Thai Women + Money, Bangkok Nightlife and more!

Here’s another Q&A video showing you footage of a walk from MIXX discotheque to the Platinum fashion mall. The skywalk you see at the beginning is very nice – especially if you want to take a walk at night to Siam Paragon.

All question are taken from the comment section. If you want your question answered next time, simply post a comment below.

Does that Japanese Red Light Area (Soi Thaniya) have Japanese freelancers, or they all Thai?

Generally, no. It would be an exception. If you think about it, it also doesn’t make sense from a financial standpoint. A Japanese girl wouldn’t go work in the Red Light district in Thailand. A Thai girl wouldn’t go to work in a bar in Cambodia.

There might be exceptions, but any girl you see that looks Japanese is simply dressed in Japanese style and most likely Thai.

The blue pills (vi and tadala..) you buy in the street stalls probably aren’t pure?

Yes, personally, I’d always go with a pharmacy and ideally get a script from a doctor. When I bought it from street stalls in the past, it was at one particular place and only based on personal recommendation from several friends who bought there for years. Doesn’t make it any safer, but it adds “some” safety.

Any recommendation for a teeth whitening clinic in Bangkok?

Tons of clinics in Bangkok. I recommend Bangkok International Dental Center. Also great if you simply want to get a check-up and cleaning done, which is around 2,000 Thai Baht, or around $55 USD.

Can you do a video on the current online dating scene in BKK?

Not much has changed. I have done an in-depth video about online dating. Simply google “king epic online dating experiment” and you see a detailed article from last year showing the amount of matches I got from each app (Tinder, Bumble), what the end results were and more.

Thanks for the information! I am planning a trip to Thailand. Can
you let me know I am not a nightclub fan so would it be best to
use the gentleman club I have seen?

I haven’t talked about gentleman clubs because as far as I can remember I have never been to one. But if the essence of the questions is if you’re wondering if taking part in nightlife activities and drinking is necessary to meet girls, then the answer is no.

A lot of guys also assume that at bars, gogos, you have to drink alcoholic beverages, which is also not true. You can drink soda, you can not take part in nightlife at all and just do online dating, or meet girls through other avenues.

You should never feel, or do stuff that you don’t want to do just to meet girls. In the end, you won’t feel satisfied.

ALL women are in it for the money, no matter where you go. And getting overcharge because you are a foreigner will never be acceptable!

I would say, it depends … I have done more in-depth videos exploring this topic but the short answer is when it comes to nightlife/Red Light areas, then of course money is the name of the game.

If you are talking about normal Thai girls, then money isn’t important. It’s easy to spot girls looking for a sugar daddy and you simply skip those girls.

Don’t start out with a dinner date, or treating the girl. If I girl want to meet doing a simple activity, such as going to the mall, walking in the park – that’s a good indicator that she is not doing it for the money.

If she only want to meet if you invite her for dinner, or fancy drinks … that can be a red flag.

Getting overcharged is another hot topic. Nobody likes it. I say, it depends how much it is. It doesn’t feel good, but if in the end what you are paying is OK with you, the how much others pay perhaps isn’t super important.

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with double pricing. This is Thailand. If they want to charge foreigners 10x the price, then so be it. Accept it, or don’t. It’s your choice. If the inflated price is still good value for you, then no problem.