Thailand – 3 Things Changed FOREVER (+Action Steps)

1.) Use of online apps – Dating & More

I vividly remember my first visit to Thailand. Not only did I have no idea about anything, I didn’t even have a smartphone back then!

This was back when LINE messenger app was the only app most people were using and online dating in Thailand was almost exclusivly done on ThaiFriendy. Tinder didn’t exist. When meeting up with girls, I would message them via text message! Think about that for a second!

Also, no taxi apps were available. Everything had to be done the old-fashioned way. One thing that’s funny (maybe shocking) is that to this day, I still see some of the same girls on ThaiFriendly – still looking to meet guys.

Fast forward to today, and I am always using the GrabTaxi app whenever I go somewhere. For online dating, it is Tinder & Bumble – although ThaiFriendly still works well. For some reason I keep meeting nicer girls on TF (and also seems to work easier since you see when a girl is online).

ACTION STEP: If you haven’t been using the various apps, give them a try. They make your experience soooo much better! From getting around, to ordering food and transportation and meeting girls.

Widespread use of online dating apps also means you should upgrade your pictures. At the very least brush up your pictures by using a photofilter app to make them look slighty, but not unrealistically, better.

2.) Spotting “Fake” Pictures

The increased popularity of online dating apps, Instagram, etc. goes hand in hand with most girls using beauty apps. Maybe you have also noticed that some girls faces in pictures look just strage – not like a real person, or that somehow many of the girls start looking similar.

This has to do with the use of beauty apps which have standard filters and now many of the girls’ faces tend to look somewhat simial.

Trying out these apps, such as FaceApp, yourself is a good a way of being able to spot which pictures are real and which aren’t.

In short, today not only is there make-up being used, there’s the additional uncertainy factor of brushed up pictures.

ACTION STEP: Play around with beauty apps to see what brushed up pictures look like – therefore allowing you to spot them instantly. Before meeting a girl, a video call is always recommended.

3.) Girls Doing Onlyfans/Online Income

This has increased during the pandemic, but not to the extend that some people make it out to be. It’s simply not true that most girls have quit the bars, or don’t wanna meet guys anymore because they are now completely independent via online income.

Think about how many people start a YouTube channel, or Instagram account, and how many of those make a full-time income from it. That’s a tiny percentage. The same is true with OnlyFans.

What I’ve seen is most of the girls who do “online income”, or even make adult movies, still do freelancing and all the stuff they did before.

In my opinion, worrying that most girls won’t be available anymore, or that the industry will die because of this is ridiculous. It will return to somewhat normal status once restrictions are completely lifted.

ACTION STEP: Stop worrying. The most attractive girls have always had options/sponsors anyway. Any other girls will still do what they’ve done in the past. Online income streams don’t change that.