics in Bangkok. Many …

You can get STD tests, blood tests, Covid tests, all at a very good price. What I like about PULSE is that all the info is listed on their website – prices for every single test, booking an appointment. And with every service you have the option of doing it with, or without a doctor consultations. They speak good English!

In general, what is the point of doing blood test,
testing your hormone levels?

Well, if you have no health issues, perhaps it is useless, but then again, until you FEEL a health issue, it often needs to get really bad. Meaning, you could not at your best, but might never know without getting tests done.

Then there’s the obvious: You have a health issue. Some email consultations I get are about say erectile dysfunction, or feeling low energy. In such a case, it make always sense to get a test done.

And lastly, people always ask me what I mean by “street stalls”. I’ve mentioned that they offer certain things that make fun in the bedroom, well … more fun. This is what a street stall looks like. You find many of them down Sukhumvit road.

This will conclude the medical topics on this channel. Most people aren’t interested in the more in-depth stuff, such as blood tests, optimizing hormones, etc. I have a few of those videos in the Thailand Guide that you can check out.